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Apple's Tim Cook rocks up at Vatican - one week after Schmidt


Re: For anyone unsure if Bibbit was joking or not:

Thanks Dave. Seems even a stopped clock can be right twice a day. I will concede that was it was a Bishop rather than a Pope that requested the change. I suppose that could be described as a clerical error. *Sigh*


Re: "Leader of world's biggest religion meets the Pope"

I am probably splitting hairs here but surely Apple is a cult rather than a religion as the Prophet they worship is still alive. Oh no wait a minute...


Fun fact!

The Pope is allowed to eat beaver on a Friday. Story goes in days of yore a Pope was most aggrieved about his Friday menu choices so the Catholic church used their divine power to categorise beaver as a fish, presumably as it is in water a lot. No one else gave a dam. I have not checked this fact 'cos I cannot be bothered and too much scrutiny may ruin a good yarn and an opportunity for juvenile humour.

Five technologies you shouldn't bother looking out for in 2016


Windows 10 "out of the box" joy.

The best thing I found about Windows 10 "out-of-the-box" is the way the File Explorer does not work and requires command prompt and a reboot to get it working in every fresh session. As far as "secure" is concerned I would suggest that just the number of viruses out there targeting Windows compared to those targeting Linux would by default make Windows 10 less secure all other considerations aside. We have all had this argument before have we not?

Hey Mac users, want to be unpaid guinea pigs for Microsoft? Sure you do


Once bitten...

Many moons ago I bought the Office 2011 suite for Mac (I know, I know) because iWork was not cutting it and OpenOffice was all too ropy. The amount of Office tutorials I encountered which contained the lines "function not supported in Mac 2011 version". These days I would probably just plump for LibreOffice which has turned into a decent and polished package. Mac Office users must be a very rare breed these days, surely?

Google forked out a whopping $16m on govt lobbying last year


Is that all?

At the risk of sounding terminally cynical, that does not sound like a lot these days. I take it lobbying spend is tax-deductible? Does this figure also reflect the high-profile ex-employees of Google that are being parachuted into government "spad" posts or the "researchers" given to government at no cost?

It's 2016 and idiots still use '123456' as their password


I think you underestimate the top brass

b3ll3nd - Let's see hackers crack that!

GCHQ summer schools to pay teenage hackers £250 a week


Wish I was younger

I wish this option of paid training had been available for me when I was a lad. I would have jumped at the chance. Probably would have learned just enough to get myself arrested 12 months later but then again, I never was that bright.

IBM still on a (downward) roll with 15th consecutive quarterly revenue drop


I am not a business type...

...but if you look at it from an absolute rather than a relative perspective, they are still making a quarterly net profit of $4.5 BEEEELLLLIIIION (did I spell that right) in 3 months. It is not really that bad is it? I ran my own business for a bit and let me tell you, just the word "net profit" would have had me dancing round the room singing hallelujah. I am chronically sleep-deprived so perhaps that explains my uncharacteristic optimism.

Twitter goes titsup


For those that have seen Das Boot...

It is like the bit where they are in a massive storm so the Captain takes them underwater for a "few blessed hours of peace" and Lt Werner half-clambers onto his bunk and passes out.

Well a bit like that; niche I know.

(Is it back up yet? Not that I give a sh*t.)

Zombie OS lurches through Royal Melbourne Hospital spreading virus


Re: M.O.D. purchases

You must have seen the same terrifying Royal Navy advert as I have.


Be afraid...


Re: It's a modern meme

But do they also take data security "very seriously"?

Stop, look, listen: Don't be 2016's DevOps roadkill – here's how to survive



"I have been in devops now for 10 years, from before we called it devops"

Then does this not just confirm what a lot of us 'tards have have been venting at? Your concise comment has given us more useful information than all the recent DevOps article to-date combined. We are just being sold a branding exercise by marketeers rather than deeper technical specs that we could actually implement (wholly or partially) ourselves. Perhaps I am not the audience and hundreds of thousands of PHBs read The Reg and are primed for the Jedi-mind-trick from buzzword-laden spivs but the majority of comments would suggest otherwise.


Groundhog Day!

Except I do not see Bill Murray. There is quite an industry out there of parasitic marketing twats taking the generic phenomenon of people working together, communicating, using common sense, having the skills to do the job and generally not being wankers and then branding it so they can hawk this nonsense to cretins.

Can El Reg please tell us what these plonkers pay to curl out this meaningless trash onto their website and perhaps we can have a whip-round and replace it with something better; a rerun of "Bod" maybe?

I leave you with the final word on the matter from a certain Mr Hicks.


PS: This is the second time I have posted a response like this in a few days. If only we had more fascinating storage articles. Sort it out Reg!

PPS: If I look to right of these comments I see 8 articles in "Spotlight". 50% are DevOps of which 100% are total twaddle.

