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Crims steal data on 40 million T-Mobile US customers


"nearly all of which is the type widely available in marketing databases or directories."

"Your personal info is already out there, everywhere, anyway. Thanks to companies like T-Mobile US, of course."

And that's not only because of their lax security, but also because of their lax privacy ethics.

A little while ago while trying to cut my TV cable, the cable lady tried to peddle me their brand new phone service. I engaged her a little just to make sure that the connection stayed on until she finished her side of the deal, and I told her that I had tmobile and wasn't interested on the cable co cell service. That's when she slipped on an argument and mentioned the exact number of years I had been with tmobile. I stopped and asked her how she knew that, since I wasn't even sure how many years I had been with them, and for sure didn't inform her that. The selling push died right after that and I got my TV service disconnected.

Now, how did they know? So either the largest cable company in the us bought one of the previous tmobile exploits from some dark figure or... tmobile sold them my information! Probably before they realized that the tv cable company was coming after tmobile's customers.

So effu tmobile for all your shitty security. The last class action lawsuit is not even completely baked yet, and you're already mixing the ingredients for the next one. I think the punitive damages should go up exponentially this time, because clearly you didn't care enough the last time around.

Mozilla drags Microsoft, Google, Apple for obliterating any form of browser choice


Shot their own paws

Mozilla has a point that lack of choice is bad for everybody, but they're also guilty of that sin by removing all sorts of choices that users had and making a bland browser that acts like Chrome. So why would a new user switch to Firefox for no perceived gain?

Mozilla lost their identity many years ago when they decided that they knew better what was good for the users than the users themselves. Remember the "Take Back the Web" (https://blog.mozilla.org/press/2004/02/mozilla-foundation-rallies-supporters-to-take-back-the-web/) campaign? Well, Mozilla needs to start a "Give Back the Browser" campaign now, because the current one is an utter POS compared to what it used to be.

Part of the reason Firefox is now in the endangered list is because Mozilla has been systematically eroding their only strength, freedom. The other part is what the complaint is about. Monopolies.

Waterfox: A Firefox fork that could teach Mozilla a lesson


Re: Mozilla is the modern Xerox

Or, the current version of Nokia! Being run by moles attempting (successfully) to slowly neuter any fork with potential.

The same problem that hit Mozilla, abandoning the reason for its success in order to follow the leader, is now hitting Waterfox. They've given up on the Classic version and it is now an irritating experience to say the least.

Someone please help and fork Waterfox already! I feel that the uncustomizable prison bars are getting closer and closer to me. Boy, how I wish I could take back the web...

eBay users spot the online auction house port-scanning their PCs. Um... is that OK?


You must have Java Script enabled to sign in.

Hmmm... maybe ebay is being fooled here. This marketing company is probably telling them one thing and doing another.

Like telling ebay that their Java back end needs scripts to run so their visitors need a Java Script as well.

We should be able to curtail our javascript capabilities at our own choice. Like yes for layout rendering, but no for a list of all installed fonts. Have a list of what you allow javascript to do and what not.

Firefox now defaults to DNS-over-HTTPS for US netizens and some are dischuffed about this


Why are we still talking about Mozilla?

This company lost its bearings long time ago. Used to be that the user was the master. Give them all the options so that each user can customize their browser whichever way they want. "Take back the internet" was their slogan, because MS was taking the control away from you.

Then, (in my paranoid opinion after a MS mole infiltrated the organization, just like in Nokia's case) they did a 180 and decided that they will go after the user that doesn't know better. Well that market already has a trillion-pound gorilla and a trillion-pound elephant catering to them.

Now what? After pissing their loyal base off, have they reversed their market share loss? Have they at least stopped sinking? Neither, and in my cynical mind they are just waiting for a Nokia style bailout...

Twitter says a certain someone tried to discover the phone numbers used by potentially millions of twits


don’t trust any company with more personal information than they need to have

Even that is too much!

Bad news: 'Unblockable' web trackers emerge. Good news: Firefox with uBlock Origin can stop it. Chrome, not so much


Re: Enterprising Developer

"quote" This add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 60.0). You are using Firefox 57.0.

Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. I'm using Waterfox now and it's not compatible.


Enterprising Developer

How about some enterprising developer design an add-on that deletes all cookies, cache and offline storage at predetermined intervals.

