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Which country has 2nd largest social welfare system in the world?


Lies, damned lies and statistics

Being one of the, probably, few here who have actually tried being poor in both Denmark and the US i can say with absolute certainty that it's waayyy worse being poor in the US than in Denmark.

And more importantly, the delineation for being poor is way higher.

Having a two income household with the median salary where i am in New Orleans, would make you not much better off than having a family that was unemployed in Denmark.

And therein lies a huge part of the discrepancy.

Being "poor" is not quantifiable by the same metrics in such different systems.

Denmark, for one, does not have entire industries dedicated to screwing over poor people simply because they're poor and thus have no other choice.

The US most certainly does.

And don't even get me started on the equality differences in regards to the law.

I'm now solidly in the top 5%.

And honestly it wasn't until i passed that 10% mark that i could stop worrying about living paycheck to paycheck.

Yes. There most definitely is a difference and if i was poor i would take the Euro way any day.


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