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'WOMAN FOUND ON MARS' – now obvious men are from Venus


Okay! So let's all go crazy.

Oh yeah, this was obviously a bus stop, once upon a time.

We're seeing the ghost of a lady Martian waiting for a long gone mass conveyance.

I see in the photo also a woman laying on a slab that must have been part of a large building.

I also see the eroded remains of a giant hand in the foreground.

Can we grow up now, please?

Pale backside of lovely Luna flits past in imagery from 1 million miles out


The moon looks more like a giant coconut from this perspective. It probably is, for clever corporations to come.

'How a censorious and moralistic blogger ruined my evening'


Please wake and grow up.

What the hell is an 'uber-hosted dinner'?

Please wake up and get real.

Starting an article off with a piece of crap is a very bad idea.

FCC to Obama on net neutrality: We work for CONGRESS, SIR, not YOU


'Barry' Obama is a major disappointment to the Democratic party.

He doesn't have the drive we so desperately needed.

Sure, he's a world better than the insane Mitt Romney, who would have fully ruined the USA.

Barry should have read the memoirs of Teddy and Frank Roosevelt and that of Lyndon B. Johnson.

THEY knew how to get things done! Barry's a wimp.