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Badges for Commentards

Andrew Pike

Re: The backlash starts here.....

yeah, well I'm ignoring anyone with a badge

(apart from this one-time-only response obviously)

Andrew Pike

The backlash starts here.....

Badges on El Reg? - really, what has the world come to!!!

For me this sort of social, community, collabollocks is the antithesis of what El Reg is about. Did you consult the BOFH on this? Stob? - I bet not.

...and another thing - it's bloody confusing - I thought millions of El Reg moderators had suddenly sprung up all over the forums with their little vulture icons.

Cease and desist immediately!

ARM grabs TSMC's 3D FinFETs for future 64-bit PC brains

Andrew Pike

makes for a nice headline but let's face it all ARM can do is encourage fabs to support their ambitions.

There's no way they can match Intels spending power. I'm more interested to hear your views on what tsmc and other fabs will do to counter Intels investment in ASML for next gen fab tech.

Welcome, friend, to Metroland

Andrew Pike

Re: El Reg is probably the only tech site where such an "article" would be published...

Oh dear, instead of fanbois, we're now in danger of becoming luvvies too!

Enough with the gushing - it's embarrassing. Normal cynicism has been resumed.

Google wingmen rain Project Glass on San Francisco

Andrew Pike
Big Brother

For those who found this piece just a little sycophantic I suspect the following typo? gives a clue as to what the reporter really thought:

"Two professional skydivers in wing suits parachuted from a blimp 4,000 feet above the Moscone Center, maintaining a constant *steam* (sic) of video until they landed."

A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center

Andrew Pike

boringly conventional

So in other words it's boringly conventional and not very green

Intel CEO: 'We will win in the tablet market'

Andrew Pike

well he would say that wouldn't he?

you forgot to mention ...may contain projections or other forward-looking statements regarding future events that may not come true.

i agree that they have unsurpassed manufacturing capability but their legacy x86 architecture isn't doing them any favours in the tablet space. support for windows may be an advantage in other form factors but will sell tablets? - espec. if those parts are less power efficient because of the need to support pci.

power efficiency will be key and in this respect the arm camp will have to screw up badly if intel are going to win the tablet wars.

Ten Essential... Android Games

Andrew Pike

XGalaxy Galaga clone

old school arcade action. If you wondered what the physical trackball on your handset was for - this is it.

Grissom bows out of CSI

Andrew Pike

From the Hollywood Reporter...

As a precursor to the launch of CSI Slough and CSI Swindon, Ricky Gervais will take over the lead role in CSI replacing the character "Gil Grissom" played by William Petersen. Ricky's character joins CSI as part of an international exchange program.

In related news, the producers of CSI have signed a major deal with Philips Lighting to replace the clapped out lighting currently used on the program with next generation energy saving lamps so that the detectives may finally be able to see what they're doing.

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Andrew Pike

the whole point of gmail is to provide a searchable mail archive

those suggesting to setup POP3 to delete mail from the server are kind of missing the point of gmail.

anyone getting a significant volume of email will have long since given up manually reading, deleting, and filing mail and will instead rely on a good search facility.

ok, so Guy threw a bit of strop but in his defence Google do advertise "Lots of space

Over 2881.077733 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message."

A less reasonable person than myself might interpret that last bit as a promise or contract.

TomTom bids €1.8bn for map provider

Andrew Pike

Moving to a razor blades/inkjet cartridge business model?

or just maybe they have seen the writing on the wall - GPS hardware is fast becoming a commodity product. In the future the profit will be made on value added services and the supply of maps themselves.


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