LastPass in 2FA lock down after 'fessing up to phishing attack


A real shame - a good product

I ditched Lastpass (which I loved) after doing some research on LogMeIn's style of business and track record (and suspicions confirmed when the takeover news coincided with the 'export to csv' option being canned from Lastpass). Eventually settled on KeepassX - MiniKeepass across my iOS / OSX / *nix/ Windows devices. Although I felt I had to make some compromises (syncing kdb via GDrive) I must say I feel I have made the the best of a bad job and it works without too much inconvenience. I cannot see anyone I know bothering to jump through the hoops though; I just do not think any of my nearest and dearest give a tinker's cuss about information security. I am sure I'll get the tearful phone call when someone finds an astronomical Amazon bill bought out of Kazakhstan.

It's Wikipedia mythbuster time: 8 of the best on your 15th birthday


I knew he was a mountebank...

Never trust anyone who defiles "Desert Island Discs" with the track "Let it Go" from Frozen. Send him to The Hague.

Ubuntu's Amazon 'adware' feature to be made opt in


Was it worth it, Mark?

I can only think they REALLY needed the money.

What kind of wonk looked at the Linux-user demographic and thought,

"Now there's a group of people, having escaped the fascist constraints of commercial proprietary software, that will not mind having their data pimped to one of the world's biggest evil-capitalist-consumer* empires in the history of mankind! Make Amazon-Scope happen (and enable it by default)!"

Whatever the arguments for and against, it showed a certain lack of community awareness and perception counts for so much these days.

That is not to say Ubuntu is not a bloody good distro; it is a cracker, but when these things happen you do tend to think "if I could see that was a terrible idea, why couldn't they?."

Mr Shuttleworth should take some solace that at least he did not come up with the Ed-Stone for the recent Labour election campaign. For those outside the UK, check it out and feel better about yourself.

*Not completely my personal view but you get the idea.

El Reg mulls entering Robot Wars arena


Web of Death

I always thought there was scope for some kind of monofilament-type web/net thing that would tangled the opponent, get into all their bits thus immobilising them prior to drag/push into the pit. The tanglebot would need good weight & traction to leverage the advantage.

Don't get me wrong,I prefer massive f*ckoff hammers but there is always a balance between art and practicality that has to be made.

As far as the Vulturetron droid goes, I'd speak to those Razor chaps; their hydraulic beak was hardcore.

Given this is 2016 is there any way DevOps or T-shaped Developers can help?

You, yes YOU: DevOps' people problem

Thumb Down

Is it just me?

Or does that chap have a really pushy, invasion-of-personal space, bully tone of voice? What a rude man. "Rub some DevOps on it".

I have some advice for him: What he needs to do is not "rub" but "shove" his DevOps and I shall let the rest of you guess where.

This alpha-clown is as bad as that chap who was carping on about "T-shaped developers" a few weeks back.

Stop serving me this corporate crap, El Reg; I will not eat it.

2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you


Re: Choice overload

@1980s_coder Yay! I am a minority. I'll tell HR and they can put it on one of their "inclusivity" pie charts. Can I add I do not live with my parents either, or does that stretch credibility?


Choice overload

I love Linux. I love the speed and the CLI and the choice. It is great on the server too. In addition my girlfriend thought I was a superhero when I resurrected her old Asus Seashell netbook (although I also had my underpants on outside my trousers). W7 had slowed to a crawl on the Asus but she loved the hardware. So I bunged Lubuntu on it and all she cared about was: Can she do basic "Officey" work on it? Can she browse the web? Can she listen/watch media? Tick, tick, tick! Happy days.

The reason that Linux will never rival Mac and Win in the desktop space is that Linux is not really a brand like they are. Imagine the average punter in a PC shop:

Sales Bod: " Well sir there are a number of operating systems available; here is Windows 10, here is Mac OSX and finally we have Linux which comes ...in Fedora? Zorin? Mint? With Cinnamon, Mate? Which Ubuntu flavour would you like? Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu? Burgerinabuntu? Perhaps you could try that with the LXDE desktop? Actually you look more like an Arch with Xfce man to me. No? Debian, Gentoo, Suse, OpenSuse with Tumbleweed..."

Punter: "What's a Mac OSX?"

Linux is a loose fog of a system rather than a crystallised brand and I do not necessarily think that is a bad thing, quite the opposite given I have to work with Windows and Mac as well as Linux. Indeed is that what Linux people really want? Is it not enough that Linux in its myriad forms runs a huge amount of the world's servers and presumably also the IoT? As a bonus the large minority of us who are slightly more technical than the rest of the population also get an awesome desktop for nowt and get to keep old kit in gainful employ for years longer than if we did not know about Linux. Previous 'tards have already addressed the Pi & hobbyist angle.

I think some people should be careful what they wish for. I think the Year Of The Linux Desktop should always be next year.

TalkTalk outage: Dial M for Major cockup


Re: Resign

And in true Oxbridge Cameroonian fashion excrementally ooze to the next highly lucrative top job. Probably at Capita. Incompetence is no match for privilege.

