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Ericsson to Apple: Cough up for licences or stop selling iPhones, iPads and Watches


Re: Chuckle!

Your saying you're wrong

Samsung S6: You might get a Sony camera in it - or you might not


Sensor != Module

I think you're mistaking 'sensor' for 'module', with the latter including the image signal processor; and affects the resulting image to a far greater degree than the sensor alone.

Snapper's decisions: Whatever happened to real photography?


'Fig. 1 shown here was taken in Sweden with a 12 stop digital back and shows full sun on snow outside the windows; yet indoor details are also visible. That picture could not be taken as a single exposure with film'

I stopped reading properly after this. Slide film is not the only type of film.

Digital photography is great; I shot a wedding recently and clicked about 1000 times. Going through the photos afterwards however is a nightmare, hence I much prefer my 4x5" film camera (which I couldnt afford without digital) where I take 4 shots max when going out. The whole process, from shot to print is much more relaxing and hence, more fun (why shoot for any other reason?).

Incidentally, unless printing very small, all cell phone shots will be garbage due to the ridiculous amounts of noise reduction that have to be implemented to compensate for the appalling signal to noise ratio. This is much less of a perceived issue given that most shots are no longer printed, just displayed on screen.