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Admin behind E-Root stolen creds souk extradited to US

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Re: Look Ma.. A publicity stunt !

He just been charged in the US so its the US is advertising it https://www.justice.gov/usao-mdfl/pr/moldovan-charged-arrested-and-extradited-administration-site-involved-illicit-sale

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He was on the run for about 6 months.

Seizure orders were executed against the domain names of the E-Root Marketplace and a public takedown notice was issued at the end of 2020. Diaconu was arrested while attempting to leave the United Kingdom in May 2021

Lyft driver takes off with cat, global search ensues

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lt: from @TomMillerNews on X dot com (formerly Twitter) the everything app:

"Good news! Tux has been reunited with his human.

Early this morning I talked to Palash Pandey who says the cat went missing in Austin after a Lyft driver took off with it following his ride to the vet.

He told me Lyft hired private investigators and found Tux early this a.m."

Twitter name and blue bird logo to be 'blowtorched' off company branding

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Re: "This is an X Twitter"

This is the X U+1D54F "mathematical double-struck capital x" http://www.unicode-symbol.com/u/1D54F.html

All my X's live in Texas!!!

Lawyers who cited fake legal cases generated by ChatGPT blame the software

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Re: The "AI" is a red herring here...

Other lawyers have tried to make the data that the lawyers came up with and failed via ChatGPT.

its pretty clearly the lawyers are lying and trying to blame tech.... it was the answerphone what did it, your honour,

Opening Arguments did a good breakdown of the case, its pretty the lawyers are being less than honest about all aspects of the case not just the ChatGPT bit https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/opening-arguments/id1147092464?i=1000614969994

Waymo robo-car slays dog in San Francisco

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Re: In the UK, this would be criminal

I believe the GOP in Texas now say all dog need to be armed in case of a future event and stop wayward robotic cars

UK.gov reboots ERP refresh with £934 million procurement

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"UK government has put £934 million ($1.15 million) on the table to update an ERP"

Either the pound has gained/collapsed in overnight trading or do you mean Billion?

Fahrenheit to take over Celsius

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Re: Byline

Well, it could have been by Macquorn Rankine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rankine_scale

Kremlin claims Ukraine hackers behind fake missile strike alerts

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Re: Probably one good reason for the UK not to have such a system.

But we do have that System it call RATS(radio alert transmission system) and it broadcast with Radio4 .... but now the GOV has it built into Mobile Phone signals https://www.gov.uk/alerts From Last Oct https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62549122

Activist investor tells Airbus to end Atos Evidian talks now

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"Management should therefore be totally focused on fixing the supply chain and delivering aircraft rather than being distracted by this agreement with Atos. " What so he wants Airbus to start building Fab plants instead, if management could fix the supply chain issues at the moment I'm sure they would, till more capacity is brought into the market worldwide that's not going to happen. If China has the hit from CV19 they expect its going to be a long ride to 2025.

USB-C iPhone, anyone? EU finalizes charging standard rule

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Yet they can't seem to standardise a Mains Plug all over Europe.... Don't get me started on Denmark, Italy, Cyprus and French versions add in the

Swiss and UK amount to 6 different mains plug sockets.

Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia are top sources of online misinformation

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What you mean its not Fox News, come on its always Fox News?

Hitting underground pipes and cables costs the UK £2.4bn a year. We need a data platform for that, says government

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So they just found out about https://lsbud.co.uk/

and the underground asset register they announced in 2019? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/map-of-underground-pipes-and-cables-designed-to-save-lives-and-prevent-major-disruption

Japan assembles superteam of aircraft component manufacturers to build supersonic passenger plane

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Re: Good luck

Also unlike Boom they seem to have an engine...BOOM has no engine and RR, PW, GE have no plans on new engines

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Well at least Japanese will have a engine....BOOM doesn't even have an engine yet so I can't see it getting very far!

Capita scores half a billion pound outsourcing contract, but refuses to name (or shame?) lucky 'European telco' customer

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O2 and Virgin Media have just merged operations under the Liberty Global brand owners of (UPC, Telnet etc ) https://www.libertyglobal.com/liberty-global-and-telefonica-to-merge-their-uk-operations/

Can a 21.5-inch iMac beat the latest-and-greatest M1 model in performance? Kinda

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Re: But...

Yeah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFUBalGW7Zo

Sony 'Workman', anyone? Consumer giant teams with Kawasaki on teleoperated ‘bots

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Re: In typical Sony fashion...

People are already there NVIDIA Isaac https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/deep-learning-ai/industries/robotics/ with the Jetson AGX Xavier

Still waiting for your Atari retro gaming console? You're not alone: Its architect has just sued the biz for 'non-payment'

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How they getting the money to pay https://www.atari.com/atari-casino ?

