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Twilio more than decimates staff, CEO says it grew too fast

Mark Exclamation

Re: Tough for the CEO

He'll probably get an increased bonus for fixing the problems he created.

Snap to lay off one in five employees as losses mount

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So, three new regional presidents. Sacking 1300 staff should keep it cost-neutral, then.

China may be the future for Mercedes-Benz

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China: "MB, all your worldly R&Ds belong to us."

Broadcom takeover deal for VMware faces no rival bids

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Re: Pray

So you're not offering them anything, then?

China says it has photographed all of Mars from orbit

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China says a lot of things, but most of it is deliberate lies and bullshit.

China is trolling rare-earth miners online and the Pentagon isn't happy

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"We never interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign countries, we are a peaceful nation and will never attack anyone, and we will never militarise the South China Sea Islands we built."

Everything that comes "officially" from China is just bullshit.

Intel withholds Ohio fab ceremony over US chip subsidies inaction

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A fab plant in Germany, eh? I hear Germany is experiencing power-shortage issues. How much power does a chip fab consume?

NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030

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Meanwhile, applications are open for vegetarian-only astronauts. Alternatively, applications are open for cattle, sheep, pigs, and abattoir-workers who would be interested in becoming astronauts. Problem is, there's not much grass on the moon.

Chinese drone-maker DJI suspends ops in Russia, Ukraine

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For anyone who believes that DJI is not making drones for the Chinese military - I have a bridge for sale, slightly used.

Judge dismisses Microsoft's challenges: ValueLicensing case to proceed in Britain

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Has anyone noticed that all the judges have the same first name.....?

Taiwan cracks down on China spying on tech firms

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"Taiwan's Parliament, the Executive Yuan, yesterday revealed draft amendments to national security laws aimed at deterring and punishing Chinese economic espionage efforts......."

Yeah, that'll stop them (not). China doesn't give two-hoots about any laws that aren't Chinese laws, and will continue to ignore them.

Tax inspectors raid Huawei offices

Mark Exclamation

Chinese government: "Do as we say, not as we do." and: "When we say we're doing something, we're actually not, but it makes us sound good.".

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Re: "Perhaps Gao didn't read The Register's February 14th story about Foxconn ..."

I think you need to re-interpret Simon's writing.

UK starts to ponder how Huawei ban would work

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"Huawei has always denied its gear contains backdoors or that it is beholden to the Chinese government."

The Chinese government told them to say that.

AMD, Xilinx complete world's biggest semiconductor merger thanks to stock boom

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Not sure why we're looking for approval from the Chinese government for the merger of two American companies. I doubt the Chinese government would look for approval from anyone else for the same type of transaction between two Chinese companies.

US grounds investors in Chinese drone maker DJI over 'Xinjiang human rights abuses'

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Can someone tell me how I can filter out certain posters? That moron "archbungle" is a complete raving lunatic and I'd rather not see it's posts in my stream.

It's primed and full of fuel, the James Webb Space Telescope is ready to be packed up prior to launch

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Re: It’s large mirror


Leaked footage shows British F-35B falling off HMS Queen Elizabeth and pilot's death-defying ejection

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I wonder if it'll be replaced under warranty?

Wind turbine maker Vestas confirms recent security incident was ransomware

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Re: Solution

"....and pray they are clean."

I can assure you praying will not help one iota, nor will it affect the outcome in any way whatsoever.

US bans Chinese firms – including one linked to HPE’s China JV – for feeding tech to Beijing's military

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Re: Military / Encryption / Stone Age / SWIFT

And where a cop can be shot at a traffic stop for being in a uniform.

China trying to export its Great Firewall and governance model

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Re: Scaremongerers’R'Us

Fuck me! Someone even less intelligible than amanfrommars 1.

China Telecom booted out of USA as Feds worry it could disrupt or spy on local networks

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Re: Meanwhile.....

Exactly this ^^^^^^^^.

It's time we played the same way as China does: no purchasing of Western companies, land, or indeed anything. When we can purchase Chinese assets without conditions, then maybe we can reconsider. We've let the Chinese purchase Volvo, MG, Fisher and Paykel to name only three of our best companies. Together, they have many decades of R&D, which is now in the hands of the Chinese for what amounts to crumbs.

One-size-fits-all chargers? What a great idea! Of course Apple would hate it

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"Today's announcement also means that chargers would no longer be sold with gadgets and gizmos."

I don't suppose the retail cost of the devices "sans charger" will be reduced by the retail cost of the charger that used to be included? Didn't think so.

(I specify "retail cost" because the "actual cost" is around 20 cents per charger).

Huawei CEO hopes to woo foreign boffins to work on 6G in Shanghai campus that feels just like home

Mark Exclamation

Play the game the way the Chinese do: just ignore or steal any Chinese patents. Simples.

And the detention of foreigners by the Chinese political system is a real and genuine threat. I certainly would never visit or work in China.

Children of China, your state-sanctioned hour of gaming begins … now!

Mark Exclamation

Whilst it absolutely hurts me to say something positive about the Chinese government, I actually think this is a good idea. The West should implement it, too, and also include social media in the ban. And let's ban social media until age 25, then at least some of those "influencers" might be mature enough to realise how stupid they look and sound.

Chinese web giant Tencent predicts Beijing has more internet regulations coming – and welcomes them

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Re: Care

Not without a Chinese company as a(n IP stealing) partner.

