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India orders takedowns of social media posts it claims harm fight against raging COVID-19 outbreak


India is a country with diverse cultures.

It has some of the wealthiest people on the planet and many of the poorest.

The country knew what was coming and chose to do nothing, or simply didn't care about its population enough to prepare.

I fear this pandemic has shone a light on this countries disorganisation, greed and, dare I say, corruption.

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers


We're only human

I think the fundamental problem is that we're human.

The "Shepherds" among us have their own agendas (which are rarely for the common good), the "Sheep" among us follow, trusting the shepherds know what's right and wrong.

Judging by the comments left here prove that no-one can agree a way forward. What chance do the "experts" have when even the experts can't agree.

Ever been in a meeting with more than three people - how often does everyone leave that meeting with a common goal and the enthusiasm to make it happen ... and bear in mind one thing we do all agree on is that its no quick fix - how do we drive that enthusiasm for a century or two, when politicians/parties/agendas change on a weekly, monthly, annual basis.

We need some industry "shepherds" who are prepared to drive the technology and fund the change, Microsoft, Apple, maybe GE, FORD, and the like - governments I don't believe, have the stamina to deliver (even if they say they do), they can however be trusted to implement legislation to effect change.

Of course the other point is that this argument affects every aspect of our lives. We are not just talking about the fuel & electricity, we need to reduce energy consumption. We need to change our mindsets to accept that energy is a luxury rather than a right - this alone could take a generation.

After all, we're only human



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