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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bryndzové halušky

Fred 25

Re: Halušky with cabbage

<i>Haluski i capustu</i> my grandmother made plenty. Sauerkraut would be nice, obviously, but she always used fresh cabbage, cooked down in a frying pan, often with bacon, onion, black pepper. (þæt wæs god etende!) The cooled boiled haluski (she flicked them from a plate with a spoon) were then tossed around in the frying pan with the cabbage. Alternatively, they go in soups. Alternatively, just heat them up in a pan in butter. Wonderful little clouds. ...Well, dense and heavy clouds, but definitely cumuliform. Great article & series theme, but the cheese was not mentioned on the print-n-post guide.