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Warez land man 30 months in prison


Is this...

the same old DRM story with a difference face..?

Produce-licking YouTubers attacked by 147-year-old American grocer


Salad tossers

If A&P's customers are so clueless they can't tell reality from a hype video does A&P really want them in their shop?

If I were the shop owner gaining all the exposure for free I'd be slappin the rappin on in store screens to enforce brand recognition - and slappin the rappers for not having done it sooner (that is of course after a deal on royalties).

A&P, go "Beet yourselves off" in a back room somewhere and while you're at it grow up and smell the veg....

Boffins bend space and time to measure neutron star


Seriously, why do we need to know..?

Clearly there are some very eductaed people writing some of these notes so it should not take long to get a serious, sensible answer.

Why do we need to know what is surrounding these things in space, what are we hoping to gain from the knowledge?

Will it be anything to beneft mankind in the next millenia or is mankind paying for the continuance of a great hobby for a few at the huge expense to all?

Dell laptops not in the pink after all


And of course everyone else gets better specs too...

Dell also need to get their act together on severeal other issues too.

I bought an XPS M2010 on a visit to the UK as I could not find it on their Spanish site.

They only offered 100GB discs whereas in America they can have more than double that size on offer for the same machine.

When it went wrong in Spain Dell sent out an engineer to replace a hard drive - when he arrived he said he'd never seen one before let aone been trained on one and he was from Unisys, not Dell. He commenced to prize up lids until I showed him a manual I downloaded explaining how the lis are cllipped on neatly.

He commenced to "operate" on the machine with the battarey still plugged in and he took the hard drive out by going straight to it - without earthing himself out on the chassis first.

Well done Dell.....

Fasthosts update: still above water


Down for third day - I am losing online trade !

"Every aspect of Fasthosts' services remain fully operational" This is most certainly a lie.

I gained service yesterday for a short time after aan outage of more than 24 hours, but it was off longer than on and today - the third day its been off all day.

Can't get through to accounts on phone, can't get through to support on phone and nobody is responding to support emails.

Now I know why their server was cheaper than anyone elses!

I am now planning our next host company.


So who offers a similar hosting deal that works (and they don't lie)...?

The heading says it really. Want a dedicated server at a simlar price and spec - any outfits anyone can recommend - please?



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