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General Motors charging mandatory $1,500 fee for three years of optional car features


Re: Other car manufacturers are available.

Is there a way to fix the window on the master cylinder? I have no rear breaks right now, I have a Motorino electric scooter, it uses the same kink of breaks as a motorcycle. Thanks

Facebook hands over chats to cops in post-Roe abortion case


Re: 49 years

"Whilst I'm very much in the "if you're not a woman, you don't get a say in abortion" camp,"

What about trans-men? They aren't women and can get pregnant do they get a say in abortion?

Atari Video Computer System returns in Lego form


"In fact, compared to the cheaper Nintendo Entertainment System set (with all its twiddly technic bits and separate television), we'd have to describe the VCS set as a bit of a disappointment if it weren't for the nostalgia factor."

In Canada the NES is $349 and the VCS is $299, I wonder how much a working Lego one would be?

Amazon sues 10,000 Facebook Group admins for offering fake reviews


Re: Verified Purchase

They could add a tag to verified purchases, I've seenthat done on other sites.

Canadian ISP Rogers falls over for hours, takes out broadband, cable, cellphones


"Rogers CEO apologizes, says 'maintenance upgrade' behind major outage"

"he president and CEO of Rogers Communications has apologized for a serious network outage that disrupted service for more than 10 million Canadians. The “network system failure” was caused by a maintenance upgrade, he says."



Re: Its Back

Still down for me. I hope it's back soon, I just rebooted my phone and still no connection.


Still down 1545PT I hope it's up soon. way too long they should have a backup network for situations like this.

Rufus and ExplorerPatcher: Tools to remove Windows 11 TPM pain and more


I just installed Win 11 on a computer that shipped with Vista, I didn't have any problems, I just wanted to see if it would work. The system had no TPM and no UEFI, it did have 6gigs of RAM . The MS requirements are bogus.

Running DOS on 64-bit Windows and Linux: Just because you can


A great source for abandoned games from 1978 to present is myabandonware.com, Does anyone know of a good site to get other abandoned programmes?

Apple may have to cough up $1bn to Brits in latest iPhone Batterygate claim


"The Register has asked Cupertino for comment."

Holding my breath.:-)

512 disk drives later, Floppotron computer hardware orchestra hits v3.0


"Maybe it's not a particularly useful device," conceded Zadrożniak, "but it was a little challenging and super fun to make."

That's the best kind, not particularly useful, and creative. It's a good hack.

Tim Hortons collected location data constantly, without consent, report finds


This is why I never enable location on my phone. I do have the Timmy's app installed.

Switzerland's SWIFT data centre under guard after Russian banks excluded


Switzerland takes SWIFT action to protect data centre.

Facebook is one bad Chrome extension away from another Cambridge Analytica scandal


"Multiple Chrome browser extensions make use of a session token for Meta's Facebook that grants access to signed-in users' social network data in a way that violates the company's policies and leaves users open to potential privacy violations."

I thought privacy was violated by using Facebook.

We get the privacy we deserve from our behavior


"I wouldn't be surprised if a number of those that voted 'For' thought they were voting 'For' privacy, rather than agreeing with the 'In the digital age, we should not expect our communications to remain private' statement."

I thought I was voting for privacy not against privacy, I would expect my communication to be private. I know it's not, it should be though.

Canadian Netwalker ransomware crook pleads guilty to million-dollar crimes


I hope he isn't diagnosed as being on the autistic scale. I hate that defense.

US Navy in mad dash to salvage F-35C that fell off a carrier into South China Sea


They washed it wrong.

Google joins others in Big Tech: Get vaccinated – or you're fired


Re: 'we shouldn't stigmatize the unvaccinate'

"Most of them. 4 polio, 6 diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough, 3 hepatitis B and 2 each mumps, measles, rubella and chicken pox (again from memory ... my daughter's vaccinations were long ago, I'm going by what I remember of my nieces and nephews)."

I think Tetanus is every 5 or 10 years.


Re: I'll bite :)

My sister is vaccinated and caught COVID from an anti-vax person at work, it was a mild case though and she is fully recovered, no symptoms of long COVID so far. Some vaccinated people do end up in ICU.

Bryan Adams is vaccinated and has caught COVID twice. https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/583167-singer-bryan-adams-tests-positive-for-covid-19-twice-within

Microsoft admits to yet more printing problems in Windows as back-at-the-office folks asked for admin credentials


Why does Micros~1 hate printers so much?

Bad news, AMD fans: This week's Windows 11 update didn't fix your performance woes (they may be worse)


Re: Makes me curious

I believe it was an Intel power management driver.

Microsoft vows to make its Surface laptops, Xbox kit easier to fix by 2022


“We also have a longstanding commitment to building high-quality, innovative, and safe devices that customers love."

Like the Windows phone and Vista?

"We have been taking steps for years to improve device repairability and to expand the available choices for device repair."

At least they don't glue the Xbox 360 together. They could make it compatible with more hard drives. I'm not sure about the XBone.

Lawsuit claims hospital ransomware infection cost baby her life


The people with invalid card numbers may have reported the cards stolen and been given new numbers, making the old ones invalid.

YouTube expands vaccine misinfo crackdown, nukes anti-vax channels for good


In my opinion Mercola is a quack and should lose his license if he has one. Is he a doctor> Wikipedia doesn't make it clear if he is or not,


Re: I've been vaccinated

Me too, 2x mRNA no side effects either.

'Wayne Kerr?': School board falls for 'Bart Simpson' prank names.


'Wayne Kerr?': School board falls for 'Bart Simpson' prank names.


