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European 'standard' e-car power connector details emerge

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Wasn't there some talk a while back about using inductive chargers?

They would prevent any sort of accidental electrocution if you handled the power end and there could be no spark jump if power was still live when you unplugged it. Meaning you could host them in existing petrol stations with no danger from petrol fumes.

Super Talent flashes the big whopper



I have been waiting for someone to free SSDs from the constraints of ordinary disk controllers.

How long before there is a standard for something like this?

Carbon capture would create fizzy underground oceans

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Maybe Coca-Cola et al, could just run a hose into the ocean and make cheap cola!

Paris, even though she isn't cheap.

Ballmer hails Windows Mobile for Welfare™

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Pay for logo!

"No one's going to pay $500 more for a logo," --Balmer

Translation: Noone is going to pay $500 for Microsofts logo. There are plenty of fools who pay a lot more for a logo.

Samsung punts popcorn flicks for pounds



And Amazon will sell you a real DVD for £4. £1.55 will buy you a used copy too.

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day

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Am i the only person who is thinking, that if IE8 is standards compliant then there is nothing that the web devs need do? Surly it would render as well as Chrome or FF?

Paris because she complies with my standards. :)

Screeching rails close London Tube station

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Does anyone know what dB level the H&S freaks deem to loud and what level was achieved from the tracks?

Paris, coz she can screech quite loudly.

Attack of the Windows replicants replication vendors

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.. the most oxymorinically named company product in history! Virtually guaranteed to generate all the problems you have with anything you use it with. And thats when you have their "qualified" monkeys turn up at £1500/day


Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones

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Safty lies

As this seems to have been going on for some time, could this not be proof that mobiles don't actually affect the planes equipment?

The inverse square law would dictate that a mobile in the cockpit would have a far greater effect on the equipment. It wouldn't even matter if they didn't receive a call as mobiles reregister themselves with the network all the time.

Paris as we would like to inverse her square.

GM Volt to get regular software-style updates

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What a pain

Apart from the concerns about bricking the gearbox in an update. I for one don't like the idea that this is yet another piece of software we will have to maintain. I have to waste far too much time updating stuff on my computer, i don't want to have to do it with my car too.

Logic3 Valve80 thermionic iPod dock and speaker set

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Apart from seeming like a group of people who can convince themselves of anything when it comes to sound reproduction., would any "true audiophile" be using an ipod as they are accoding to reviews on El Reg pretty rubbish in the sound reproduction department.

Not that i can tell the difference between most sound sources.

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity

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Starter Edition...

...why do i feel as though they should be calling it "Fisher Price Edition?".

Surly it would be simple enough that during installation you could detect a netbook and just install appropriate drivers for it?

I would debate the need for even having two editions. The group policy stuff should be there by default, if you don't know what it for then you won't use it. Which is as good as not paying for a service you don't use.

Sell bitlocker as an add-on if you must.

Paris, coz she isn't this confusing.


'Bart Simpson' punts Church of Scientology

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Lisa is invariably blathering on about Buddhism? Doesn't that count as an endorsement?

Paris coz something about losing her religion.

Apple threatens Palm chomp

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Chopping Board

Never mind this Apple (TM) (R) (C) tot, where is a link to the super safe apple chopping board?

Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote control

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Battery life?

What is the battery life of this thing? Personally i measure the battery life of my remotes in years. Putting a remote into a docking station is the same as those people who think that the correct place for a remote is on top of the device it controls.

It also looks like you have to use two hands with this device.

Paris icon because you need to use two hands with her.

Rapists should be raped, declares Jordan

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Excuse me but this article didn't mention our favourite heiress' opinion.

With her on the Drink driving though.

Google G1 successor spied in video?

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Doesn't look as smooth or as slick as the G1. Plus the stylus is a step backwards.

Seems more like a port of Android to another device.

LibDem cheeky boy rides to Segway's rescue

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Why use these things? We would just be that closer to being as fat as the Americans!