China stops networked vehicle data going offshore under new infosec rules

Mark Exclamation

Yep, you took the bait. And your response was pathetically predictable. Why don't you just leave the society that gave you so much but that you obviously loathe, and go and live in China, which you so obviously love? You are so bitter and twisted.

Mark Exclamation

It's almost impossible to buy something that is not made in China these days. However, cars are not one of them as there are plenty of better manufacturers. Chinese-made cars are the absolute worst cars on the market, and anyone outside of China considering buying one of them, well, just don't. And since they bought Volvo cars and MG, stay away from them, too. We're all giving China too much of our money, so they can build up their armed forces to use against us. At least with cars (automobiles to some) we have a choice, and it's not that difficult since they're all crap anyway.

Here's 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West, beams RiskIQ

Mark Exclamation

Re: if you know the suspect addresses

You just can't help yourself, can you?

China sets goal of running single-stack IPv6 network by 2030, orders upgrade blitz

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Re: A possible truth?

Geeze, you really are bitter and twisted.

Mark Exclamation

Re: A possible truth?

You really love your attempts at belittling comments, don't you?

You must be a hoot at parties.

Mark Exclamation

Re: A possible truth?

"I also note you are part of the long established woke cancel culture."

Was that meant to be another of your belittling comments?

I actually have no idea what you mean. What is "the long established woke cancel culture."?

You really should get some help.

Mark Exclamation

Re: A possible truth?

To the ignorant, bigoted poster gandalfcn:

Your posts have commonality:

Throwing insults at anyone who dares to disagree with you

Complete hate for the West

Support for China

Boring and repetitive political crap

Not sure why you read/post on a tech website as none of your posts are tech-related. I'm sure there are more suitable political websites for you to frequent.

Tencent to acquire Brit games developer Sumo Group

Mark Exclamation

Re: The future

I think you missed the point. The West (more specifically, anyone or any company that is not Chinese) is absolutely forbidden from buying a Chinese company. Allowing them to buy ours is sheer lunacy.

This page has been deliberately left blank

Mark Exclamation

Re: Britney Spears is a good local girl

Obviously you've spent a lot of time with her to get to know her well enough to make such an assertive comment.

Xiaomi parties like a winner after coming second on world smartphone sales charts

Mark Exclamation

Was that supposed to be relevant? Your posts are monotonously boring and predictable.

Malaysian Police crush crypto-mining kit to punish electricity thieves

Mark Exclamation

Only, it's not a "steam"roller.

Beijing further tightens its grip on local web giants with 'Network Security Review Measures'

Mark Exclamation

Recognise Taiwan as an independent nation, and locate embassies there.

Uncle Sam sanctions Chinese AI outfits for links to Xinjiang Uyghur human-rights abuses

Mark Exclamation

Re: Big mistake.

Wish I could upvote you more than once.

Prime Minister says national security advisor will probe Chinese acquisition of UK's top chip maker

Mark Exclamation

Not too well read, educated or experienced are you. But very, very gullible and prone to believe the Chinese Communist Party without question. Troll, troll!

Mark Exclamation

Seriously? There is no way we should be selling anything like this to the Chinese government (yes, it IS the Chinese government as it controls ALL Chinese companies). The West needs to be much more selective of what it allows China to buy. Want to buy a Chinese company? Bad luck, it will never be allowed.

Mind the gap(ing mouth): London's Underground to get ubiquitous mobile phone coverage

Mark Exclamation

And as a bonus, BAI Communications is not a Chinese company.

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

Mark Exclamation

I am conflicted: I love Roger's music and have been to several of his concerts, and I support his calling out of Zuck, but supporting Assange? Nah!

Hubble Space Telescope to switch to backup memory module after instrument computer halts

Mark Exclamation

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but surely the three spare memory modules have been exposed to the same "elevated levels of radiation" and are likely to be almost as degraded?

China's ISCAS to build 2,000 RISC-V laptops by the end of 2022 as nation seeks to cut reliance on Arm, Intel chips

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Re: I'll buy one.

You are correct about no US backdoors built in, but...........

Generous Alibaba to scatter 0.9% of annual revenue over Southeast Asia to develop tech talent and infrastructure

Mark Exclamation

Ah, the Chinese Communist Party continuing to take over the area by stealth, under the cover of one of their controlled companies, making them look charitable. Sorry, didn't fool me.

Brit retailer Furniture Village confirms 'cyber-attack' as systems outage rolls into Day 7

Mark Exclamation

Re: The tweet: "...I've just given BIRTH and have nothing to sit on.."

I'll bite. It's a word containing 9 letters, the first of which is "s" and the last of which is "y", and of which there is far too much around in society.

Tencent Cloud adds second data centre in Germany, Thailand, and Japan, plus a third in Hong Kong

Mark Exclamation

Just wondering.....

Does AWS, Google, Microsoft, or IBM have any such data centres in China? Just wondering, because if China doesn't allow them, or makes undue conditions on them, such as insisting on a Chinese company as a partner, why the hell are we allowing Chinese companies to build them in the West?

China reveals plan to pump out positive news about itself. Let's see what happens when that lands with social media fact-checkers

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Didn't think it would take long for the CCP trolls to get in on the act.

Mark Exclamation

First thing they need to do is tell the truth. But that ain't never gonna happen. Corrupt, unethical, dishonourable, violent, liars are words that come to mind when the Chinese Communist Party is mentioned.



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