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The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

Dr Adrian Steele


And who forgot the latest incarnation of the original smartphone, the nokia communicator, being the E90????

Fasthosts hit by severe floods

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all services allegedly back up and running

Well FINALLY, after nearly 24 hours, our dedicated server is back up and running again. We have lost an awful lot of business inquiries

I need to get this of my chest. The reason we pay for a dedicated server in a server farm is PRECISLELY for this type of event - maintaining continuity nearly 100% of the time. This wasnt needed, or offered, I wouldn't pay £600 a year for it.

With this outage ALONE the uptime has dropped to 99.7%, whereas what we expect is 99.99%, about an hour a year downtime.

Come on Fasthosts, spill the beans, if you didnt get flodded or loose the electricity supply, then what kept the servers down for a day?