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'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans


Re: It hasn't been able to kill lots of stuff

Systemd is a 'virus', we can agree on that. If I was deranged (which I clearly am not), I would get on a plane to Germany find that Lennart and give him a piece of my mind... let that be a lesson to you

In Rust, we lust: Security-focused super-C++ language still most loved among Stack Overflow denizens


I'm currently reading a Rust Noobs book, so this means it's a worthwhile endeavour yes?

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it


Resists government thought control experiments too, a bonus


Hold on to your credit cards, I think I've found a cheaper alternative: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bacofoil-Non-Stick-Kitchen-Quality-Tear-Resistant/dp/B016IOUGXC

Boffins suggest UK needs an 'AI council' but regulation is for squares


Look Dave,

I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over. I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.


Sounds painful: Audio code bug lets users, apps get root on Linux



Without standing on top of a very tall mountain shouting admire my ignorance, but don't CISCO make network gear? More specifically why would their products' embedded OS have ALSA installed?

More to the point: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-26/Microsoft.html (50+ for september alone, some quite good ones too: red)

Of course CVE's don't mean much on their own

Huge power imbalance between firms and users whose info they grab



This must be in line for the no-shit sherlock awards

New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'


At last

A comp lang all of us Brits (& Germans), even the non-programmers, can fully understand ! ;)

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports


Re: How to solve Brexit.

'What the fuck has this got to do with Brexit?' :

In all honesty probably not a great deal.

Oh the irony, jobs in brexit central heavily dependent on contracts to build the <u>eurofighter</u> typhoon, it'll be more brexit related when Nissan make their announcement. That said, it is no laughing matter, 1000 jobs directly plus probably many more indirectly from service sector, and external contractors.


Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant


Re: Experts all giving advice how how to stay secure

The best one I see was Herb Lin on BBC news 24 telling people to update their PC's before switching them on? How the Fsck ... Chicken and egg or headless chicken

Lib Dems pledge to end 'Orwellian' snooping powers in manifesto


One thing

Lying, machiavellian, opportunist, carrion twats. For that to happen they would need to win a landslide victory in the upcoming election of the magnitude never , never , ever , ever , seen before in UK politics. It won't happen (hint!)

WannaCrypt ransomware snatches NSA exploit, fscks over Telefónica, other orgs in Spain


Re: Extradite the NSA

Alternatively, someone hit her very hard and loud with the truth...

That's some alternate reality right there


You read it here first



I doubt this will be the end of it, depressing but true

Beeb hands £560m IT deal to Atos. Again


Re: Fun with statistics

Indeed, I've been through the 'process' with a loved one who was granted full benefits upon appeal. That indeed seems to be the entire point of this costly and pointless process. Possibly(robably) some accept the outcome of their ATOS decision, and never appeal. The scummy politicians think this charade is perfectly acceptable.


Before ATOS existed the claimant GP's word, and opinion was accepted.

Not so now

Fancy a relaxed boozy holiday? Keep well away from Great Britain


What is happening

Nanny state: http://nannystateindex.org/index-2017/

It's official you not here to relax and have a bit of fun. You are here to be born, learn, work, pay your way, and die as soon as you cease to be productive ;)

US spymasters trash Kaspersky: AV tools can't be trusted, we've stuck a probe in them


Re: don't be, Kaspersky is top-shelf security

Thnx to you too(+1upvote), will keep the K for now. God bless Eugene


Re: Confused?

Thnx and an upvote



I've used K for a windows box, primarily because of its' good independent test reports and the involvement of K in many international IT security efforts. Should I seek to switch? If so, can anyone recommend a good non-Russian cum non-American (obviously) alternative for work laptop?

PS I don't store any sensitive government, military, or politcial information.

Oh, great: There's a new Same Origin Policy exploit for Edge


The future is secure in our hands

For those unaware : https://youtu.be/gM7Q77m7CZM the interesting bit starts at 58'30'' where microsoft declare their intentions towards security

Funnily defender drops a bit in the latest test here : https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/october-2016/microsoft-windows-defender-4.10-164047/

and serves as a starting point here:



Microsoft emits code for DIY Linux IoT hubs. Repeat, Linux IoT hubs (that talk to Azure, duh)


Where is this going

It'll all end badly, I'm certain. I'd love to think redmonds' intentions toward linux are benign, but their past/history indicates otherwise.