As it is I manually delete all the offline storage every time the browser gets started. Cookie and cache gets deleted at close. But I also have to close and restart and close my browser every time I logon to facebook, google, microsoft and any website that knows my real name. It gets to be a pain but it works to a certain level. If that add-on existed I could be a little more care-free and set it to delete all every 5 minutes or so. Or even pause it if what I'm doing takes longer. I know the offline storage may be tricky to implement, but if there is a way to create them files, there's gotta be a way to kill them.

But the golden add-on will be the one that does the above tasks and also scramble the browser fingerprinting. Periodically change my screen size, my fonts, my plugins and all the other evil ways the browser developers have provided to the advertisers to track you. Mozilla may look good on this instance, but I'm sure some one in the company is looking at it more like a bug and is determined to fix it.

Xiaomi the way to go phone: That would be with a 108MP camera by the looks of things


Two hand hold

Either they picked a rather small girl or this phone is huge. She needs both hands to hold it most of the time.

Can't dance? That's no excuse. Let a robot do it for you at this 'forced exoskeleton rave'


Re: Do they do the splits?

That's exactly my fear. What if it decides to do the limbo? Or, what if the Russians (or my wife?) hack into it to force me into a Pretzel position? Can't wait to try it...

The seven deadly sins of the 2010s: No, not pride, sloth, etc. The seven UI 'dark patterns' that trick you into buying stuff


Sin # 8 - The Nag

There are more ways to sell on the internet than through shopping carts, and because of that their bot missed this one. The Nag, when they keep asking you the same question a zillion times and the are no options to "never ask again". It requires eternal refusal and only one moment of weakness or distraction to erase all your efforts.

Google turns out to be the top offender with YouTube, Amazon with Prime probably comes a close second. But most companies out there figured out that males that have been married for more than 3 years are very susceptible to The Nag technique.

Someone slipped a vuln into crypto-wallets via an NPM package. Then someone else siphoned off $13m in coins to protect it from thieves


Re: because everyone is abandoning their duty of care

"So, it seems the price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance."

It's more like the price of survival. Because you're never really free if you have to be watching out all the time. I don't know about you guys, but I'm always feeling like a thirsty gazelle in the Serengeti.

Wow, talk about a Maine-wave: US state says ISPs need permission to flog netizens' personal data


Re: Socialism!!

The above coward is an impostor, a fake coward if you will. I would've never been that rude. I would just say that sarcasm is best served ambiguously, any signs of obviousness turns it into a weak criticism.

Standards group W3C wins support from all major players to get AI working in the browser


Re: Feature creep

So that we can create a world wide AI botnet to figure out the important questions in life. Like, who sold out Mozilla?

Get out of Huawei, it's an avalanche of news from everyone's favourite Chinese bogeyman


Proof that Huawei is spying on people!!

Why haven't the eagle eyes at the Reg picked up on this?

"Huawei Mediapad M5 found to be snooping on engineer in Taiwan from China"


There you have it, they're all spying on you China, Huawei, Google, Amazon, Facebook, US. I wouldn't be surprised if the Reg isn't in on this too because they're just too quiet about all this spying...

It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware


Re: Trapped

(*The following is a non sarcastic comment.*)

I understand why you feel trapped, even though I don't use whatsapp or have facebook on my phone. There's a study out about facebook and peer pressure and it doesn't look good.

But so that you know, from someone that has crossed that river a few decades ago, it is OK not to do the same thing that everybody else does. In other words, its' ok to be weird. Not too weird, but just different than everybody else. As matter of fact, different people are more interesting, again, just not TOO different.

My kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces think I'm weird for not using an iphone, whatsapp, or even banking and facebook on my phone. Even though I taught them all how to use a computer. But time and time again I feel good for not being influenced by my "peer" pressure. It's a crazy world today and very difficult to navigate. Choice is being eroded by all sides and you have to be very confident on your decision making to resist the pressure. (*insert a grandad's joke here*)

Upgrade refuseniks, beware: Adobe snips away legacy versions of its Creative Cloud apps


Re: Dear CS6 user, you ungrateful person....

They are not dead yet.

CS6 can still be downloaded from here


Or, if you need help for different versions they are all here


Just the first link on the top of the page gives a 404, the others are still working (at least some).

Better down them all before they go puff.

Veteran vulture Andrew Orlowski is offski after 19 years at The Register


You always made me think...

...once I finished the first paragraph, "Wait, is this another Orlowsky piece?"

Then I continued thinking, "What is wrong with this guy?", "Did the forceps pinch an important part of his brain?", "Is he a Russian troll?", "How can he be so smart and so dumb at the same time?", "Is the Reg keeping him here to say they're diverse?", "What is wrong with this guy?", "Doesn't he know that he acts like click bait in this site?", "He writes so well, why is he writing to the wrong audience?", "Does he enjoy pissing people off?", "Wow, I agreed with him once!!!", "What's wrong with this guy?".

