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NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box


"HCI" - disingenuous positioning at best

"Is a dream a lie if it doesn't come true, or is it something worse?" -- Bruce Springsteen

Nimble gets, well, nimble about hyperconverged infrastructure


Not in the game

Arrays are in decline, HCI is growing fast, and that can only happen if HCI is displacing arrays. Simple wins, even if it costs more.

NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition


Intellectually dishonest

The exec position just seems flat wrong. Startups are taking up the slack; cloud is a smokescreen.

Pure + Nimble + Nutanix + one or two others represent about $1B in revenue not captured by existing array vendors last year. They're growing like weeds. The idea that Georgens doesn't see this means he's covering for NetApp's inability to adapt fast enough -- or else he's incompetent. Or both.

BOOM! Seagate attacks storage array hardware market


Why didn't JBODs win?

NetApp et al were ALWAYS software companies. Every time they tried to prove it, the market snapped at them and they went back to selling it in hardware containers. Some did weird hardware, but for the most part that stopped with the 3Par design in the 90s. Ask yourself: why did Veritas Foundation, generally speaking, lose to arrays the first time around? Why have they spent the last few years trying to sell their backup software in appliances?

It's great that Seagate has a new plan, but that doesn't necessarily suggest a sea change in enterprise shopping.

Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report


$$$/Raw is best analyst yardstick

Vendors can debate their approach to RAID/replication, dedupe, compression, etc. Customers will too, since the data reduction parts are workload dependent. Raw is the only thing that's common that analysts can measure from a distance. You go, IDC.


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