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Cause of Parliamentary downtime on Microsoft Office 364½ revealed


Email Continuity Services

You would think it would be mandatory for all Gov organisations to have an Email Continuity service in place like the one www.spambrella.com provide. Single point of failure using Office365 isn't new it has been happening across the USA throughout June and July.

Sophos to offshore American support operations


Not a good time...

This is very bad timing if nothing else. With all the speculations and uncertainty around security vendors, Sophos decide that offshore to the Philippines is a good idea. The Canadian office will just be a micro office to manage those customers that simply will not deal with offshore support (GUARANTEED). We are beginning to see the cracks appearing as the newer smaller vendors and MSP's grow in the cloud market.


Re: Why can't they just honestly say...

This is bound to be a counter to retain key clients that will not deal with offshore support. It will be a micro office of some description with the bulk in the Philippines.