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NASA sticks to 2010 shuttle retirement

Black Helicopters

Am I the only one...

...a little shocked that it will take the programme $87m to not fly shuttles in 2012. Sounds like a bargain.

Black helicopter? Because it's cheaper.

Web giants urged to bar Phorm


Register campaign

Surely there is a nice and easy way to get this done?

1) El Reg and everyone else encourages every site owner to send a mail to them at website-exclusion@webwise.com as per their instructions (as I just did)

2) Programme dead in the water


...and done.

Even looks like they are serious about it working to opt-out.

Publisher Exclusion Request Autoreply

Thank you for your submission to the Phorm website exclusion list. If there are no obvious grounds to doubt the legitimacy of the request the URL will be blocked as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

Requests must be made by the legitimate owner of the domain. If we have questions regarding your domain Phorm may take a number of steps, including attempting to contact the domain administrator by email for confirmation of this request. If the request remains questionable and is not confirmed within 10 days, the URL will be removed from the exclusion list and an email will be sent informing you of this decision.

Where applicable, please ensure that the Administrative Contact details for this domain are up to date. If you need to update them, please resubmit your request when the amended details are visible in the WhoIs database - (use a public whois service such as http://who.godaddy.com/whoischeck.aspx if you are unsure it has been updated)

Google Oompa Loompas cloaking user agents?

Black Helicopters

Catching the bad guys

There might be a non-sinister explanation. A lot of the work Google does is related to quality, so anyone in the anti-spam team, AdWords quality, fraud detection, search quality, etc. At http://www.justlanded.com we have seen Google servers pretend to be different O/Ss and user agents from the same IP at the same times. Yahoo do the same stuff and from time to time we have to unblock their IPs when they use things like Wget to pull down thousands of pages (typical email harvesting or scraper behaviour).

People will see black helicopters everywhere... that's not to say they won't be launching a distro or some other MicrosoftWhack though...

Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event

Paris Hilton

slack jhonralizm?

"two buns filled with rice and cheese as well as some of his teammate's food"

They would be elephant sized buns then or a duff bit of automatic translation (that would be the IT angle, then...).

Paris, because she can (video evidence) scoff more than that.

Dell bundles free fresh air with PC



Zero troll content, sorry. Translation of the first two options on the screenshot for you:

( ) Without antivirus protection [included in the price]

( ) Without antivirus protection - Spanish [add €0.01]


( ) MacAfee - 30 day trial - Spanish [add €0.01]

You're right about one thing though, "And I don't even speak Spanish."

Killer Satnavs amok in 'Utah Polyhedron' phenomenon


@Anonymous Coward

You need to get hold a browser plugin to automatically remove any words with more than 3 syllables or outside the vocab of an average McDonald's employee. You would benefit from a short - and undoubtedly more pleasant - read of the article; and the rest of the world wouldn't have to read your ADD-fuelled complaints.

Independent dubs El Reg lesbian

Paris Hilton

indy madness

Broadlysheet, what a pathetic load of pap - do they get paid for that rubbish.

Paris, could she could do better (at both the article writing and the Mytilenian stuff).

Al-Qaeda seeks geek fanatics for Jihoo!


Which will be Funded by...

Bin there, Laden it Ventures, who led a $25 million investment, was joined by the In-Q-Tel and a personal investment by ex-President George W. Bush, who commented, "it will be nice to see those good ole boys have a place to have out together online."

Latins prefer Microsoft to Google


Dillon, get with the show

The article said, "comScore has no explanation for the popularity of France Telecom, but we think it has something to do with the company's recent launch of its Orange mobile and internet service provider south of the Pyrenees."

I was taking the piss. Either the reporter was asleep at the keyboard or comScore did something equally stupid and put Spain figures in their LatAm analysis. Either way there is a touch of the Henson knocking around (viz your question about muppets). Clear (or still slightly muddy)?


For the Phreaky Phuckwit

And for Webster Phreaky:

Sorry, you will find that most people regard Latin America to be the part of the Americas where Latinate (or Romance as they are also known as) languages are spoken. In case you were not paying attention, this is the bit below the US on the map (you know, the leeetle countries where the CIA has been overthrowing elected governments and otherwise intefering until it got distracted by the Middle East). Don't believe me, go find Latin America on a map or look up a definition.

Although you may be 75% Italian, you show 100% ignorance of the fact that Latin gave birth to a bunch of languages; including (just in case you can't work this out for yourself), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Felicitas in inscitia.

The designation 'Latin' is more to do with the roots of the launguage people speak that your irrational - and frankly fascist - comments about Mexicans. Que te chupan tu madre, pendejo...


Geographically changed skeptics

"comScore has no explanation for the popularity of France Telecom, but we think it has something to do with the company's recent launch of its Orange mobile and internet service provider south of the Pyrenees."

I have quite a few Spanish friends that get hacked off when they are in the US and when they identify where they are from, people screw up thier faces trying to place the country somewhere between Bolivia and Guatemala. That's besides the fact that if they speak with an accent, people think they are Mexican.

I think you might find that either comScore are muppets as they have included Spain in the 'Latin American' market or the launch of Orange in Spain (which to your credit you identified with correct geographical info) will not have done much for South and Central American traffic.

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer


Looking for the real Jesus Phone

So when will you become more reponsible journalists? This poor boy must have been confused by your ample iPhone coverage. His fruitless efforts to acquire a Jesus Phone had him criss-crossing Auckland from chapel to church, which clearly drove him to distraction. The inevitable disaster was then but a step away.

Please start an appeal on the site for a rescue fund for the 'Victims of Jobs', both young and old, deluded and unhinged. Maybe Steve will be able to contribute a few cents from the proceeds of his illegally backdated stock options (did ya see him get slammed up for theft, did ya?).