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E-passport security flaw allows remote ID of nationality


Well flipping duh

It's stuff like this that proves what a stupid mistake it was to put RFID in passports in the first place! Add wireless to the system, oh yeah! That'll make it more secure.

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

Thumb Down

This is a stupid idea

The positive comments are about as useful as most positive product reviews. They don't give you the real story. It's only the negative comments that give you vital information like "He forgot to mention an $8 shipping fee if you live in Canada" etc. Besides, when you do get scammed by someone and eBay refuses to do something about it, what else are you supposed to do? Leave everyone else to continue getting scammed?



Microsoft and Yahoo! trumpet anti-Google privacy policies


This is all bullshit

I sent Google several e-mails and left comments in their privacy and public policy blog with no results. The question I asked is why they need identifying information AT ALL. They can do all the search engine optimization they need with purely generic information so all these privacy policies and such are total BS.