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Juniper sued over HPE buyout after allegedly ginning up execs' wallets


Re: How many times ....

I don’t know if they made switches, but I do know they acquired 3COM some years back. They also had Procurve, which I believe was also an acquisition. R&D died a long time ago and it was replaced capital venture $.

Cinnamon and KDE sync version numbers in desktop sibling rivalry



I use Arch btw.

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


I got an A; the teacher gave me an F

This whole episode reminds of the kids in school who would take credit for an A, but blame the teacher for an F.

X's legal eagles swoop on Media Matters over antisemitic content row


Break even point

Didn't he and his investors pay $40B for Twitter and it was only worth around $8B at the time they bought it? If that's the case, then he and Linda need to start selling the sh*t out of that Blue Checkmark service.

Twitter rewards remaining loyal staff by decimating them


Re: Anyone else smell a tax dodge?

He could also be a boorish idiot to boot.


Dutch nuclear authority bans anti-5G pendants that could hurt their owners via – you guessed it – radiation


Inhaling from a gold spray paint lined plastic bag really adds extra protection.

Trump pushes anti-immigrant policy into Biden term with extended freeze on H-1B and other work visas


Re: Full rewrite of H1B is needed

That's the thing about Trump and Trumpism, it's all zero sum. He is the pinnacle of what started back in the 90s with the GOP. Make everyone else a bad guy, dig your heals in and don't compromise. They don't see a common good, it's only what's good for them.

And now for something completely different: A lightweight, fast browser that won't slurp your data


No browsing history...

But you have to enter the address from the command line.

Google catches up to AWS and steals a march on Azure with introduction of cloudy Certificate Authority Service


Re: SCEP....

275 per month and I'll think about it.

Biker sues Google Fiber: I broke my leg, borked my ankle in trench dug to lay ad giant's pipe


Re: As luck would have it, a friend saw the accident

The defense team, if it gets that far, will have a field day with this fact.

Trump's axing of cyber czar role has left gaping holes in US defence


Re: It's just a figurehead

It was established in 2003, so you may want to add Bush to the list as well.

Going public again would swell profits by two-thirds, claims Dell


@ Charlie Clark

This may be a bit pedantic but Dell didn't buy VMware, EMC did and Dell got it as a result of their EMC acquisition.

FBI for the Apple guy: Bloke accused of stealing robo-car tech


Bon Voyage

I wonder if they threw him a going away party?

Oath-my-God: THREE! BILLION! Yahoo! accounts! hacked! in! 2013! – not! 'just!' 1bn!


Re: Porridge

is always going to happen until significant jail time is available and targeted at the executive levels.

is always going to happen until significant jail time is mandatory and targeted at the executive levels.

Fixed it for you.

Best be Nimble, best be quick. You're out of a job at HPE – and that's sh*t


Re: Used to recommend Nimble

This is because M&A == R&D for big companies. Why risk losing money on R&D when VCs throw money at startups with good ideas?

Big mistake by Big Blue: Storwize initialisation USBs had malware


Re: "Unfortunately, IBM has become a victim of the global supply chain"

Well the big question is, did anyone pick up in North Korea? Probably not. My guess is they were too busy with failed missile launches.

Force employees to take DNA tests for bosses? We've got a new law to make that happen, beam House Republicans


"Remind me again - the Republicans are the party that believes an individual should be free to live their life without interference from the state?"

Except when it comes to reproductive rights, that's when the state should step in, that is at least with this version of the Republican party.

President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers


Re: About time

What I love about:

"8 years of embedded leftist bureaucrats"

Is that that statement completely overlooks the fact that the last 6 of those 8 rightist bureaucrats controlled the legislative branch. When you view the world from one end of the spectrum, it's always the other side's fault.

College fires IT admin, loses access to Google email, successfully sues IT admin for $250,000


Re: "African American"

Never quite understood why your ethnic heritage is considered a race; as I see it, we all belong to the same one, the human race.

Routine jobs vanishing and it's all technology's fault? Hold it there, sport


Re: Many do not have a choice.