Probe launched after mischiefmaker invades US spyboss's Verizon broadband account


Storm in a teacup

I do not know what all these US "Intelligence" bods are worried about; if they follow even the most standard procedure they will have no confidential work bobbins in their personal accounts will they? As for their personal stuff being plundered if they have nothing to hide then they having nothing to fear, right? Maybe they should give Plusnet or TalkTalk a shot?

Learn you Func Prog on five minute quick!


Funny article

Good stuff. Cheered me up immensely given the "New World Order" promised by El Reg over the festive period.

BBC risks wrath of android rights activists with Robot Wars reboot


Someone fetch me a bucket of iced water and a strong cup of coffee...

Charles! Put down the crack-pipe, get your sorry arse out of bed & dust off the leather jacket; you've got a gig again!

The Register's entirely serious New Year's resolutions for 2016


What we are looking at is...



Please don't go more corporate

I do not have much more to add as I feel my fellow commentards have covered it admirably. In a nutshell; I come here for knowledgable, wide and entertaining coverage of the IT world but most importantly it is the irreverent, humourous style in which this is delivered. You will not do yourself any favours by morphing into the bland, vanilla, offend-no one, anonymous sites that are so widespread in this sector. Like Videodrome, if you have a philosophy then that makes you dangerous.

Not all change is bad so I will reserve judgment until they are in place.

Smartphone hard, dudes, like it’s the end of the world!

Thumb Up

Dare to dream.

Russ Abbot and Steel Panther should do a "vs" mash up.

Sysadmin's £100,000 revenge after sudden sacking


The hidden victims

I completely agree with James' decision; he was bang on, but what about the hidden victims? What about the poor children* who had to pay extra for their Space Marines as Generic Wargames probably passed the costs onto their customers? The children...will not anyone think of the children?*

*middle aged long-haired gentlemen wearing 80/90s metal t-shirts.

'T-shaped' developers are the new normal


What the hell?

This article is some kind of trolling experiment by El Reg on its readers, yes? Do I win a prize for spotting it?

Boffins solve bacon crisis with newly-patented plant


Old news

This has been around since the mid 1800s. Turns out General Custer found something similar at Little Big Horn. Oh no wait...it turned out to be an ambush.

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


It was all smiles for Tod's webcam installation...until he tried to find some non-proprietary Linux drivers.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


Bad pun alert

Little did Jesus know he was about to suffer a Cross Site Framing attack.

My parents don't know I'm in SEO. They think I play piano in a brothel


Maximise this forum's visibility

I can help you maximise the footfall through this forum to maximise sales with mystical SEO. Contact me on "0891-999-SLIME" CALL NOW!!!

(I am also available to suck the blood of orphans)

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


The prototype was criticised upon its release, but then all new technology has its knockers.

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive


I hate reboots but...

Miss Muffet. We meet again at last...

Unions call for strike action over 'unusable' Universal Credit IT


Could be worse...

I suspect my systems would make there's look like the Starship Enterprise. Yup, I'm in the NHS. Our IT systems require us to stay at work more to get the job done. If only I'd known that pissing off home was the solution.

ICANN speak clearly now .gay has gone – Council of Europe


Genius headline

I recommend an immediate pay rise for the originator of that. There should be no more obstacles in their way.

Hacker 3D prints device that can crack a combo lock in 30 seconds


3D printed?

If I 3D print a lego brick and then glue that to my car would the headline read "Boffin 3D prints W-reg Ford Focus"? I rest my case.

Attack of the possibly-Nazi clone parakeet invaders


False advertising.

I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms to the Nazi shortage in your piece. "Tenuous" is being very generous. I will now have to watch Das Boot tonight to address the shortfall.

Grandmaster FLUSH: Chess champ booted for allegedly cheating with iPod app in the loo


Apologies for this post

As it was in the toilet does that count as illegal a-cisterns?

And did they wipe the iPod?

Never escape the boss again: Salesforce tracks down your best people any time, any place


Possible problem....

Or are a handful of the better staff going to get absolutely inundated with calls whilst the slow, rude staff get routed nothing? I'm sure it will work fine; it's got data and science and algorithms and stuff but thought I'd stand up for crap staff rights.

Robot vacuum cleaner EATS WOMAN


Robot armageddon begins...

Was that robot built by Cyberdyne Systems as a terminator prototype?

"I'll be vac..."

Frustration with Elite:Dangerous boils over into 'Refund Quest'


Just had a quick look at Oolite. Thanks for all who flagged it up as it looks very promising.


Harsh memories.

I went into witch-space on my very first ever jump on the BBC micro (disc) version. A metaphor for my life to follow. It still hurts...

LARGE, ROUND and FEELS SO GOOD in your hand: Yes! It's a Nexus 6


Longevity issues

Apparently, if you can't get thing to last longer than 4 years it puts your eyes out.