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Prof: 'Taser-proof vests put cops in danger'

Richard Corney


Pointless - the power will take the path of least resistance, and everyone knows that coppers a better conductor than tinfoil....

i'll get my ..*KZZZZZZZTTTT* GAAAAH!




I'll go quietly....

Ice in fuel caused Heathrow 777 crash

Richard Corney

Recipe for disaster

Take 300,000 parts jet fuel, a dash of dry vermouth, stir with ice and sieve into a cold fuel tank, add an olive to taste, for the perfect Mile-high Martini, mmm goes down smoooth (if slightly short)

European manned spaceflight plan proposed

Richard Corney
Paris Hilton

Human Cargo on Board

Hmm people travelling in cargo containers... Has the ESA considered interviewing at Sangatte detention centre for potential Euronauts with previous experience and the 'right stuff'... Although the occupants of the ISS may get a shock when 30 people pile out.

Paris, is 177 miles from Sangatte.

Astronauts chuck fridge off space station

Richard Corney

5000 to 1 shot...

Quick fag packet calculation: about 6.6 billion people on Earth, 5000 to 1 chance of it hitting someone. So thats around 1.3 million people who should be investing heavily in new hat technology, or at least looking cautiously upwards once in a while.


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