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Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher


FUD or did you not do your homework?

Yes it does add up (if your data can get you a 5 to 1 reduction)

Each chassis (3 units) hold 20 flash modules or 20 direct flash modules. Each capacity pack is 10 modules but the chassis can hold 2 capacity packs = 20 modules.

Look at their specs:


PS: I am pretty sure of the above as I have 3 FlashArray//M systems :)

Pure uncloaks rack-scale FlashBlade object filer for unstructured data crowd


Re: Ha

They presented it to us at the customer advisory board last year and at that time they had a few customers running the system in "pre-alfa".

almost everybody said they wanted CIFS, but they also pitched idea of doing something very different like backup directly to the system without backup software.

They do have a lot of processing power in 4U, so I guess they could do a lot of interesting things.

At the time they planned 40 gb Ethernet, hope that will not hold back the deployments.

Pure pleasure with stonking final fiscal 2016 quarter


Re: Uh yeah...

Pure is not cheap, but after our initial purchase (summer 2013) the cost pr. GiB for each expansion has never gone up.

Straight from the horse's mouth: It's October 7 for Pure's IPO


Re: Nothing special about their tech

It seams like you never used their product and you don't understand how it works (at least you got it wrong) So why are you commenting?

Pure only uses DRAM cache because of a NAND flash problem called read disturb, where if you read the same cell many times you get errors. So Pure uses a very small amount of the controllers DRAM to cache the very highly used data. This is done not to increase performance, but to increase lifetime of the flash media.

Most of the controllers DRAM is used for meta data.

"Pure obviously doesn't have the braintrust. Just business degrees at work here folks" - which company does have the braintrust then and how are their people different from pure's?

Also if "you" invest in pure at the IPO and think they are going to make you a lot of money within the next 2-3 years, then you have not done your homework. Pure is spending a lot of money on RD and building out the company, they need to do so, if they don't then they are dead in the water.

Pure Storage pushes all-flash array purification


Re: Same array, different pakaging?

How do you come to the conclusion that the hardware (FA-4XX and //m) is incompatible?

The upgrade procedure is exactly the same as with their previous hardware.

Back dat app up: Microsoft opens Azure Backup to Windows PCs



The price is very high, anybody know why? It is much higher than there normal storage cost.

DataCore lifts baton, strikes up the 64th SANsymphony


one hundred million!!!

100 million IOPS on 64 nodes, that is 1,562,500 IOPS per node and then scale 100% linear. I don't buy it.


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