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Apple Watch HATES tattoos: Inky pink sinks rinky-dink sensor

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Perhaps there is already a solution

There are several Sports watches on the market with optical detectors integrated into the body of the watch.

A company called Scosche has produced an arm worn band with an optical detector which uses an extra LED to transmit light of a different frequency which penetrates further into dark skin.

I would have thought that Apple had taken this into consideration during the design / testing stage, but perhaps not.

Easy come, easy go: Euro astroboffins blast brace of Galileo sats INTO SPAAACE

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Excuse my ignorance, when the system is eventually up and running will my current GPS device ( Garmin running watch ) be able to take advantage of the extra satellites or will I need to buy a new device ?

Battle for control of Earth's unconnected souls moves to SPAAAACE

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It is articles like this and the general acceleration of technology that make me feel that we are currently a full stop on the first line of an Arthur C Clarke novel.

Oi. APPLE fanboi! You with the $10k and pocket on fire! Fancy a WATCH?

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Re: Hmm...$10,000...

ACL 200

Seen me through shed loads of races, ahead of its time with, among numerous other things an asymmetric countdown timer for 50 pairs of independently adjustable laps, plus a backlight that comes on if you turn your wrist upwards.

OTHER EARTHS may be orbiting our Sun beyond Neptune

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Float on

Great news for Astrologers, the extra planets should make their predictions even more accurate

Eight pocket-pleasing USB 3.0 hard drives

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Re: Hmmm

Spot on. now available at the revised price of 79 pence ! :-)

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Followed the link and went to the Mac app store. Well worth the 69pence asking price but a message pops up "Purchase of this App is not available " with the text " this item is being modified, please try again later"

Looks like the NSA haven't quite finished the back door.

BAN email footers – they WASTE my INK, wails Ctrl+P MP

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Re: can we ban printers instead?

9 or 24 pin ?

BILL GATES DRINKS 'boiled and treated' POO. Ah, 'delicious'

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Re: nothing new here

Ah yes, the same in our neck of the woods although the workers on site had to remove the " night fighter rings " from the various settlement / treatment tanks before that School trips.

You have a 'simple question'? Well, the answer is NO

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Nice one Dabsy

Just firing up "Harvest"

Have a beer >>>>>>

Little big phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, a toothsome hand-fulla Android

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Re: Don't forget the sports features

Are you reading my mind?

I purchased one of these for my wife who is planning a multi day bike trip next May.

I would recommend Viewranger with open cycle map maps, these show excellent detail and all the National Cycle Routes are highlighted in red.

Did a test ride a week or so ago, set the screen to "always on" daylight visibility excellent. Battery was at 87% at the start of the ride and at 47% at the end of the 6+ hour ride.

I was looking at the Quadlock but will play around with a spare Garmin mount and some epoxy resin as I am a bit of a cheapskate.

Bendy, but hangs loose too: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch Android tab

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Thanks Tony,

I just checked the JL site and see that there is a " Claim your VAT Back" promotion running until 5th December. Absolute bargain at about £200

Adobe spies on reading habits over unencrypted web because your 'privacy is important'

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Re: DRM-Free Library

But assuming you use your fingers to turn the pages, does that not make them digital ?