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PureVPN calls pure BS on VPN insecurity study



i'm surprised they didn't test ironsocket.com, i've been using them for a long time now and did the ipv6 and dns leak test and they passed just fine. there's also the webrtc bug that gets around openvpn to protect yourself from as well

VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign


I did some research and did some testing myself. I chose to be with IronSocket and it's working great as ever. If you want the best personal VPN service, IronSocket is for you.

A right or wrong time to go?


Re: A right or wrong time to go?

If u love the job and if you love what you are doing, stay. You are always free to go ahead and leave, you know.

Do you use Hola VPN? You could be part of a DDoS, content theft – or worse


Hola screwed up big time, man. You expect a free VPN to be secured, No Way... I am currently using IronSocket. It works great PPTP and L2TP and OpenVPN support and no logs :D Pretty amazing I recommend it.

Cloud DNS, VPN, HTTPS load balancing ... Google looks at rivals, thinks: Yeah, we'll do all that

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Discrimination in the workplace?


The main reason why I quit my job was because of discrimination. Man, I did not like it sooo sooo much. Imagine you, being in a building full of racists, I cannot live with that. I was just there and ignored whatever they say. You know, we can fight back we cannot remove something in our own self. That is the respect and heart that you still have no matter what.

Holy cow! Fasthosts outage blamed on DDoS hack attack AND Windows 2003 vuln


I learned a lot from your article and the comments too. And I thought that using a VPN would protect you online and that it's the best way to protect you online. You get to have your freedom online, feel secured, and of course you feel private. It's like being invisible to hackers. I get my VPN from IronSocket, and I pay like $4 a month. It's worth it. Really worth it. They provide DNS proxy, SOCKS5, HTTP, Unblock-us, etc.. Check them out and you would know. Anyways, I loved your article and that I came to think of the DNS which I usually use for streaming. It usually works because of it's enryption. You can also use VPN but it's without encryption and therefore, there's no difference.

The main thing here is protection to hackers... And the best way is use VPN... (Virtual Private Network)

Looking forward to your next article. Cheers.


Good Article. DNS will most likely work all the time. I glimpsed into a provider called IronSocket, I tried it for several months and it worked well. I thought of posting this here. But yeah, DNS proxy would work all the time and it's getting good every year.


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