Well, I enjoyed your articles as much as walking on a rocky road with no shoes. I can't say I'll miss your opinion, but I wish you good luck with your life transition. Maybe now is the time to take some Lysergics, and hope to re-wire that part damaged by the forceps. Or take the red pill and start writing for the good side.

Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp


Re: So my wife isn't completely IT incompetent

Yeah, and I feel bad now for all the cursing I hurled towards Hertz myself. I couldn't belive how f*cked up their website was, now I know why. For that, sorry Hertz...

Spyware sneaks into 'million-ish' Asus PCs via poisoned software updates, says Kaspersky


Re: How did the bad actor identify the MAC addresses?

Well, the same person(group) that infected the BIOS also infected the server. It's very easy to assume that they also may have had access to the shipping process to make sure that such MAC would go to such country/region.

However it was, without the list of victims we will never know the assailants, and how they did it. AFAIK, they could have a specific robot just manufacturing trojan mobos. AT&T did the same with their internet traffic.

Renegade Android apps can siphon off your web logins, browser history. So make sure Chrome or OS is patched, friends


"Discovered" Obsolence

It took a while but they finally figured out a way to force people to buy newer phones and tablets. This webview update,


that the article should have named "Android System Webview" instead to stop people from installing someone else's webview app, is not really compatible with older Android versions. My 4.4 tablet for example, is not compatible. I still need to look at my other older devices, but I have this nagging feeling that the result will be the same.

Since the manufacturers will never update anything older than one year, and Google's updates are not compatible with older OSes, we're just sitting ducks ala W98 and W2k.

So if you're happy with your hardware, the only solution for this problem is to stop entering any passwords on your browsers. I'm sure there are other browsers using webview as well.

But how about other apps? Are non-browser apps be using webview as well?

Fine, we'll do it the Huawei, says Uncle Sam: CFO charged with fraud, faces extradition to US over Iran trade claims


Smoke and Mirrors

The security thing was the smoke, the Iran deal is the mirrors. The real story is behind Huwaei lead in CPU technology and 5G. The rest of the world is just trying to slow them down so they can catch up. It's always about money.

Did you hear? There's a critical security hole that lets web pages hijack computers. Of course it's Adobe Flash's fault


Another hurried up update

Got another update today. I wonder if some of the updates are fixing older updates. Because it's hard to believe that there's any line of code left to secure.

Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design


ADD world

I understand this design, everybody is doing it theses days. They're all going for something that even Trump can understand. But there's still too many wor...

As porn site pounds hard on piracy laws, Cox pulls out prematurely


Re: I can certainly see the ISPs point

Or sue the city because a criminal used its streets to commit a crime. Or a train company. Or Uber... Well Uber may actually work because everybody is getting a piece of them lately.

But the idea of the IP holders paying the ISPs to police the "streets" is a good one.

Windows is coming to Chromebooks… with Google’s blessing


Re: Whose side is it not worth being on

We have always been at war with MicroGoogAppleSoftFace!

You forgot someone!

First low-frequency fast radio burst to grace our skies detected at last


AT&T Antares

How about a snooping attempt? All your new cell phones are belong to us?

Surprise: Norks not actually behind Olympic Destroyer malware outbreak – Kaspersky


Re: I don't think computers work the way you think they do.

Damned Elbonians did it. Here is proof! http://dilbert.com/strip/2017-12-05

Firefox to emit ‘occasional sponsored story’ in ads test


If you still use FF, this won't stop you.

After all they have done to alienate their Original Base (OB ©), they know that if you haven't left by now, you'll never leave.

They have methodically transformed FF from being the king of customization to the 'my way or the highway' browser.

So if you're upset that they're going to be spamming you. Be upset with yourself for being too lazy to walk away when they were slowly shoving that furry tail plug up there. Now it's all the way in...

Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?


Now I get it why I keep seeing the location app turning itself on and back off every once in a while.

I think it's time to start marketing that tin foil phone case. So here it is my first draft;

"Keep your boss, your wife and Google at bay with the new Tin Phoil! No need to keep turning the phone off in order to have privacy. No more phone calls without an appointment. And no more worries about who is paying for the radiation studies. Tin Phoil will keep you safe and silent."

Off course Apple is going to sue me saying they had this idea before by just having their sheeple hold their phone wrong.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


Re: I always wanted to be an organ grinder's monkey

That may be proof that you're wrong,


But I doubt you'll understand it.

