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Music festivals are back in the UK. So is the background bork



Simply wonderful, keep these coming please

UK.gov is launching an anti-Facebook encryption push. Don't think of the children: Think of the nuances and edge cases instead


What a jolly coincidence

It's not often that a side effect of seemingly providing the end user with enhanced personal security also effectually reduces the ability to police the users of such an anti-social media platform. Win-win kerching, assuming they can maintain a happy relationship with the advertisers. One more point, I might be missing something, but for an anti-social media platform like FB which operates by connecting people that know each other... how does E2EE and the ability to conceal identity/geographic origin enhance the anti-social media platform experience??? I must be missing something (I have a hunch this is about getting former FBers back... the ones that fled to Parler perhaps).

Sort-of Epic win as judge kills Apple ban on apps linking to outside payment systems


Two wrongs don't make a right, apparently

It's kind of unusual seeing two greedy Goliath's lose the fight simultaneously. Very rare indeed. There should be a sense of satisfaction right now, that all is well in the big wide world, but the ominous feeling that everyone is going to be shafted harder and longer just won't go away.

Epic lawsuit's latest claims: Google slipped tons of cash to game devs, Android makers to cement Play store dominance

IT Angle

Rumble in the bazaar

Epic seems to be enjoying the process of washing everyone's dirty laundry in publlic, and I must say this latest one is hardly surprising since bits of the Play store seem to be dropping off for no apparent reason, other than a lack of interest from the paying public. Apple holds developers to ransom, Google bribes developers to stay loyal.... I wonder what mischief Epic have been getting themselves into, I sincerely doubt they are entirely innocent in all of this. Mud slinging generally leaves everyone splattered, wryly noting that `He who slings mud generally loses ground`

Magna Carta mayhem: Protesters lay siege to Edinburgh Castle, citing obscure Latin text that has never applied in Scotland


Re: Sumption is wrong

It's definitely 'Magna Carta', and not 'the Magna Carta'... Latin has no definitive article

You'd think that the UK parliament might know it's proper reference


Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship



Nothing like a bit of deflection, why shakedown your own cybercriminal gangs when you can pretend the problem is not yours. Let's hope the irony wasn't lost on the UN member state representatives

Microsoft has a workaround for 'HiveNightmare' flaw: Nuke your shadow copies from orbit


Re: Why ?

Have another beer on me, to your good health

NSO Group 'will no longer be responding to inquiries' about misuse of its software

Big Brother

Re: Pegasus

I think your advice mainly applies to dissidents and journalists who do good work holding rogue states to account. Everyone else is probably not on the radar, but I get your point and it'll probably be the default for these people in the future.

Tencent uses facial recognition to enforce China’s curfew on gaming kids


Re: Company or state?

You mean they're not just companies?? I'm shocked beyond recognition

Massive 3D catzilla gets crowds purring in busy Shinjuku district of Tokyo


what's not to like

Cat pictures are what the internet is about, this has to be cat pictures 2.0

GitHub Copilot is AI pair programming where you, the human, still have to do most of the work



Probably the best one line summary I've seen in a while: Copilot may find other ways to ruin your day.

Microsoft tells US lawmakers cloud has changed the game on data privacy, gets 10 info demands a day from cops

Big Brother

Fishing anyone?

Not even slightly predictable, moving emails and data to cloud based 3rd parties was sure to attract some unwanted attention. Hosting locally complicates matters for law enforcement, but the big question remains: what is the general nature of the justifications for these subpoena's, I'd be interested to know.

Calling all fanbois: If you can't wait to glimpse iOS 15, Apple is running a public beta now


Boy time flies fast

I suppose my work iPhone 6 running iOS 12 (security updates only) is getting a bit outdated now

Digital rights org claims cyberattacks against Filipino media outlets come from government and army

Black Helicopters

I blame tRump for normalising this BS

'Department of Science Technology and Army' !!?? I think that pretty much sums it up. When you combine government science and technology departments with the military, that sends a loud and clear message. Strong arm, wannabe tyrants are all the rage these days. Closing down news and media is basic training at despot school.

