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UK cops caught using 12 MILLION Brits' mugshots on pic database

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I'm in the "who cares" camp

and STILL no one has explained the problem. "Not charged?" so what?

Photographing should be mandatory every ten years for everyone. Wait a min it already is for Passport and driving licence holders - expand to everyone!.

plus all DNA taken.

No, I'm not joking - i know there will be many downvotes.

Surely the security and crime prevention advantages outweigh vague mutterings about "Civil liberties" which no one has ever been able to explain to me.

Apparently we'll all be turned into robot slaves or something like in 1984? bullshit. measures can be put in place...

ICANN HACKED: Intruders poke around global DNS innards

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Re: Disabling links and scripts in email!

I'm not so sure you've understood "subject 101"

Yes, It *does* mean you should know it and ,yes, It does refer to first year Uni subjects , or high school, or "community college" the level is irrelevent. It simply means "first lesson". Whatever level you are studying at you should be able to handle lesson 1. Also Its usually used in a discussion where the participants are familiar with %subject% and hence above lesson1 (at whatever level)

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Hack etymology

. “Hack” is now the byword for smart fixes

That has got to be the longest the mainstream has been behind with I.T jargon and events? I'd say the average is 3 or 4 years. Thats about 40 years!

Idle Thought of the Day (ITotD): The Spoken Word

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Robert Newman doing anything...

Brits conned out of nearly £24m in phone scams in one year

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line open

"and then keeping the line open "

That still works????? Thats amazing! I'd have thought with the leaps and bounds in digtisation , cpu power , exchanges and god knows what the telcos would at least be able to tell when you've hung up! Its one of the basics surely?

Do blue boxes still work?

Right , I'm off to right a ten quid per minute line that never lets anyone hang up.....

E-cigarettes fingered as source of NASTY VIRUS

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power only

"I'm looking at an e-cig USB charger right now, and it only has connectors for the power"

ok, great , is it ok everybody uses your charger then?

BOFH: Everyone deserves a little DOWNTIME

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"Unless I just turned off the monitoring system." haha brilliant. On a par with

"Damage Report!"

"The damage control machine broken sir!"

Azure has put new life into Active Directory

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wait , Active Directory is dead? when did this happen? Does Bill know?


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ok , so that explains how the picute is transnitted , then looked at by a computer , then looked at by a person if the computer thinks something noteworthy. Did I miss the bit about how you cover a whole national park with cameras?

BOFH: WHERE did this 'fax-enabled' printer UPGRADE come from?

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Denial of paper

"you'll end up with page after page of paper sullied by a single line of PCL code across the top edge."

Most of the printers I've worked with ( and thats hundreds) seem pretty capable of doing that on thier own. And then refusing to stop doing it.

Ten excellent FREE PC apps to brighten your Windows

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Re: But what does this actually do ?

" only 2 (Notepad++ & VLC) are actually helping you to DO something"

True dat. Does 7zip count as doing something? I like that one - Fast efficient lightweight ,no nagging.

Free apps that I've found that really do stuff , easily and without fuss are : A bulk filename renamer ( good for mp3s) , a picture resizer (also does bulk) , a measurement converter (converts anything). Unfortunately cant remember their names and sites. oh that winamp things pretty good for music.

I'm struggling to find any apps for my Smartphone that actually DO anything. 95% of "apps" just seem to be interfaces for a company website or other billboard type sales gizmos. Doubly hard if you dont have unlimited data too.

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notepad+ yes! yes! yes!

notepad+ yes! yes! yes!

I tried going back to notepad std yesterday as plus wasnt installed on the machine I was on. Immediate fail. No line numbers! I'm not counting to line 545 to find error!

Its about time MS updated the std notepad with at least line numbers! theres been times in the past before i discovered npp+ that i actually reverted to the DOS editor because its better than std notepad.

MSpaint has only just become useful now that it can save in a format other than a huge BMP - Now do something useful to notepad! (not that ill be using it given the choice, just in emergencys)

World of Warcraft then and now: From Orcs and Humans to Warlords of Draenor

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Re: What you talkin bout Lewis?

It'd put 70-80 million quid a month in! no flies on me!

MI6 oversight report on Lee Rigby murder: US web giants offer 'safe haven for terrorism'

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one slight flaw

The problem with this mass pro active survelillance plan by ISPs and other big companies is that is still relies on one thing - the terrorists announcing what they are going to do. I'd imagine once this is in place they will stop doing that.

Androids in celluloid – which machine deserves the ULTIMATE MOVIE ROBOT title?

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yeah some of the others were ex crew cyborgs but vincent was a dustbin with cartoon eyes painted on and not even humanoid. Full robot i say, although i think he does introduce himself with some badly chosen technical words...

Anyway who said this poll wasnt open to TV shows / cyborgs / androids ?

ok , i now see it has "Movie" in the title... and robot.... but thats just splitting 2 hairs. If theres a picture moving on my tv I'm not going to give acrap if its a movie or a tv show.

When androids dream of baseball fields

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i presume thats the scene where some ones brains are bashed out on a table? i wont watch it again thanks

BOFH: An UNHOLY MATCH forged amid the sweet smell of bullsh*t

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"next week, same Bat Time"

i wish i had that kind of blind optimism

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awesome. we have to hear more of the fbofh!

Poll trolls' GCHQ script sock puppets manipulate muppets

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Re: Insert_Title

Hi Joey, Am i talking to myselfs here or what?