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Let's Encrypt in trademark drama


Oh, they've replied now.

With a great big F**K Y*U to Let's Encrypt


UK says wider National Insurance number use no longer a no-no


Re: *sigh*

Don't even go there. English, like many languages, has gender constructs but sensible interpretation of responses like these is to consider their use to be necessary for proper grammar and not some sort of misogynistic hate-fest or safe-space-invasion as seems to be so popular these days. The female is implied and accepted.

You're lucky numbers are gender neutral in English. In other languages they're not - that can make things really tricky as you can mix the genders and offend everyone in one grammar confusing swoop. Then there are various rules when you have plurals (like male plural for male or mixed multiples unless you know it is all-female then there's a special female multiple).

Google chap bakes Amiga emulator into Chrome


Re: hooky copy from the Barras

The Barras could be pretty hit and miss. Many 'purchases' included free extra virus code and it was a bit hair raising - especially in the weeks following a Police raid as there would be various 'WANTED' posters around the stalls showing police officers faces (taken from covert cameras the vendors had hidden round the site and which captured the raid in progress) and offering 50 or 100 quid for details of their home address. I opted out at that point and decided I preferred to go without or purchase at more upmarket establishments.

Windows' authentication 'flaw' exposed in detail


Ahh, Modern Education

In the olden days, it was not necessary to explain the Lyre/Cerberus reference because people were actually taught about Greek mythology because of the relevance of ancient Greeks to the formation of civilisation.

At least someone in El Reg was able to sneak in a quick lesson in the article. Well done!

TalkTalk incident management: A timeline


Remember TalkTalk CEO Office Statement Of 23 SEP 2014?

Handily Paul Moore has it all recorded and put online at https://paul.reviews/value-security-avoid-talktalk/

Highlights :

TalkTalk confirmed by e-mail that :

* The ICO audits their website EVERY WEEK, validating every single link.

* TalkTalk claimed not to be mishandling customer data or financial information

* They have no intention of taking action over any security problems reported by Paul

Why is this exchange not coming back to haunt them ? ElReg? I think you should be making a much bigger deal of their documented blatant and intentional disregard of security.

Laid-off IT workers: You want free on-demand service for what now?


Re: Severance - I sense a ploy

> I don't know what the law in the US is, but surely there's some protection against constructive dismissal (as it's known here in the UK)

Alas, in the US there are 'at will' States; employment contracts are at the will of the employer. If they want rid of you, they don't have the will to employ you and you're gone. There is no such thing as constructive dismissal.

The only recourse is if a Federal discrimination law has been broken; e.g. fired because you're black, disabled etc.

A few States are with cause (similar to the UK, a reason is required but they can be pretty trivial and you have no recourse).

Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue


Re: "...mockery..."

I live on the outskirts of Toronto and it's about 2 days drive into the city due to the crazy games high occupancy lanes (oops, #TO2025 #HOVLanes) which have essentially grid-locked much of the city day and night. Even driving OUT of #TO2015 took almost 4 times longer than normal) and I watched the stationary traffic tailed back all the way to Hamilton as I went. Sounds like it was the same lawyers who came up with the traffic scheme too.

What a pity: Rollout of hated UK smart meters delayed again


Re: they say £200

My 'money' is that we'll be on the English Drachma by then, roughly 250,000 : 1 Yuan (which you're probably right will be the default global currency)

(But the lucky Scots will have a Scottish Drachma at 1,000 : 1 English Drachma - Go independence !)


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