I know I'll be roundly down-voted here but this was the point Clinton made when campaigning; you have to retrain the workforce rather than making promises that you ultimately can't keep. I know there will be a portion of the workforce that are too old or entrenched to transition but retraining a young factory worker to take care of the robots on the line rather than throwing them on the streets is a better solution. Obviously, that takes money and time but it is what she spoke about working on.

Poison .JPG spreading ransomware through Facebook Messenger


FB, Windows or dumb users?

As evil as both FB and Windows are, this is just another example of "you just can't cure stupid". Who the f*ck clicks on a link and downloads things to their PCs from FB or LinkedIn? I don't care who the message is from, whenever I see something come in with any one of the various catch lines like "Hey, check this out!" or "I want to f*ck your brains out", I immediately delete it. How many times have people been told not to open suspicious emails or to download attachments and they still do it and wreak havoc on their networks?


Yahoo! couldn't! detect! hackers! in! its! network! but! can! spot! NSFW! smut! in! your! office?



And with this comment, you sir win the Internet today. Thanks for the chuckle.

Ted Cruz channels Senator McCarthy in wrongheaded internet power grab crusade


Boehner got it right

He is "Lucifer in the flesh". You know, if you believe in such things.

Tech titans demand free speech law to head off President Trump


Re: vexatious litigant, eh?

>> has caused an increase in everyone's health insurance premiums (at least those who don't get the government handouts)

Everyone's? No, not mine.<<

Nor mine.

>> and pretty much everyone who had health insurance prior to this government handout have seen their actual insurance coverage drop

Again, not mine. And I have a really tough time believing that I'm very different from the average guy or gal here buying health care coverage.<<

You're not.

>>/me wonders what you're smoking.<<

More than likely, orange vapors.

LinkedIn mass hack reveals ... yup, you're all still crap at passwords


I'm secure

I didn't see qwerty on the list, which means my new password has been selected.

Airbus to build plane that's even uglier than the A380


Re: But can you talk to God on one?

>"long tube filled with demons"<

I exorcise the demons in my long tube on the regular.


I'm not an animal...

I'm an Airbus.

You wanted innovation? We gave you Clippy the Paperclip in your IM client


Re: A.I. or A.H.? There's a big difference

>It's not as if there isn't a well-established procedure for producing real humans. (Or so I've been led to believe.)<

I beg to differ. Me and the Mrs have the process down pat.

LinkedIn plays down '117 million users' breach data sale



So, I like others here had a heck of a time finding the place to reset my password in LinkedIn. Fortunately, emailed Peace and he reset it for me.

VMware flushes Windows vSphere client and Adobe Flash


Re: Ouch. That's got to sting.

I wouldn't go that far. In my experience most large environments (at least the ones I deal with) plug vSphere into AD. I know it's not a requirement but using AD makes it easier from an administrative perspective.

$3bn for an IT services outfit? Bloody Dell!


Re: loss

I'll tell you what he'd say, in a southern drawl please: Now that's just sad.

John McAfee: Ashley Madison hack may ‘destabilise society’



I assume this hacker or these hackers are hacking and possibly blackmailing these "cheating scumbags" from a higher moral ground?

Lapider les corneilles! French Patriot Act faces growing opposition


It doesn't matter

Hasn't anyone in France seen a Pink Panther movie? I mean, I doubt Clouseau could even handle a cell phone, never mind tap one.

Kill off SSL 3.0 NOW: HTTPS savaged by vicious POODLE


Fixed it for ya

However, when at the local Starbucks or other unencrypted Wi-Fi, you are in grave danger from this hack.

This is why I only login to my online banking portal from my local Dunkin Donuts' coffee shop. Starbucks, pisshaw.

VMware's tool to harden virtual networks: a spreadsheet


Re: WTF?

Surely the absolute, most basic security measure would be to force (or at least have it as an option!) the controllers to use SSL between themselves for their comms?

I'm not and don't call me Surely.

Siri ... why is this semi headed RIGHT AT ME? Phone apps distracting as ever – new study


Something smells

I'd like to know who funded this research.