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What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you


Re: I'll give it a go...

To expand on a Daniel von Asmuth idea ......

'The Quilt Factory' for its many patches which are also 'soft'.

(Fits with the 'The Chocolate Factory' for the other well known behemoth)


Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


Keep shouting it may change the result !!!

Roland6 said ..."So as far as I'm concerned, it actually doesn't matter too much if it does or does not get debated, it has served a purpose, namely the people have spoken and they are not happy."

To clarify, The 'people who spoke' numbered 17 Million+ while the people who have signed the petition are 'somewhat' less in number and therefore are simply bad losers who have access to a computer !!!

Ignoring the numerical facts, it is pointless to keep moaning about a result you cannot change. Shouting louder via all possible media avenues does not make the result invalid BECAUSE the votes of the remain supporters still are 'less' than the Leave supporters.

This simple fact seems to be unable to be processed by the 'superior entitled intellect' of the remain voters.

I will explain it simply ...........




Please explain what is difficult to understand and I will be only to happy to explain again.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd


Looks like you still don't get how a referendum works !!!

The referendum is to get an answer that is the end of the process.

It was not framed as a best of three or any other fudge.

RE: "Nah. If you vote Labour, and the Tories win, you don't become a Tory supporter."

I did not say anything about changing who I support but simply that the result is the end of the fight.

If the Tories/Labour/LibDems/etc win an election I don't get to keep contesting the result no matter how much I don't like the result.

Likewise for a referendum.

The only valid way would be if there had been some limits, as per the infamous 'Petition', which had been clearly stated BEFORE the referendum campaigns had been started.

You have a right to be upset if you did not win but that is all, the result has been reached and the result stands by the original definition of the process.

If you don't like the process then change it via the existing rules BUT this still does not have any impact on anything that has been done in the past.

I cannot understand why anyone thinks that Petitions & rallies etc will make any difference.

The referendum is not an internet poll where to can debate the question and/or the result ad infinitum.

It is just a lot of entitled spolt people who cannot understand they cannot get their own way.

No matter who you count it 52% > 48% hence the result stands.


Your question highlights the point.

After the Referendum there is not a Remain or Leave side !!!

The decision has been made and there is a 'UK side' that has to accept the result and deal with it.

The two sides are still in battle IF the result is going to be contested against the original intent to follow the result, as expressed by Cameron.

It would appear that the intent as expressed was ONLY valid if the result was to remain !!!

This is not the democracy that I believed existed in the UK.

Disagree all you like but accept the result is all I ask.

I would have accepted the Remain result if that was the case but I seem to be in the minority that understood how the Referendum worked !!!

The key point is that the people who are making the most noise are the group that made the least effort to vote.

You cannot complain about a result in a vote you could not be bothered to partake in.

Being vocal does not make you any MORE right.

Just as in all votes we have in the UK, a no-vote effectively supports the other side (whoever that may be).

Just as the 'great unwashed' are being blamed equally the 'great indifferent' are to blame also.

Ask the question 'Why are there so many people who could not be bothered to vote ?'


I agree but we have our own politicians talking the panic up.

There is a sense that some of the Remain Supporters in the 2 main parties are now prepared to encourage the worse possible consequences to prove a point.

I wait for someone with a level head to show some leadership and to accept the democratic decision of our people.

The UK can survive outside of the EU and trying to evoke a crash is not to anyones advantage..

I am losing any remaining respect for our politicians if this is the best they can do. (Not that there was much left after the Referendum Campaigns by both sides !!!)


Re: A helpful leaflet just arrived

How right you were/are !!!!

I did not believe we had lost ALL pretence to being a Democracy but it seems you are 100% right.

It was not made clear that 'Remain' votes counted as 2 'Leave' votes, but this is now clear in the way a second referendum is being asked for (no matter that it is legally a 'No go')

The Remain elite are now wrangling to declare the result is only Advisory.

(Even though Cameron standed that it was going to be acted upon immediately the result was known)

If that does not work, that they will simply vote the resulting negotiations as being 'Not good enough'.

This will be self fulfilling as if the EU Leaders know that the negotiations cannot result in any agreement from our Govt, at the end of the day, they will ensure that the UK gets the worse possible deal they can contrive.

All this is ignoring that fact that our 2 main parties see fit to kick off leadership contests BEFORE dealing with the result of the Referendum.

(This is possible because Cameron throw a 'Political Grenade' over his shoulder as he slinked off when he lost, so to speak. Such grace in losing !!!)

If it was possible to enact a 'No Confidence' vote in our Parliament, I would. !!!

They are all a disgrace. They are more concerned in their own careers and the so important fight to get further up the greasy pole of Political life.

There is a petition worth voting for !!!

Instead of the useless whining of the 'People that could not get their own way'. (Remain Voters) !!!

We do seem to have created quite a 'entitled generation' who cannot understand our system of Democracy and feel that everything they want is a given.

I thought only children asked for 'Do-overs' !!!


Re: the issues in play are all needless - this is essentially a symptomatic vote

Sir Runcible Spoon, Well done!!!

