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HPE's cold storage digit: 2% growth better than a kick in the teeth – but it's no Dell EMC


Re: Comparison with Dell?

Trying every trick in the book! They're leaders in market share and revenue on both servers and storage, what else do they need to do! Not to mention surpassed HPE 's HCI which failed to deliver due to poor strategy. And then you say dept! As if HPE doesn't have any dept.

Awoogah, enterprise bods: Tintri recruits Echo Alexa speechbot


Looks Fancy.... doesn't work in reality

for a non english native speaker, i struggle on daily basis with my car's handsfree system to get the right names and actually get it to do what i want, to the extent that the system is all useless. so i dont see this happening in many regions of the world. besides, with the right level of automation, it would be faster than speaking to Alexa and waiting on her to give you options.

Hairy situation? Blade servers can reach where others can't



Not really, cisco cant pack 16 in an enclosure as mentioned

Cisco and IBM team on 'VersaStack' integrated infrastructure bundle



the hell did i just read!