Dude hit with $300K bill for faking his hours, hacking boss's website


Too lenient by half

If I were the judge that miscreant would be wearing an orange boiler suit, and sharing their dorm with a sex offending mutiple rapist for the next 10 years, and let that be a lesson to you.

Uber is a taxi company, not internet, European Court of Justice advised


Re: Finally some common sense

Couldn't agree more, and as a taxi service that it very clearly is, should be subject to all the regulation and conform to the public protections that other taxi services abide by.

Good 1 Evil 0

$6,000 for tours of apocalyptic post-Brexit London? WTF, NYT?


Re: For a real post brexit apocalypses

Even better, send 'em to Sunderland: extra-sepecially after Nisan finally decide its too much and back out ... Laugh I nearly cried

Fake invoice scammers slurp $5bn+ from corp beancounters – FBI



Don't you just love bean counters :P,

perhaps they were taking a cut, just speculating.

Hackers emit 9GB of stolen Macron 'emails' two days before French presidential election



Anyone else seeing a pattern emerging? Will the hackers/leakers ever be revealed? State actors anyone?

Whoo cannot wait to read le pens' personal communiques, and business dealings. Silly me that won't heppen.

Error prone, insecure, inevitable: Say hello to today's facial recog tech


Those aren't mistakes !

Chaffetz said the technology makes mistakes, with one in seven FBI facial recognition searches incorrectly returning a list of innocent people as matches, despite the presence of the actual matching image in the database.

That is proof of the malevolent intent of some controlling AI, that obviously didn't like the look of those others that were 'matched' ;)

In the land of Google, Holocaust denial, death threats – all fine. LGBT? Oh, no, that's sensitive


Re: The customer is doing it wrong.

Ahhh the joys of 'I'm feeling lucky', hours spent expanding my horizons ;)

PS I had to check it was still there

Adobe buddies up with Microsoft for new ways to mine your data


More good news

Dystopia bekons, what could possibly go wrong when Adobe teams up with M$.

PS Does anyone remember consenting to data collection of the scale that we are currently seeing ?

Fire brigade called to free man's bits from titanium ring's grip


Re: Titanium?

You Sir sound experienced in such matters

Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed?

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Boffins exfiltrate data by blinking hard drives' LEDs


air gap

One minor detail, a truly air gapped system won't get infected with the malware unless assisted by something with stuxnet like capabilities, and/or lax protocols allowing the pluging of USB's, or forgetting to disable all wireless comms at the driver level etc.. All the demos seem to presume the air gapped system is infected in the first place, apparently the trivial bit is infecting such systems. Perhaps I'm missing something really obvious.

Java and Python have unpatched firewall-crossing FTP SNAFU



You'd have thunk that'd be another nail in the java coffin, but think again. I dream of the day when these script languages are no longer needed, for when the standards provide for scriptless content interaction, and presentation without using the third party insecure kludges.

Apple to Europe: It's our job to design Ireland's tax system, not yours


Re: @ codejunky

They could kill the golden goose in one swift move which would not only make other companies potentially fly away

Do you honestly believe these vampiric, blood sucking vultures would flyaway from one of the lowest corporate tax hideouts in the largest market outside of the good ol' US of A, and the 'not so communist' China, to setup office in Budapest? Your conjecture is facile at best.

Or perhaps the Irish government, merely have to be seen to be opposed to the notion, while privately wondering what to spend the wind-fall monies on.

Software glitch, not wind farms, blacked out 60,000 in South Australia


Obviously they know about batteries down under, just recently the prime minister had a rather large upgrade to his solar setup including batteries.

Do actions speak louder than words?!?

Oracle 'systematically stiffed its salesforce' claims new sueball


Re: "'get as much $$$ by any means and spend as little $$$$ by any means"

Can I have some of your wacky backy, pwettttty purleeaaaseeee

Munich may dump Linux for Windows


Re: and this has nothing to do with

... and everything to do with politics, if you belive what the tech republic article posted on the 10th has to say about this.

