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PowerShell for Office 365 powers on

jsnover [MSFT]

Howdy Paul!

I would love to connect with you and your team to find out how things are going using PowerShell and get your view on what improvements we could make that would have maximal impact. If that works for you, please email me at jsnover@microsoft.com


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Sysadmins rebel over GUI-free install for Windows Server 2016

jsnover [MSFT]

Just to be clear - This is definately not a done deal.

We do previews to get feedback so we can adjust.

We are listening.

Jeffrey Snover[MSFT]

Welcome, stranger: Inside Microsoft's command line shell

jsnover [MSFT]

Re: Discovery

I always thought about the admin at 3am in the middle of an IT crisis in mind. I thought about the desperation that person would feel if they were trying to understand what had occurred and opened up a PERL script and needed to understand it. When that person opens up a PowerShell script, they will be able to read it and understand what happened.

That is why things tend to be more verbose - because verbosity is your friend when the chips are down. As you correctly point out, verbosity is not your friend for interactive use. That is why we provide aliases, positional parameters, wildcards, etc.

At the end of the day, we build tools to make you successful so if you are successful with the tools you are using - then it's all good.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]

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Chef and HP cook up partnership for infrastructure as code – even on Windows

jsnover [MSFT]

RE: Father of DSC

As always, significant things are done by teams of people. So it is with PowerShell DSC. That said, the bulk of PowerShell DSC was architected by Bruce Payette who has been with the team from the very beginning and is most well known for being the co-designer of the language (along with Jim Truher) and his awesome book PowerShell In Action.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]

Distinguished Engineer


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