"Anonymous pranksters resurrected a decades-old bit from The Simpsons at a school board meeting in Henrico County, Va., last week, where they duped councillors into reading out several fake names that sound a lot like crude phrases."

Apple wants to scan iCloud to protect kids, can't even keep them safe in its own App Store – report


Re: What happened when Eve ate the Apple?

When I was young my mum too a picture of us (I have a sister) in the bath, if that happened now would she and the person that developed the picture be charged with child pornography? In my opinion there is nothing wrong with pictures like that.

What about the scene in "The Meaning of Life" when the children are standing in the bathtub, when they are singing "Every Sperm is Sacred"

I think people are overreacting.However, if the pictures are clearly intended to provoke an aroused reaction in the viewer, that's different.

With kids at the beach should be fine too I'm sure I went undressed, I'm not sure what the age limit should be though.

There should be nothing wrong with being unclothed.

Start or Please Stop? Power users mourn features lost in Windows 11 'simplification'


"perhaps advertising."

NO. NO. NO. We don't need advertising everywhere.That's a terrible idea don't give them any more.

A man spent a year in jail on a murder charge involving disputed AI evidence. Now the case has been dropped


From Wikipedia:


"As of 2021, ShotSpotter evidence has been used in 190 court cases. ShotSpotter has admitted they manually alter the computer-calculated evidence "on a semiregular basis", and it has never been independently tested, leading to doubts on its accuracy. Vice's Motherboard noted that ShotSpotter "frequently modify alerts at the request of police departments."

I wouldn't trust it as evidence.

Free/ low cost accounting software


Free/ low cost accounting software

One of my clients is using Quick books and has lost access to their data, they were using QB 2016 and the files were updated to 2021 using a trial version, are there any free or low cost software that can read QB data?


Before I agree to let your app track me everywhere, I want something 'special' in return (winks)…


Re: Why Bluetooth

Thanks for the info, it makes sense now. An app still shouldn't need location data to work.


Re: Why Bluetooth

"bluetooth will not function without location on"

I have location disabled and Bluetooth works for me. I've only connected to speakers and headsets though. Does this only make a difference with apps?

Google Groups kills RSS support without notice


"Dude, Google is so far ahead of Microsoft in that category they're not even in the same league."

Yup, check the Google graveyard at https://killedbygoogle.com/

Microsoft's axeman cometh for OneDrive sync app on older versions of macOS


Re: Obsolescence

In Firefox you can disable the signature check if you are running ESR, nightly or developer builds by setting "xpinstall.signatures.required" to false in "about:config"

Wireless powersats promise clean, permanent, abundant energy. Sound familiar?


I meant a good place to find rare books. Oops


Some of them aren't too expensive here https://www.alibris.com/booksearch?mtype=B&author=hugh+walters

Alibris is a good place to fine rare books.

Hungarian tech store closed by World War II bomb


Re: Not enough money...

Could be a real blast!!!

eBay ex-security boss sent down for 18 months for cyber-stalking, witness tampering


18 months is too light a sentence and being drunk is no excuse for his behavior. An ex cop should know better.Being an ex cop in jail will not be fun though.

Tech support scams subside somewhat, but Millennials and Gen Z think they're bulletproof and suffer


I try to keep them on the phone as long as I can, I've been called an arsehole and told to fuck off by them:-). for wasting their time.

Boffins find an 'actionable clock' hiding in your blood, ticking away to your death


Re: Thoughts

"The warning most people get is mind that bus, what bus? *splat*" -Arnold J. Rimmer

YouTube's recommendation engine is pretty naff, Mozilla study finds


Re: A Journey through the digital sewer

Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/c/bosnianbill

Is locklab.com or lock-lab.com down?

Audacity users stick the knife – and fork – in to strip audio editor of unwanted features


Re: Certainly, it can't be called "Audacity"

TINA - TINA Is Not Audacity

UK arm of international charity the Salvation Army hit by ransomware attack


Re: dirty pool, dude

The Sally Army was founded 2 July 1865 in London.


London Greenwich station: A reminder of former glories. Like Windows XP


Re: How much longer will we have to endure this ?

Don't you reboot after a kernel update?

What's that hurtling down the Bifröst? Node-based network fun with Yggdrasil 0.4


Re: Prior usage


"Yggdrasil (from Old Norse Yggdrasill), in Norse cosmology, is an immense and central sacred tree. Around it exists all else, including the Nine Worlds. "


"Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X, or LGX (pronounced igg-drah-sill), is a discontinued early Linux distribution developed by Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated, a company founded by Adam J. Richter in Berkeley, California."

Big Tech critic Lina Khan confirmed as FTC chairwoman


We need someone like her as head of the CRTC, they voted down a proposal that would have lowered the cost of internet access and increased competition.

Deluded medics fail to show Ohio lawmakers that COVID vaccines magnetise patients


Joanna Overholt: The reason the key stuck to your chest is called perspiration.

Is she still a nurse? I wouldn't want to be seen by her.

Pakistan's Punjab province tells citizens to get jabbed or have their SIM card blocked


Re: Makes no sense

The devices are registered with the government, it's stated in the article.

Tiananmen Square Tank Man vanishes from Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, other search engines – even in America


Tank man is back on DDG. Never forget what happened..

Deadline draws near to avoid auto-joining Amazon's mesh network Sidewalk


"Owners of Amazon Echo assistants and Ring doorbells have until June 8 to avoid automatically opting into Sidewalk, the internet giant's mesh network that taps into people's broadband and may prove to be a privacy nightmare."

It will be a privacy nightmare. We need regulation for things like this.



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