Samsung shows off Linux desktops on Galaxy smartmobes


It will probably work on the S8, but barely. Overheating after two minutes. But the S9 will be a lot better and run 10x longer. Only with the S10 you will finally be able to get things done.

Remember how you said it was cool if your mobe network sold your name, number and location?


Re: Failure of democracy.

A possible solution, at least in the US, is the creation of the 28th amendment. To be known as the Right to Own Your Data. And hope that it doesn't take as long as the 27th to be ratified.

But if we really want to solve it fast, it should go as a subset. Like 2a or something. Then we could have liberals and conservatives working together. ..and all of a sudden the universe stopped expanding...

Web uni says it will get you a tech job or your money back. So our man Kieren signed up...



"The Premium Plus Customer resides, during the six (6) month period following the awarding of the Path diploma by the jury (the "Job Seeking Period"), in their country of residence and undertakes to relocate to accept a Job located anywhere within their country of residence (including any states or regions where applicable)"

The US is quite a big and diverse country. I don't know if someone that lives in San Francisco, California would be willing to move to Montgomery, Alabama for an entry level position.

This may be good for small town folks ready to move out, but definitely not for everyone.

Adware API sends smartmobe data home to Chinese company


Re: Malicious software removal

Or better. Block it from working the next time you access it with a warning and explanation on how to remove the offending app.

Security robot falls into pond after failing to spot stairs or water


What if the bot was hacked

and the company is hiding it?

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over


Re: Perhaps a Good thing?

Only after it gets the divorce on paper. For right now Mozilla still has the right to fsck Thunderbird even more.

Mozilla is like the Titanic full steam ahead and tethering Thunderbird to it can destroy Thunderbird as well.

It's time to "Reclaim your Inbox" and cut the Mozilla cord.

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips


Too big to care

Microsoft along several other big corporations finally realized that there are enough sheep all over the world for them not to worry about making anyone happy.

Now that the tables have turned, it's up to the sheep to make Microsoft happy. I'm sure there's someone in Redmond thinking of charging the sheep a larger service fee if they don't use their windows 10 that much.

Some sort of reverse usage charge. The less they use, the more it costs. They will be forced to please the MS gods...

And it's all Steve Jobs fault!

Reg now behind invisible HTML5 Bitcoin paywall


Re: What a relief...

You can say that again. I was reading it in bed after a rough night when I noticed it and thought "wow, that stuff is still hitting me after 12 hours!!" Mudderfockers...

'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court


Re: Except that doesn't work

Count me in with knowing of at least two systems that the rollback itself killed everything as well.

As a punishment, MS should be forced to maintain W7 for another 10 years.

Russia (A) bans web porn as a 'bad influence' (B) decriminalizes domestic violence – or (C) all of the above?


In other news

Russia's own porn website Pornussia is now featuring a new category called Vlad's Porn. Where guys in white ribbed tank tops have sex with their unwilling wives. A leak revealed that this category was a special request form another country's dictator...

Trump's FBI boss, Attorney General picks reckon your encryption's getting backdoored


Here's a solution

Owhay aboutway eway ivegay away ackdoorbay otay ethay ackdoorbay?

It's not just your browser: Your machine can be fingerprinted easily



Good time for some smart kid to write a FF extension that gives random info back to the servers.

Kids, look at the Deep Learnings! (We’re just going to slurp your data)


All your thoughts are belong to us.

Love when I agree with Andrew. Very articulate and smart guy.

About this line "There are open source alternatives you can host for yourself, but setting this up is beyond the skillset of the average user."

How about giving us the names you had in mind?

Virtual reality is actually made of smartphones


Before Apple ruined the world...

... I had some nice and complicated Symbian phones and a single frustrating Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC.

As difficult as they were, they were used to help productivity however possible. Then came Apple dumbing the smart phone down for the masses which in turn fostered Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

So thanks to Steve Jobs we now have "social media". That stigma is probably what killed him...

Japanese cops arrest serial 'foot licker'



Isn't Japan Great? Let's Make Japan Great Again!!

Nishiyama for Prime Minister!! Nishiyama 2018!!

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'


Time to change the caption

The top photo caption should be updated to "100 per cent of the 650,000 messages not relevant".


Re: It's incredible how this has become a "scandal"

It's a scandal because the Republican marketing machine is leagues ahead of the Democrat one.

They have to, because it's not easy to convince 95% of the people to vote against their own self interests.