Huawei dev flamed for 'useless' Linux kernel code contributions


That explains it

Is it no wonder the Linux kernel is ballooning exponentially, how many millions of lines of code have been added for the next release... Friday goal based KPI commits must be the explanation. Now where was that web site to download Open Euler OS, it'll be a cert for quality patches.

‘What are the odds someone will find and exploit this?’ Nice one — you just released an insecure app


Life is full of surprises

Who knew the public that consume software are the new alpha testers

AWS launches BugBust contest: Help fix a $100m problem for a $12 tshirt


Re: Gee sign me up now

You make a convincing argument, seeing Jeff sucked into space is definitely a good outcome


Gee sign me up now

Am I the only one humming burning spears slavery days while reading this article, there appear to be no downsides for Jeff... Perhaps a lucky few get to join him for a ride to the edge of space. Hours stuck in a tin can, with only Jeff Bezos for company, I'd rather spend a day at Mar-a-lardo being Orange Twitlers caddy.

These six proposed bipartisan antitrust laws put Big Tech in the cross-hairs – and a House committee just OK'd them

Black Helicopters

Did Lauren Boebert show up?

Yikes, it's a revolt at the old folks home on the hill

Happy with your existing Windows 10 setup? Good, because Windows 11 could turn its nose up at your CPU


The good ol days

Z80 assembly, and no need for an emulator... that must be something ;)

IT Angle

Ooh aah Ooh aah

I drove my tractor through your haystack last night (ooh aah ooh aah)

I threw me pitchfork at your dog to keep quiet (ooh aah ooh aah)

Now something's telling me

That you'm avoiding me

Come on now darling you've got something I need

Cuz I got a brand M$ 'operating system'

An' I'll give you the key

UK competition watchdog launches investigation into fake review epidemic across Google and Amazon


Shock horror

Fake online reviews???!!! Golly gosh, I never knew such things were possible


'Google is present at almost all levels of the supply chain' for online ads: It's time for a competition probe, says EU

IT Angle

although exactly how this might be achieved remains "fuzzy". ... I think a sternly worded letter from a suitably prestigious minister ought to put the fear of god up them


Whistleblowers have come to us alleging spy agency wrongdoing, says UK auditor IPCO

Big Brother

We have this covered

Obvs a dry run for next year when deregulation on steroids commences, I can't wait for January, honestly (\S)

US Government Accountability Office dumps sack of coal on NASA's desk over Moon mission naughtiness

IT Angle

Which list then?

Does this mean that NASA is officially on Santa's naughty list then? No more fat servings of pork barrel

Tim Cook 'killed' TV project about the one website Apple hates more than The Register


A badge of honour

You're not trying hard enough if you haven't offended the likes Tim Cook

Backdoored SolarWinds software, linked to US govt hacks, in wide use throughout the British public sector


Re: No Cause for Concern in the UK

I heard the NHS runs on XP ;)


Thanks Vlad

Another poop storm brewing, the bit where we Brit's aren't even allowed to know WTF has been going on is truly reassuring. I suppose there's a slim chance that Alexander of Uxbridge and South Ruislip will find his mucky web habits posted on Wikileaks imminently, or probably more interesting to know... what the hell our government and security services are up to. Is there a runner up prize for predicting the usual suspects will maintain that software and hardware back doors are essential for maintaining national security, like giving all our secrets away to Russian state backed hackers

Ad blocking made Google throw its toys out of the pram – and now even more control is being taken from us


Anyone else?

I wouldn't object, thus use a blocker, if the ads were quiet and well behaved. Sadly many are not, and if you choose to spend your adult relaxation time on pron or gambling sites then you will likely find that your browser cookie jar becomes pretty nasty in short order. How about Google develops a code of practice (otherwise known as a CoP) that all sides sign onto... No nasty screen hogging, pop up popping, flashing, animated, video downloading hi-jinx in return for fair play from Google users? Too much to ask for I suspect

GitLab scans its customers' source code, finds it's as fragile as you'd expect



There's a lot of java/node gobbledygook there. Just saying ;)

Former antivirus baron John McAfee collared, faces extradition to America on tax evasion, securities allegations


A little ray of light

This story right here made my day, the other one involving Cisco was a close second, but this one is special. Bye bye John.

