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China announces ‘crackdown’ on Bitcoin mining and trading


Re: Nobody buys a bitcoin. Or so they say...

Two downvotes, how expected :)

Yes, I'm trading with BTC and other tokens. Yes, I made money with it.

I'm not advocating it as the best thing since a slice bread. But it is no worse then all financial instruments made out of thin air by banks and hedge funds to make make extra cash for then on the expense of whole world.


Nobody buys a bitcoin. Or so they say...

Judging by all the negativity here, nobody holdy any of bitcoin ?

And yet somehow there are still millions of people tradind with it. Weird.

And there were no crime and criminals before BTC, since there were no way to pay for the crime. Oh wait ...

Microsoft reveals first Windows Server Insider Build


What's up with the nano server now ?

If I get this right it is now just container OS for running .net core applications ?

So no more use for Hyper-v and storage spaces ?

VMware finally gets all its end-user computing ideas together as one


Re: Timing...

Well H.264 exists from 2003 or 2004 I think, so it is was around before PCoIP and mainstream support for it is avaliable at least last 3 or 4 years.

And PCoIP wasn't much good up to View 5 which was released at the end of 2011. If vmware was serious about PCoIP they would buy Teradici as soon as they started.


Why did they even bother with PCoIP ? You need custom HW to offload/accelerate encoding and decoding it and on the other hand you have video codec which is used practically everywhere and supported by everything.

Samsung's latest 2TB SSDs have big hats, but where's the cattle?


I will call this a bulls* or error in reading counters/doing math.

Bellow is data from SSD in our dev/test server and my work laptop.

Dev/test server:

102561 GB host writes in 17758 hours --> 5,8 GB per hour writen

Work laptop:

8100 GB host writes in 3597 hours --> 2,3 GB per hour writen


(1) M4-CT512M4SSD2


Model : M4-CT512M4SSD2

Firmware : 070H

Serial Number : 000000001205032CDF07

Disk Size : 512,1 GB (8,4/137,4/512,1/512,1)

Buffer Size : Neznano

Queue Depth : 32

# of Sectors : 1000215216

Rotation Rate : ---- (SSD)

Interface : Serial ATA

Major Version : ACS-2

Minor Version : ATA8-ACS version 6

Transfer Mode : SATA/600 | SATA/600

Power On Hours : 17758 ur

Power On Count : 27 zag.

Host Writes : 102561 GB

NAND Writes : 174441 GB

Wear Level Count : 343

Temperature : Neznano

Health Status : Dobro (96 %)

Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, 48bit LBA, NCQ, TRIM

APM Level : 00FEh [ON]

AAM Level : ----





Firmware : 4PC1LE04

Serial Number : BTPR138500LN160DGN

Disk Size : 160,0 GB (8,4/137,4/160,0/160,0)

Buffer Size : Neznano

Queue Depth : 32

# of Sectors : 312581808

Rotation Rate : ---- (SSD)

Interface : Serial ATA

Major Version : ATA8-ACS

Minor Version : ATA8-ACS version 4

Transfer Mode : ---- | SATA/300

Power On Hours : 3597 ur

Power On Count : 2152 zag.

Host Reads : 9405 GB

Host Writes : 8100 GB

Temperature : Neznano

Health Status : Dobro (100 %)

Features : S.M.A.R.T., 48bit LBA, NCQ, TRIM

APM Level : ----

AAM Level : ----

Samsung stuffs 2 TERABYTES into flash drive for ordinary folk


And our pure storage array has 2,75TB of raw capacity... :/

Pre-IPO Tegile looking at flash tiering, scale-out and the cloud


Re: Fate...

Well I think they have decent array for good price. I didn't hear any complaints from users who actually uses their arrays.

EMC upgrading all-flash VNX with bigger SSD and drive box


Happy another vendor AFA customer

Well on our pure storage array the LUNs which holds MS SQL databases shows data reduction betwen 4.2 to 1 and 5.3 to 1.

Average read latency shown in vmware is 0 ms with occasional spikes up to 1 or 2 ms ( 2 or 3 spikes per 20 minutes interval).

So it seems that they are doing something right, afterall the controllers are compute monsters compared to those from VNX.