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US Congress kills digital TV delay


My local tv station is not ready

Last night my local tv station said they need a bigger tower and bigger power station. They apologize in advance because many may not able to get their station...

Why rush to shut down analog... ?

Japan runs out of Xbox 360s


Link to Japan sales number 07/28 to 08/03

Sales number here, not pretty for XBOX360, very good for PSP.


US PS3 sales fell 45% in July


Japan's number 7/21 to 7/27

According to Famitsu Magazine: (after MG4 craze)

PSP 71229

DS 60610

Wii 42123

PS3 11894

PS2 9707

XBOX360 4850

Anyone has Europe's number.

AMD thanks Ruiz for courageous ability to lose money


Sino-Tasmanian War

Sino-Tasmanian War ? I am really interested in this. Anyone can provide a link, a book, or anything? Thank you.

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'


Market Share?

"Apple's has grabbed 6.6 per cent of the desktop market in the US during Windows Vista's lifetime."

Was that usually about 10 per cent? Apple's share is shrinking?

90 per cent of Sony devices to be networked by 2010


Wrong business model

I had high hope for miniDisc - small, fairly good sound, good battery life. I can't understand why so expensive - it could be a huge success, if, only if, Sony used the business "give away razor, profit from blade". Oh, well, rest in peace, rest in pieces, my once beloved Sony.

Chinese smartphone imitates sincerely flatters Palm Centro


If good enough...

I had a couple of smart phones from China. Cheap and good, but battery life is usually very sad...

Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones


Pretty and Stupid

When one showed off iPhone, he got a Wow; when his friends found out the contract locked into, he got WOOWs. It's quite amusing. You got the bragging right; and your friends got the right calling you stupid behind your back.

Second-gen Eee PC a CES no-show


Very lovely

I got one for a few weeks. The little thing is actually very lovely, no bulk of notebook, more functional than nokia tablet. Please don't make it bigger and heavier - it won't compete with a regular notebook.

PS3 sales to surpass Wii's... in four years' time


"Kids want one"

To me, Will is the machine "Kids want one". It is so successful, also worrisome. Kids can play same game again and again, kids don't really need a lot of new games - they play with their friends, same game but different fun each time. Teenagers and "Peter Pan" adults are different stories - they have their own money, they want new games. Wii is not fad, but how many games will it move? Nintendo's own games (big name games) generate huge sales, but it's not exactly a happy story for third party developers.

Nokia jumps on mobile ad-wagon


Let people choose

Let people choose, please. Some will like to pay less, let them have ad floating in their phone; other will pay full price to avoid them. I hope Nokia give people choice.

US judge debenched for jailing entire courtroom


Why not jam it?

A jamming device can do so, if ringing is THAT bad in the courtroom. Does anyone know whether jamming is illegal in US?

Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs almost 3:1 in Europe


PS3 helps

"Porn ?" People stream it from internet now. It's not "THE factor" in the old days.

PS3 helps, helps a lot. If you have one at home, it sometimes will change your decision buying regular DVD - $5 to $10 more for a better looking movie, why not (sometimes anyway)?

Gene Simmons blames college kids for ruining music biz


New recording, please.

How many times can your fans buy the same CD? You don't have new recording, you don't get many new fans. Do your part first, please.

PS3 overtakes Wii in Japan


Shortage for Wii is myth

Friends (from Canada, German, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) said they have no trouble getting a Wii in store. Not sure why reported shortage in UK and USA. Nintendo's old marketing trick since NES? (I remember Nintendo suddenly found a few million units just before X'mas.)

Rival iPhone unlock teams hint at 1.1.2 success



Can upcoming French version be cloned? If so, no need to worry about re-lock by almighty Apple.

Woman admits fleecing shopping network of more than $412,000


Did QVC try to bill her?

It's very curious how this thing is wire fraud? Did QVC try to bill her?

And, what is customers' obligation if QVC sent items which were cancelled? Amazon once sent me a wrong item (worths $7.99), I emailed them (they said they will email a return label, but they didn't); I called them (they said they will email a return label, but they didn't); they wanted the stuff back, but they never email me a return label. It's more than one year, the item is still in my garage, what should I do?

Apple iPod Nano third-generation


iTunes 7 kills

iTunes was good..., until I updated to 7. It does not recognize cd burner, refuse to transfer anything to my iPod... Now my worst fear comes ture, I knew it could be trouble to begin with... I need to move everything to other computers. No, I rather have drag' n' drop.

Dubai claims world's tallest building title


Wait and see

We really need to wait another to see whether it reaches planned height. Taipei 101 was taller when blue-printed; I don't remember actual measurement, but it was shorter than its design. (Same situation happened to China's tallest building.) Maybe when measured in the winter, cold weather caused certain shrinkage...