'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans


Re: It hasn't been able to kill lots of stuff

Systemd is a 'virus', we can agree on that. If I was deranged (which I clearly am not), I would get on a plane to Germany find that Lennart and give him a piece of my mind... let that be a lesson to you

In Rust, we lust: Security-focused super-C++ language still most loved among Stack Overflow denizens


I'm currently reading a Rust Noobs book, so this means it's a worthwhile endeavour yes?

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it


Resists government thought control experiments too, a bonus


Hold on to your credit cards, I think I've found a cheaper alternative: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bacofoil-Non-Stick-Kitchen-Quality-Tear-Resistant/dp/B016IOUGXC

Boffins suggest UK needs an 'AI council' but regulation is for squares


Look Dave,

I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over. I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.


Sounds painful: Audio code bug lets users, apps get root on Linux



Without standing on top of a very tall mountain shouting admire my ignorance, but don't CISCO make network gear? More specifically why would their products' embedded OS have ALSA installed?

More to the point: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-26/Microsoft.html (50+ for september alone, some quite good ones too: red)

Of course CVE's don't mean much on their own

Huge power imbalance between firms and users whose info they grab



This must be in line for the no-shit sherlock awards

New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'


At last

A comp lang all of us Brits (& Germans), even the non-programmers, can fully understand ! ;)

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports


Re: How to solve Brexit.

'What the fuck has this got to do with Brexit?' :

In all honesty probably not a great deal.

Oh the irony, jobs in brexit central heavily dependent on contracts to build the <u>eurofighter</u> typhoon, it'll be more brexit related when Nissan make their announcement. That said, it is no laughing matter, 1000 jobs directly plus probably many more indirectly from service sector, and external contractors.


Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant


Re: Experts all giving advice how how to stay secure

The best one I see was Herb Lin on BBC news 24 telling people to update their PC's before switching them on? How the Fsck ... Chicken and egg or headless chicken

Lib Dems pledge to end 'Orwellian' snooping powers in manifesto


One thing

Lying, machiavellian, opportunist, carrion twats. For that to happen they would need to win a landslide victory in the upcoming election of the magnitude never , never , ever , ever , seen before in UK politics. It won't happen (hint!)

WannaCrypt ransomware snatches NSA exploit, fscks over Telefónica, other orgs in Spain


Re: Extradite the NSA

Alternatively, someone hit her very hard and loud with the truth...

That's some alternate reality right there


You read it here first



I doubt this will be the end of it, depressing but true

Beeb hands £560m IT deal to Atos. Again


Re: Fun with statistics

Indeed, I've been through the 'process' with a loved one who was granted full benefits upon appeal. That indeed seems to be the entire point of this costly and pointless process. Possibly(robably) some accept the outcome of their ATOS decision, and never appeal. The scummy politicians think this charade is perfectly acceptable.


Before ATOS existed the claimant GP's word, and opinion was accepted.

Not so now

Fancy a relaxed boozy holiday? Keep well away from Great Britain


What is happening

Nanny state: http://nannystateindex.org/index-2017/

It's official you not here to relax and have a bit of fun. You are here to be born, learn, work, pay your way, and die as soon as you cease to be productive ;)

US spymasters trash Kaspersky: AV tools can't be trusted, we've stuck a probe in them


Re: don't be, Kaspersky is top-shelf security

Thnx to you too(+1upvote), will keep the K for now. God bless Eugene


Re: Confused?

Thnx and an upvote



I've used K for a windows box, primarily because of its' good independent test reports and the involvement of K in many international IT security efforts. Should I seek to switch? If so, can anyone recommend a good non-Russian cum non-American (obviously) alternative for work laptop?

PS I don't store any sensitive government, military, or politcial information.

Oh, great: There's a new Same Origin Policy exploit for Edge


The future is secure in our hands

For those unaware : https://youtu.be/gM7Q77m7CZM the interesting bit starts at 58'30'' where microsoft declare their intentions towards security

Funnily defender drops a bit in the latest test here : https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/october-2016/microsoft-windows-defender-4.10-164047/

and serves as a starting point here:





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