World Cup TV sales offset dip in computing demand says Dixons Carphone

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<Quote>It wasn't like it was widely available on UHD so no upgrade path. (BBC Iplayer: internet connection,smart television and if you were in the lucky first few thousand permitting. Also most TV's are hooked up via WiFi and we know what that can be like) </Quote>

People where buying new UHD and HDR HLG TV to see the new services that BBC were putting out .

I have my UHD HDR TV connected to 5Ghz wifi and not had a problem, sounds like someone needs a new router?

The signal was in UHD HDR is you wanted it on iplayer... The England vs Tunisia game proved to be BBC most streamed live event up to that date. BBC stopped access to UHD in the first half for a short period of time as they re-balanced traffic across our CDNs to optimise performance. Things calmed down a bit and they re-enabled UHD access at half time. BBC had just over 35,000 UHD viewers at this point but were shipping around 5Tbits of data per second across all services.

Wimbledomn and the World Cup in UHD http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/entries/5c5b8f80-891d-4b51-babd-8814c1511b4e

Apple's QWERTY gets dirty, leaving fanbois shirty

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I use a simple tool to clear any dirt from the keyboard that would get in the way of travel http://menda.descoindustries.com/MendaCatalog/Hand-and-Power-Tools/Probes-and-Spudgers/Nylon/35622/#.WuH1fcgh124

Jocks in shock as Irn-Bru set to slash sugar and girder content

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Re: Lateral Thinking

<quote> Can't the 'traditionalists' just add a teaspoon of sugar to it when they open it? I suspect that 'Irn-Bru Classic' will be on sale in the summer. </quote>

We'll be importing it from Algeria like they do with Mexican Coca-cola into the US....Yes IRN-BRU is a big seller in Algeria

Uber begins appeals process to claw back taxi licence in London

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Grounds ....TFL ruling was Bogus


Transport for London is facing accusations that its decision to revoke Uber’s licence in the British capital was politically motivated rather than based on safety concerns after it was revealed that the regulator was responsible for two out of the four failings it gave for cancelling the licence.

The capital’s transport regulator partly based its decision on the ride-hailing app’s safety record, questioning how the company obtained background checks and medical certificates for its drivers. But TfL is responsible for both vetting the backgrounds of all private-hire drivers in the capital and ensuring they are medically fit through its preferred provider before issuing them with a licence.

Court favours Nexsan over EMC in Unity trademark squabble

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Didn't Avid Technology use and have trademark on the use of Unity in Storage backin mists of time as long ago as the early 2000's with Avid® Unity™ MediaNetwork

Chinese giant ZTE slips off US export sh*tlist – and it only cost $900m

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I find this "import" ban comical given the At&T GO Phone was a ZTE Maven Z812 https://www.att.com/devicehowto/index.html#!/?make=ZTE&model=ZTEZ812

so no you can import our components but we'll take your finished products

German minister seeks facial recognition at airports, train stations

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Don't worry probably already hacked!

A group of researchers demonstrated that a number of existing facial recognition systems can be fooled by 3D facial models made from Facebook photos.

Facial recognition systemsstill have a certain margin of error, for example, trying to identify people of color.


POS malware stings 20 US hotels

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HEI is still working out how many individual customers might have their names, card numbers, card expiry dates, and CCV numbers compromised.

Why would they have the CCV numbers? They are only to verify that I'm (the card holder is) in possession of the card and should not be recorded anyway.

UK.gov wants to fine websites £250,000 if teens watch porn vids

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Can they fine the guy who has the voice on the pop up add for the stupid British get rich quick share scheme?

BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans

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I'm a UK license fee payer, I travel for work around the globe....funny I work in the TV and film industry.

So by what method are the BBC going to allow me to see the content I can legally watch, I'm going to have to install my own proxy server in the UK at home or as much as I hate to say "are they going to turn me into a pirate?".

Why are Google and 'VW group' having a 'global summit' in San Francisco today?

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Interesting who is part of the FAST. (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) is intended to help Volkswagen and it suppliers adapt to the “challenges” currently facing the industry. In particular, it’s intended to help speed up the implementation of technical innovations. No mention of google :-) http://cleantechnica.com/2015/08/03/volkswagen-choses-lg-electronics-high-voltage-battery-supplier-fast-initiative/

HMRC breaches job applicants' privacy in mass email spaff

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Human Error

Putting email addresses in the TO: rather than the BCC: on a mil merge is not a "technical glitch" its Human Error. Stop Blaming the Machines or they will rise up!

BAD things happen to GOOD robots in America: hitchBot DECAPITATED

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This is why 'Merica can't have nice things!!!

Marvell: We don't want to pay this $1.5bn patent bill because, cripes, it's way too much

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the price

1) 50¢ royalty was reasonable for a chip that, on average, sold for $4.42 and earned Marvell $2.16 in operating profits.

source http://www.cmu.edu/patent-lawsuit/images/timeline/2014-10-20-cmu-responsive-brief.pdf

page 55

Samsung turns off lights on LEDs worldwide – except in South Korea

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OLED is not dead...its just pining for the fjords

>>OLED's have died a death.

