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A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers


Ignore The Licensing?! Are you for real?

Please dont accept what the guy says in this artical about ignoring the law.

When i was flying as a hobbyist i intially created a facebook page to share my aerial images. Like anyone would.. whilst on holiday i took some photos of a beach in cornwall.

Within a week i had a letter from the CAA stating i should take down my page and explain myself otherwise i would be faced with a 25k fine.. <- unbeknown to me my photos had been shared by a cornwall holiday page and a commercial operator was not happy .. after spenking over 3k myself on getting commercially certified now i can understand why..

Luckily for me, my own saving grace was i was already studing for my commercial course, i had my flight logs and had operated to the flight guidelines..

From someone with experince do not ignore the guidelines and the law.. the bollox about the CAA changing regulations anyways... yes they are changing.. they will be in the up coming months restricting SUAV operators further in congeted areas with stricter guidelines even further because someone with a phantom crashed here or crashed there...

Not only that i am told next year the CAA will have a team to target rogue operators

Hobbyiest who dont fly responisblly cause major issues for us who fly commercially..

If you go to film a friends wedding the 1st hiccup you will have is you need permission from the council and the church to operate.. they will want to see your qualifications and insurance... you can get SUAV public liability without qualifications... even if you do it for free.. the vicar wont want a phantom wrapped round the spire of the church , or it going through the stained glass window...

Read the guidelines from the CAA...



"Essentially, the person controlling a small UAS is fully responsible for the safe operation of any flight, but it is important to consider whether a permission (not a licence) from the CAA is needed.

You must request permission from the CAA if you plan to:

•fly the aircraft on a commercial basis (i.e. conducting ‘aerial work’)


•fly a camera/surveillance fitted aircraft within congested areas or closer (than the distances listed within Article 167) to people or properties (vehicles, vessels or structures) that are not under your control

Permission is not required if:

•the aircraft will not be flown close to people or properties, and you will not get ‘valuable consideration’ (i.e. payment) from the flight, then a permission is not needed;

Permission is also not required for ‘practice’ or demonstration flights. However, the other requirements of Articles 166 and 167 must still be complied with, and it must also be ensured that no one is endangered while flying the aircraft.

The regulations are intended to protect people and / or properties that are not involved in the activity. They are also aimed at being as ‘light touch’ and proportionate as possible, so there is a great deal that can be done (especially for private or recreational flights) without the need to approach the CAA at all"

Just my 2 pence worth