Apple prices MacBook Pro battery surgery

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3-5 years

After 3-5 years on a laptop i would probably be looking to replace the whole laptop. I have never replaced a battery in all of my electronic stuffs.

Might have to get a longer life battery for my Android phone though!

Paris as i bet she lasts a long time and won't need replacing in 3-5 years time!

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates

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Is this a resurgence of the MS policy "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish"?

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

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The more likely reason for the delay would be the domain they are no doubt on. Vista doesn't seem slower than any other OS i have encountered recently, if setup by an even half-way competent admin. Roaming profiles can take the best part of forever, and some of the security policies can be time consuming.

Still don't like Vista and would rather use DOS like Sceptical Bastard!

Paris as she never wastes time!

Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test


@evil Graham


"Er ... you press the Start button and then ..."

"The Start button? Really?"

"Yes, really


I remember having the same conversation with an ipod user when i asked them how to turn it off. "... you press the play button??!?!?!?!" :)

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Please please please, tell me you can disable this properly and universally and also get rid of all those retrofitted clear type fonts.

I for one cannot use any of them for the constant eyestrain they cause.

Paris, coz she is easy on the eye.

Nintendo to limit DSi games with DVD-style region locks

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DVD Style encoding..

and hopefully DVD style enforcement, i.e. it is by-passable by entering a "secret" code.

Paris because as the jet-setter she is, she would like to play games in any region.

Meat Loaf gets Q gong

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@ Lee

..Likewise say him play this year, he sucked unfortunately. He should retire gracefully, or fix his voice properly.

Fortunately Patty Russo still has it. :)

Paris, coz her album is awe inspiring.

Axon takes 100mpg wonder car for a spin

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Ultimately I don't care if a car is green or not, and i dare say other are like me. The things that are important are price/usage costs, 0-60, top speed. MPG under sane usage conditions and whether or not you look like a prick driving it about.

Paris as we all look like a prick in her.

The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?

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For anyone who remembers the intro to the game Another World.

For those that don't:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgkf6wooDmw

Just hope they will not be doing any experiments during a lightning storm. :)

Paris icon coz she is from Another World.

Apple says MobileMe mail problems 'behind us'

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Name change

Maybe they should switch thier name from MobileMe to MobileME, in honour of that much hated OS.

Mines the one with the printout backups of all my mail in the pocket.

Paris just coz.

EU abolishes the acre


@ Anonymous Coward

Yeah, but whose gallon am i talking about?

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118000 Chains to the hogshead....

.. is the fuel efficiency of my car. Who can be bothered translating that into something readable?

As for the acre, i only know how much an acre is because of the video to Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall. And given it seems to be based on two other largly obsolete Imperial Units, it's about time we ditched all of them. Imperial units are all variables and are just annoying and illogical.

Paris coz she likes her chains and hogsheads.

iRiver Lplayer 8GB MP3 player

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Battery Life

Why are manufacturers allowed to lie about battery life? It is about time they all stopped testing thier devices using 64kbs mp3s played at a gnats whisper, and start playing 256K+ files at ear bleeding volume.

Paris as i she will be staring in her own video on the device.

Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

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This seems like a varient of the bloke who turns up in a van with some "high quality" speakers. Sells them to you, leaving you to discover that you have a high value brick.

I very nearly laughed in the guys face when someone tried this scam on me.

Paris Icon, coz even she wouln't fall for this scam.

Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?

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I want to see posters like the ones used in an episode of Red Dwarf.

Vote Fascist for a third glorious decade of total law enforcement.

Be a government informer. Betray your family & friends. Fabulous prizes to be won.

Paris icon, because we need to escape there.

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings


Laptop Batteries.

RE: I hope NASA didn't get a bargain offer from Sony

Why not? There's not a lot of oxygen on the moon for the batteries to burn with.

Does get quite hot in the "daytime" tho.