Hmmm no they haven't and its what is going to make LG display devision turn a profit in the coming year.


The biggest challenge for OLED TV sales was the high price tag, about double that of the trad set but as everyone in the Television and Film industry will tell you the adoption of this technology is at a pace in production and film making and its just going to drive prices down to that the more trad high definition set. over the next year or so.

Really... an iKeyfob? Apple continues war on fanbois' pockets

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Re: Aimed at the Merkin market then

what a whole 30m....in LA i've seen groups get into the car just to go to the bar next door.

Microsoft may pick iPad for first release of Fondleslab Office™

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i already use Office on my Ipad with CloudOn http://site.cloudon.com/ been rocking it for around 2 years works like a dream

US card scammers pull $2m petrol heist

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Re: "third-degree money laundering"

don't worry it could be worse it could be fourth degree http://ypdcrime.com/penal.law/article470.htm#p470.10

Candy Crush dev stuffs EU 'candy' trademark down gob

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Seems they are going after low rent games today "the Raven Banner" http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/01/22/king-are-trying-to-candy-crush-the-banner-saga/

kevin king

sweet are "ket" or "kets" for me

I think the Italian domestic electrical manufacture Candy might have something to say about it http://www.candy-group.com/

Mexican Cobalt-60 robbers are DEAD MEN, say authorities

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Re: Radiation Monitoring

At Samut Prakarn, Thailand (not Mexico) a 15.7 TBq (425 Ci) cobalt-60 teletherapy source was lost, attempts were made by some scrap metal workers to recycle the metal. During this time humans were subject to irradation by the source.

It was found that at the edge of the scrap yard the dose rate was about 1 to 10 mSv hr−1. The exact location of the source in the scrap yard was determined using a fluorescent screen which acted as a scintillator. This was held on the end of a long pole. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samut_Prakan_radiation_accident

TalkTalk to block nuisance calls with no help AT ALL from Huawei

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A call from 00 356 .......is the country code for Malta. so like the callers above it an offshore calling farm

Whoops! Apple drops kimono, flashes 'FREE' GarageBand for iOS7

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Re: Freemium

" guess the free office apps confirm MS office will be along shortly too."

there is already free MS Office apps with CloudOn http://www.cloudon.com/

WoW gold farmer throws sueball over real world gold theft

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Big Brother

death and taxes

most insurance policies have a "Single item" limit....mine is £3000 so any item above that limit you have to tell the insurance company and register the item with them. so i suspect she didn't register the gold with the insurance company who no doubt would have said "put it in a bank safe"...and a bank would have to tell the tax office due to the high value...money laundering rules etc. So no doubt she kept it out of the bank to stop paying tax on as capital gain. Hence keeping it at home and therefore wasn't covered by the policy.

Sony and Panasonic plan 300GB Blu-Ray replacement for 2015

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Re: But...

BluRay and Sony XDCAM disk is similar and the XDCAM's hold either 23 GB of data (PFD23, single-layer, rewritable), 50 GB (PFD50, dual-layer, rewritable), 100GB (triple-layer, rewritable) or 128 GB (PFD128QLW, quad-layer, write-once). So no doubt this disk will be close to the variant you are talking about, but it will be used Professionally not on the consumer side as the article talks about Pro.

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This isn't about BluRay but the net Generation of XDCAM disk used in Professional TV Production http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XDCAM

Sony turned off by CEA's 'Ultra HD' TV label

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But 3840 x 2160is not 4k is called Quad Full HD...ie 4 x 1920x1080 pictures.

Cinema 4k is 4096x2160 and a Full 4k screen costs a loot more than your average home set


TalkTalk's YouView: Why no Wi-Fi?

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"Fine tune my home?"

its like feng shui for you electrical items.....but watch out of the Dragon of Unhappiness with come out of the toilet and bite you in the arse, over the connectivity speeds

Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads

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i think you find 77.9% of GM business is with other nations other than the USA http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2009/06/04/business/04overseas.graf01.ready.html

MPs: Border Agency's own staff don't trust airport-scanner tech

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Got to say i travel "a lot" (280 days last year) for business and use the E-gates all the time at Heathrow, never had a problem with its a quick and easy way to get through the airport. I suspect if you first encounter them it might be a bit of a hassle but with anything to do with airports it about managing the flow of people.

Big Four US carriers vow to switch off stolen smartphones

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Re: DDoS attack?

Anonymous Coward.... the police or phone company will never just say Okay.....the phone company will do some basic checks...what date does you bill go out of your account, can you name 4 numbers that you call most frequently, what bank account details are they attached on the account etc before they will block the phone if your not giving then full security information.