Could not agree more.

The general 'Remain' case is stay in and nothing will change, while we fight to correct all the 'Bad' things from within.

The reality is that there are a raft of changes being held back until after the UK votes.

Cameron has demonstrated that the UK cannot negotiate the change promised and once in we are in the minority.

Change from within is beyond 'Pie in the Sky', it is totally dishonst.

Fiddling at the edges will not effect any great change and the UK will be pulled further down the slippery slope by the majority.

The EU can only succeed, by its own measures, if there is further integration into 'United States of Europe'.

This is what you are really voting for !!!

I hope we leave the EU but fear we will remain by a very small margin and then we ALL will moan and gripe for the next few years saying "I told you so !!!" when the change from within does not happen.


On the immigration front, for clarity, I don't care !!!

I am not xenophobic and see immigration as one of the UK's strengths.

I would like the rest of the world to be treated more fairly, though.

Dealing with the issues in the UK would be better than building walls but I can see that some people are under pressure, as they see it.

Good luck to everyone in this vote, as the UK will need it !!! :)

Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA


Re: Terrifying

@Kurt Meyer

So glad someone can see that the panic is not neccessary !!!

Just which it was someone in the UK who was able to take control and lead.

Refuse to comment on the various leaders to be, other than to have my fingers crossed that someone has been hiding their 'True' 'Churchillian leadership skills' all this time !!! :) :)


As a little heads-up, the Teachers have to teach what they are told !!!

If the 'Experts' come up with a crappy Curriculum and ignore the input of the people that teach, what do you expect.

The Universities then have to work with what they get and hence you get the 'Not quite Engineers'.

The whole Acadamy idea was the way to work around the problem as above but then went the other way giving them too much freedom.

No doubt we are due a swing back to the other extreme soon !!!!

(It is this constant idiocy that has driven so many Teachers out, as the stress is too much when you are blamed for all without any input being taken to fix the problem.)

Botnet-powered ballot stuffing suspected in 2nd referendum petition


Re: Referendum - stupid idea


To continue the theme of making assumptions about others.

You obviously believe that you are entitled to decide for others as you know what is right for them.

(Otherwise known as 'I lost the vote BUT I am intrinsically better than you and should win by right'.)

Note to self: Must lookup the meaning of the word Elite/Elitists as something is ringing a bell !!!

To clarify, I have never screamed at anyone because I heard something i did not like.

Unfortunately, I am not to sure this applies to you judging by the tone of your comment.

[Good isn't it making assumptions on little/no knowledge of others. !!!]


Re: Referendum - stupid idea

Nice story to perpetuate the 'Only the Educated can vote on this' angle.

Many educated people voted to Leave because they believed that the EU was on its way to collapsing anyway, the short-term pain was worth it for the longer term gain, and the 'Change from within' myth was as stupid as the '£350 Million' myth.

Not to mention that the 'Only the educated can vote' angle is arrogant, condescending and grossly insulting to people who were legally exercising their right to vote.

For many years I have had to accept Governments that I did not vote for, of all political colours, yet I respected the voice of the people and the winners of the elections under our voting system.

If the result does not please you change the voting system legally through the correct processes and not by fiddling the system by abusing the rules.


It was created by someone who supported leaving !!!

It was in case of the vote going in the Remain direction by a small margin.

It has been highjacked by Remain voters who don't understand the concept of a referendum if it gives the 'wrong' (Leave) answer. :)

US anti-encryption law is so 'braindead' it will outlaw file compression


Re: Just a point of clarification...

Upvote for the Dr Who reference :)

'Just give me any old date and I'll make it work' ... said the VB script to the coder


Re: that way its alphabetical and chronological

Capitain Hogwash, you missed that the comment was from a Vogon (See name) and therefore something has obviously been lost in translation. :)

Motorola’s X Force awakens a seemingly ‘shatterproof’ future


Re: @JetSetJim et al. - Yes, it DOES have an SD slot

@ dajames

There is a 200GB SD Card !

Been on sale at Argos, amongst others, so it is real.

See ....


The size quoted is *always* tested by the Manufacturer but usually is a brand/model you cannot get :)

In most cases the Max size is limited by the latest tech available when tested.

I have in multiple devices put 128GB cards when the max quoted was 64GB.

The external interface is the same, the limit will be if the power and/or addressing has been limited in the device when designed.

(Usually this happens in cheap devices where the SD card slot has been added as an afterthought to an existing design ..... but not always !! )

If the SD Card spec does not change all *compliant* cards should work in a *compliant* device.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: a looming disaster


'also - does anyone have experience of what this might do to an xp virtual machine running on the 7 pro built in xp mode? i have several customers who use this because they have to use ie6 to connect to a particular website. will the vm be "carried over" to the 10 install?'


@ psychonaut

The XP VM will not be carried over.

The feature is part of Windows 7 and does not exist on W10!!

These machines and their VM's need to be protected and of the highest priority need to be backed up so you can restore a working Win7/XP-vm setup quickly in case W10 is accidentally installed/upgraded to these machines.


