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A 5G day may come when the courage of cable and DSL fails ... but it is not this day


could replace leased line options for sure.

We are in the market for fast business broadband - leased line is too expensive for us as the installation costs are seriously high. This sounds ideal - especially if we can achieve upload speeds of 100mb + - we do not care upload latency.

UK.gov flings £95m at public sector superfast broadband rollouts


Um, actually, thanks!

Well, I run a very small company that requires fast internet upload, thanks to this scheme(I guess phase 2) I managed to get the installation fee paid (for some reason we need to pay the VAT, which we get back anyway - I guess it gives someone a job) for virgin fiber. 100mbit full duplex - beats the 6mbit upload I get from my BT line (of a semi-promised 18mbit). So thanks:)

Just another three months until it will be installed though - if we're lucky...but still a positive as otherwise we would not have been able to pay for the 3k install fee to dig up them roads:)

Sony's 4King with us now: Xperia Z5 mobe has UltraHD screen, cam


I am looking at the Z3 Compact, hoping the price will come down to around €250 euros. Fingers crossed as as I need a good phone for running in the rain:) Z5 compact looks good though, but overpriced for whatI need it for.

Still waiting for the price to drop on Amazon France - holding steady now. Anyone know how long it usually takes for the price of the previous model to drop? The orange one is the cheapest right now at 389.

Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable


I bought it, tried it for a week and returned it to apple. They asked why when I called to cancel the apple care (I could not do that part online) - I had many reasons, but the main one was battery life. I have a garmin watch now, better for sport and battery lasts a week, even with around 50k of running per week with GPS and heart rate on. Apple needs to learn a thing or two from a company like Garmin with low-powered wearables that still have notifications etc but manage to have a battery that you need charge a lot less.

The only thing Garmin could improve on is having a HB Monitor in the watch itself - not for sport, but for monitoring the HB during sleep and during the day. For sport, it is better to wear a chest strap.

Win Phone to outgrow smartmobe market for next four years


Re: Bovine Excrement.

I agree with you in regards to Apple phones having a great second hand market. Every apple phone i have owned has been passed onto a family member to use if not sold. They hold their price surprisingly well.

Apple Watch fanbois suffer PAINFUL RASH after sweaty wristjob action


shock horror - user wears watch too tight, leaves red marks on wrist

I you look at the photos, it is clear the guy had the watch on too tight. You can see the indentation left by it on the wrist.

It's 4K-ing big right now, but it's NOT going to save TV


Quite keen to buy a new 4k set, after having seen my brother's last gen Samsung, so stick me in the 33%. Smart TVs look good - I like the connectivity it has in place. I will go for a 4k as I expect to own it for the next 7 years, like my current Sony (well, by the time I buy one, it will be 7 years old). I will go for Sony again, as I like their input lag versus something like Samsung, though I liked the Samsung interface and picture quality but have read the input lag is terrible, which is not great when you play online competitive games.

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable


Re: Gigabit is out there - just depends where you live

I just switched over to 500mbit download/200mbit upload fibre with Orange France. 33 euros a month for 12 months, after that 43 euros per month (inclusive of phone, TV) - they forgot to mention you have to rent the bloody tv box for 5 euros per month though, so right now it is 38 per month, will go up to 48 per month in a year (at which time I can look for an offer elsewhere).

I was using free (ADSL) - bloody crap as they throttle youtube. Happy to be rid of them, but miss their set top box, as it was the best I have ever had.

Grab a SLIM MODEL for Xmas cheer: Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact


I have one - don't agree the screen is great quality

Though I do like the Sony for what I use it for, the screen is not great. I bought this due to the PS4 remote play, when my partner is watching the TV, I can play on the Sony. It is good, but the screen is quite contrasty so you lose a lot of detail in the shadows. That is not the main problem though. Hard to explain, but the colours do not look solid, when you see a block of a single colour for example, you see the pixels and the gaps between the pixels. I don't understand how the screen is liked so much by El Reg, given that in fact the quality is really not great. Even viewing photos gives the impression of, I can only explain it as noise (I assume people here know what noise is in regards to photos). Not a bad tablet, only use it for the PS4, oh, plus I use it to stream spotify to my speakers as it sits nicely on the magnetic charging stand for a music control system.

I have to say that I have an iPad mini 2, by far a much better screen in my opinion - the plan was to sell it once I had bought the Sony. I decided to keep it as I did not like to use the sony for reading for example, as the quality when using kindle is not as good as the iPad mini retina. I will also say I don't like android. My comments are just about the screen, but clearly I may be biased as just not a fan of android (though much improved since I first used it on the galaxy s2). I did try to play with the screen settings, to try and solidify the screen, but nothing I do seems to fix this.

Personally, this is a great tablet to play PS4 games (though Sony clearly has made this available just on their products to promote sales) - just wish the screen was a better quality.

Lights off, nappies on! It's Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within


oozing atmosphere

I like this game, a lot(Alien Isolation). Does a great job of capturing the atmosphere and it is scary. I can feel my heart rate start to race as soon as the alien is near. I die mostly because of the bloody annoying androids, though I feel most scared when I know the alien is around stalking me. Love the manual game save too, really makes you aware that you have something to lose instead of just losing a few minutes of play, you can easily lose 20 minutes or more of gameplay. My partner finds this frustrating though, so clearly this is not for everyone. My 64 year old mother is also playing this - being a big fan of Alien, when I told her about it she was very interested, so I bought her a copy - finally she is learning how to use the PS4 controller now that she has a game like this that makes her want to progress. My nephew (20) does not like this game much, he prefers faster-paced FPS so after 2 minutes of sneaking around becomes quite bored and restless.

I have tried to use the camera to rack my head movement, but that is not working for me. Also, did a few tests to see if the mic picks up noise to attract androids/alien. Nothing so far and they are both on for this game.


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