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Behind Big Tech's big privacy heist: Deliberate obfuscation


100% Agree

I fully agree with the position taken in the article. We need to be a more responsible industry. That means regulation, especially for those companies that have special access to our data.

GitHub debuts Container Registry that's only a little bit redundant for developers


I know this isn't Microsoft's product feedback channel but...

As an azure user with ACR and Github Actions, I can't help feeling confused. I want to have a Githib Action push a docker image *somewhere* and deploy that on Azure *somewhere* (I use app services ATM). Preferably supported by enough Terraform to get my environment managed. What am I picking and why?

Jury awards US$3 BEEELION to HPE in Oracle/Itanium lawsuit


Is a picture enough?

Could I please request the retention of the name Itanic? Especially for pieces on this law suit, as it really is a battle over the production of something that has already sunk :)

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


Don't forget mac

So I work in a Windows/Mac environment. I'm a Mac user and lo there is no OneDrive for Business. So I get to use Sharepoint (or the office 365 rebadged Sharepoint) for the web UI. It's like pulling teeth. Endless errors, crap defaults and the sure and certain knowledge you're on the second class platform. It's about as nice as dancing on a bag of nails. The new Microsoft might be a little more open but they've got a lot of ground to make up on a really important productivity issue.