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Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips


Re: Microsoft is still a thing? Who knew

I am going where you are going. I have talked to a lot of people who have gone there. Being loyal to Microsoft is a losing game.


I picture it this way, there is a committee of insensitive Nazi-like people sitting around a big table in Redmond ignoring everything that has made people loyal to Microsoft. They just want to push their bloated, clown colored Windows 10 on people who have no use for all the bloat. Those people also don't want to be tracked with every move they make. Microsoft does not have the right to take control of the computer I buy with my money! If they want to send me a computer with their software on it gratis, then that's a different story. There must be consumer laws enacted to protect the consumer from these behemoth computer companies going all Darth Vader on us. This is why a I bought a computer that will have nothing but linux on it ....... and slowly I will get out of the clutches of the Microsoft oligarchy to have some control of what goes in with things that I pay money for in my own home.

Nork-ribbing flick The Interview AXED: Sony caves under hack terror 'menace'


Re: Not exactly killing

We live on a planet that is continually at war. We need adult diplomacy to make all our lives better. Does anyone think that a low brow film, with revolting insulting situations would not be offensive?

Everyone should know however that Seth Rogen is Canadian actor writer, not American. The Directer Evan Goldberg is Canadian, not American. The film was shot in Vancouver Canada. The money came from Sony which is a Japanese conglomerate based in Japan.




The film is tasteless, because the Canadian citizen who conceived the film and shot it in Vancouver Canada is tasteless. The Director, Evan Goldberg is also a Canadian and his sensibilities are tasteless. Sony, a Japanese company, with its headquarters in Japan, should have known better, because they should know what Asian finds offensive. They approved the project.



FYI Alert for all those who are not aware:

1. Sony is a Japanese company with its headquarters in Japan. It owns a Studio in Hollywood which used to be MGM. Sony is a Japanese conglomerate that is not an American company.

2. Seth Rogen, who wrote the story is a Canadian Citizen. The director, his childhood friend a Evan Goldberg, is a Canadian Citizen. They shot the film in Vancouver Canada which is their home territory. They employed Canadians, thus putting many members of the Hollywood community out of work.

"Seth Aaron Rogen[1] (/ˈroʊɡən/; born April 15, 1982) is a Canadian actor, comedian and filmmaker. Rogen began his career performing stand-up comedy during his teenage years, winning the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest in 1998." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Rogen

3. Sony is a conglomerate that has been manufacturing computers for over 30 years. You would think they would have a more secure system regarding hacks. They were asleep at the wheel.

In conclusion I would say a film made by Canadians for a Japanese corporation in Canada, is a Canadian and a Japanese problem.

Google vows: Earth will vanish in 2015


Google is becoming more annoyingly elitist everyday, as if helping the NSA spy was not enough.

Sony Pictures email hack: The bitter 'piracy war' between Google and Hollywood laid bare


Google should not be manipulating anything, including search results. The service has nothing to do with what people want to search for and it should remain neutral. The Motion Picture Association should work harder cleaning up the sleazy and corrupt motion picture industry rather than concentrating on manipulating Google and the rest of the world. The problem is also with the unreal copyright laws the MPAA have passed. If they don't want the buyer to own something they should stop selling it. When I buy a DVD or a file I should be able to share it with whoever I want. They should not be allowed to sell something, and not only continue to own it, but continue to own the buyer as well.

OFFICIAL: Fondling of Apple's slab declines – iPad sales DOWN in Q3


Zombie Purchasing

People are hyped to such a degree, that they go an buy the iPad and find that it is really a boring piece of equipment, that is really designed to keep sending you to the iStore and the iCloud so Apple can create a meta dossier on you . A smaller phone can do as much as all anyone really needs to do and it is way more portable and convenient.

Windows 10: Forget Cloudobile, put Security and Privacy First


Windows 10 and instrumentalization.

I enjoyed the article. I did not think of it as a rant, but really informative. I am working with the Windows 10 Preview. I would be a privacy first end user. I do not want my business on the cloud. I don't trust it. Its a bad idea for many obvious reasons. I do not want to type a letter of any sort using on line software. This is a ridiculous idea. I do not want my keystrokes logged. Privacy has always been and inalienable right. I when I buy an OS, I want to be able to have some control over it! They cost a lot of money. If they give it to me for free and tell me about the 'instrumentalization' written into the OS, then that would be something different. I generally like Windows 10, but now I worry about the updates on Windows 7. I didn't realize those updates needed to report back to Microsoft what software I was using. Now I am seeing a need for a home computer that never goes on line or needs to be updated. There are really too many ghouls obsessed with monitoring the humane race. It's a sickness and a violation.