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Breakfast with bin Laden

Rick Barter

Building #7

Lets just say the airplanes brought down the twin towers. How do you explain the symetrical fall of #7 only 5 hours after the twin towers fell? All 91 tempered steel support beams were weakened and failed at exactly the same nano second? Listen I don't want to think the worst but there are some pretty big questions left unanswered. It takes weeks to prepare for such a demolition, the explosives had to be in place prior to 911 PERIOD!

Rick Barter


Has anyone bothered to read the 911 commission report? These idiots can't spell Osama Bin Laden's name right, they spell it Usama. And these people are in charge of our protection from the great Caveman. Bush should of had his head on a platter by now! I think Usama is working in the basement of the White House as a janitor.

Rick Barter


Take down the WTC, blow up a train? It's so easy even a cave man can do it. The Bush boys wants us to believe a bearded idiot in a cave did these things. Give me a break! Watch the symetrical fall of the three trade center buildings and tell me the cave man did that! How stupid do they think we are? I guess very stupid for no one in power is asking any questions. Is he so powerful that he can silence the truth?