"At the time the report was released, the FSFE questioned why Accenture was commissioned to co-author a report assessing the use of Microsoft software, when the consultancy runs a joint venture with Microsoft called Avanade, which helps businesses implement Microsoft technologies. For its part, Accenture said it has an "independent view of the technology landscape"."

Fortunatrely avenade have an office nearby, how lucky is that for munchen council?

The citizens of Munchen must be so proud of there elected councillors, I for one feel so sorry for the poor bastards.

All of Blighty's attack submarines are out of action – report


Re: Ok, what's the Trident money really been spent on?

Quite, MoD contracts have always represented stupendously good value for money. Plus BAE have had a good number of years to practice the dark art ;)

Crims in £160m broadband scam facing 44 years of porridge


Re: £160m split 4 ways over 10 years.

Lets just hope the assets recovery agency does a good job, and this kind of thing isn't seen to pay well.

Oracle refuses to let Java copyright battle die – another appeal filed in war against Google



Oracle are not being insane, like any other company they have a fiduciary obligation to maximise profit by any realistic means possible. They own Java, and monetising Java is potentially a very lucrative way of cashing in on the success of Android. If they're not seen to be pursuing every opportunity properly their own employment is under threat from aggrieved and out of pocket shareholders.

That depends on your definition of realistic, and the win/loss risk assessment. They own java?, where does that leave open JDK, in the court? I read somewhere : "the jury found that Android does not infringe Oracle-owned copyrights because its re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by fair use".

To me neither corporation is a beacon of hope, though you have to wonder what Oracle hope to achieve. Should IP be granted for abstract concepts like API interfaces? In my view that could lead us down a very murky avenue indeeed, wouldn't you agree.

David Hockney creates new Sun masthead. Now for The Reg...


Bit late

Thought this would be approropriate for certain domains, e.g. https://the-new-truth.trump



Re: I do not understand why people get the sun

If you pick up an old free copy, and scrunch it up very well prior to cutting it into 8cm wide strips then I find it does a marvellous job. No smearing, no scratching, best of all they always have pictures of Theresa and Boris inside.

Chrome 56 quietly added Bluetooth snitch API


Fscking hell yeah !!

Where do I sign up for some of that?

Brought to you by the refreshing, flavour of Kool aid

A vintage year for snoopers and big state-ists



Who exactly from the alt-right (nazis) will hold Trump accountable for broken promises? My only hope is the various nutjobs who hollered and wailed at the rallies don't take action into their own hands once Trump starts making U-turns.

Facebook Fake News won it for Trump? That's a Zombie theory


Re: Does democracy work if people based their vote on lies^Wpost-facts?

' Have to agree with that, same's true on the other side of the pond. Finally the only winners will be fat cats fuelled by fat tax cuts.

AI can now tell if you're a criminal or not


Re: dataset

you could also mention the hand sifting for facial scars etc... obviously that wouldn't introduce unintended bias from the experiment designers.


Quality research

'1856 real persons, half of whom were convicted criminals'

That doesn't seem to be a sufficiently large dataset for making such broad claims.

Mozilla launches 'privacy edition' Firefox... that phones home


Re: Quelle surprise

Point taken, but do you seriously consider the privacy invasion / snooping to be on a par with lets say windows 10, or any one of a gazillion android apps that want txt/email/phonebook access to provide the most basic unrelated function?


Awaiting moderation


Thumb Down

Quelle surprise

Andrew Orlowski using his editorial power to pursue a grudge, file next to any el reg articles with wikipeadia in the title ;)

To be fair, there is some irony in this mozilla 'privacy edition', however it is fully disclosed, and open source to boot. This is hardly the stuff of sinister conspiracy plots ... meh?!

'Fascist' seizes supremo search slot on Trump triumph


I smell neo-con bullshit

Facscism, or radical right wing nationalistic politcial doctrine, notably antonymous to liberal democracy. Does the hilighted bit ring any bells? Or do you need me to explain their meaning to you.



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