Re: I hope this works

Installing W10 and reversing out before the 30 days does not protect you from this crap.

The whole thing starts again and MS may have tweaked your 'old' OS to make the automatic install happen next time.

(That is what happened to my sisters AIO when I recovered back to the original win8 after the W10 update was installed by accident.)

The only working method is to deinstall all the updates that place the GWX.exe progs on your machine then to stop all automatic updates and you then need to manually check all updates that are discovered in your list of new available updates on the web (via Google or whatever)

MS is actively trying to get users to install W10 via every means possible.

Most normal users would not be able to recover back to their original config before the 30 days is up and then the 'old' config (backed up config) is deleted from your machine.

W10 is bad for your personal security and if you have limited bandwidth or Traffic limits available on your internet connection, it will burn it up for you with its constant updates.

It is the biggest beta test program ever where you are givinig all your usage data to MS while they try out every 'good' idea on a captive audience who have agreed to all the pain via the open-ended EULA.

Even OSX and Apples total control looks good compared to this.

MS you have lost the plot and are making the biggest mistake possible.

Is any enterprise customer going to accept W10 as a viable OS for their employees as it looks now?

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive


Itsy Little S turns 'Diva'.

Young model finds backbiting is getting seriously venomous !


Trust me, I know what I am doing !!!

Works Every Time ...... Hiccups Gone, See !


Send 3 and fourpence .......

A 'Shocking' furry something; off the shoulder ..... you said!


.... you are really spoiling us!

One bite ..... is to die for !

(Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Spiders)

Damn well knew it! Seagate has helium drives in its labs


You Lucky Lucky B..........

Lucky to get home to a house .... period.

20,000 Electrical fires in the UK a year. (Statistic from http://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk)

Be happy it was only a Drive ....... and your Data was backed up wasn't it :)

Printer drivers ate our homework, says NSW Dept of Education


A little Consultancy does you good.


The rest of the money has gone to very expensive consultants to research what printers you *could* use, by calling in multiple vendors consultants to report what each vendors printer(s) can do.

This information is then compiled and consolidated into a 200 page report repeating all the information received. The choices are displayed in graphs and tables on nice glossy paper. There is, of course, a very flashy presentation to match with all the same graphics and tables.

This is presented to the senior stakeholders in a nice flashy location paid for by the Consultancy (you think !).

Finally, the Stakeholders are asked to make a decision which of course they cannot as no meaningful conclusion has been reached in the report.

This means that the same Consultants are then called back in to to go over the same ground to compile a shortlist.

The selection is then make at random from the shortlist and contracts commited to.

Meanwhile by now the original Business case has been changed 5 times and the requirements are so different that the Printers committed to will not work. Too late.

Sound about right ?

Home Office wins appeal against £224m e-Borders payout


Re: The balls on Raytheon...

If the USG can kill a contract with no notice or payment, why cannot the UKG negotiate to at least have some penalties.

The UKG seems to be incapable of negotiating a contrract at reasonable rates with meaningful penalty clauses for late delivery or substantial quality shortfalls.

This is particularly true of IT contracts where the same companies win the contracts and deliver 'sub-standard tat' years late for at least 3x the original price.

This is accepted like every other time and they are still allowed to tender for future work as if they are the best companies going.

No smaller companies could get away with this.

No customer of mine would accept this on any contract no matter the size.

Yet at government level the lowest level of common sense or commercial nouse is missing.

They are so gullible, I do wonder how many 'Brooklyn Bridges' and 'Eiffel Towers' they have bought, in the past ?

Microsoft exams? Tough, you say? Pffft. 5-YEAR-OLD KID passes MCP test


Re: Biased?

I agree with most of the negatives in your post but would not belittle the achievement for a 5/6 year old.

Also '... All he needs to know is the right answer.' does not make it any easier than any other exam !!!

If you have taken any exams of this type (Not just MS) you will know that you are battling not only comprehension of the sometimes convoluted language (to enable the answer to be a multiple choice question) but also some of the answers are counter-intuitive unless you know the knowledge with context.

Many people I have worked with over the last 35 years would struggle to succeed as this kid did.

The issues and flaws with this type of training are well known but this does not mean that the effort was of no note at all.

So give the kid a break and pat him on the back. Well Done !!!

[He will get enough of the office politics, back stabbing and sniping when he gets older !!! :=) ]

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Black Helicopters

No need for Ear Tags !!!

The thing that you are walking around with permanently plugged (Earphones) into your Ear or held in your sweaty palm eagerly typing your next tweet is much more useful than an Ear Tag.

You are tracked every minute of the day by your own hand and when you stop using your phone for a minute the CCTV will record what you are doing to fill in the gap :=)

[At least in the UK where CCTV is as common as Street lighting & Traffic Signs.]

Why not just implant the RFID/NFC tag at birth and every device can 'read you' wherever you are and add the data to the 'cloud'.

The big Corps can share the tracking & profiling data as needed for a 'Reasonable' fee to upkeep the Infrastructure to maintain & process the Data.

Putting on Tinfoil hat and switching to Carrier pigeon. :-)