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The real significance of Apple's Macintosh

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Re: IPhone

Are you actually suggestiong that Apple designed, developed and built the complex supply chain in a shade under 2 1/2 months? Pssst, your fandroid is showing...

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops

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Re: No, FreeBSD lost out due to the legal issues, not the GPL

Well, that’s a take.

The reason - and by the way, interest in the BSDs is growing, albeit slowly, largely due to foot-guns like systemd - is that while there was FUD around BSD, GNU/Linux grew roots and established itself. GPL v2 is also a much less me onerous license than v3 too - note that Linus is not a fan of v3 - and far friendlier for business generally.

The rise and fall of the standard user interface

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Re: Torn

I always wondered this, then I remeber that GNU/FSF has always suffered from NIH syndrome...

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Re: I have not!

Apple never followed CUA. Why would they? It came well after they had written and distributed their HIG (Human Interface Guidelines). The significant majority, if not all, of keyboard shortcuts that existed on the Mac 40 years ago still exist on the platform today.

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Re: Got history completely wrong

> "Apple invented almost all of this, _de novo_."


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Re: Motif?

Couldn't agree more with your first sentence. I saw one recently lamenting, completely unironically, the fact that the BSD's don't use "standard Unix tools..."!

Apple's on-device gen AI for the iPhone should surprise no-one. The way it does it might

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Kagi is awesome. Yes, you have to pay, but for the $9.99 per month you get no tracking, no ads and accurate results. It's an extremely fair trade, and it works really well.

KDE 6 hits RC-1 while KDE 5 brings fresh spin on OpenBSD

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Re: ... only distantly related a third of a century back.

Because that is not what the BSDs are about. They each offer a complete OS, not a distribution of a Kernel and GNU userland with other bit bolted on.

What if Microsoft had given us Windows XP 2024?

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Re: Is this fixed in 2024?

> But tell me, do you have an actual use case for more than 255 characters?

Bless. You've clearly never worked with architects or engineers. Every file in it's own folder, long descriptive file names. Whether or not it's a valid use case is moot - they will have spent weeks and months designing the folder hierarchy - without consulting IT - and expect it to work to their will.

CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Let’s not keep them to ourselves

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Re: Intuitive GUI? My arse.

I think you're confusing 'intuitive' with 'simple' old chap. Let's be honest, the computer thingys can do considerably more that they used to be able too. Add the incessant pressure from customers and the tech press (looking at you El Reg) for iNnOvasHun!!1!, and things get messy, quickly.

The 15-inch MacBook Air just nails it

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Read the article?!

You must be new here.

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Re: Can see that

I have a p14s and within days of taking it out of the box, the USB-C connector felt loose and cables fell out regularly. I'm genuinely not being hyperbolic here either. I've had a succession of Lenovo ThinkPads, and at this stage can only say that they are riding on the coat tails of IBMs build quality. The last 4 I have had have all universally been awful.

Chromebooks are problematic for profits and planet, says Lenovo exec

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Re: Chromebooks sell to education...

As omeone that works with F500 organisations specifically in the field of email security, "Most corporate don't use Outlook locally anymore." is very much a case of 'citation needed'.

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Re: Bad for the environment?

To be fair, that is true of most laptops with regards to Linux...

GhostBSD makes FreeBSD a little less frightening for the Linux loyal

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> It's getting more and more closed and locked-down

I see this time and again. And it's bollocks. I expect better from you, Liam. The feeling of being 'locked-down', as I'm sure you know, is largely down to SIP. This can very easily be disabled, but I wouldn't recommend it. Frankly, KEXTs are a terrible idea, no software should mess with the network stack or the kernel, and the /bin and /sbin should be treated as sacrosanct by the OS if needs be. And yes, developers should absolutely sign their code. Apple should make it easier for developers to do this, but by the same token, forcing it is a good thing.

Apple lifts the sheet on a trio of 'scary fast' M3 SoCs built on a 3nm process

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Re: We need a new metric

Do you use a Mac in an office environment?

Forcing Apple to allow third-party app stores isn't enough

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Re: It's not whether the App Store is good or bad...

Revisionism at its finest. Having the monopoly on search and ramming chrome down everyone's throats has no bearing at all?

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Re: It's not whether the App Store is good or bad...

Because for an IT site, "wrappers around Safari' is so spectacularly incorrect, it's funny. Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, or whomever else wants to write [i]a browser[/i] can add, within reason, any functionality they want, provided that they use (in simple terms that some that this 'just a wrapper for Safari) WebKit. So downvoted for lazy, incorrect comment and you for being a coward and the MAGA comment.

Can open source be saved from the EU's Cyber Resilience Act?

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Re: EC <> European Council in this context

It is, despite your constant attempts at butchering the language.

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Steve, have the courage to post publicly. Also, my copy-editing is as good as this site's, it would appear.

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I rarely, if ever agree with what you say - but you are on the money (if you'll excuse the pun) with this! If you're making money out of open source, then take responsibility for what you're monetising!

Vaughn-Nichols has always been an awful journalist.

GNOME developer proposes removing the X11 session

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Re: Coming to a fork in the road

If you want an old-school UNIX-y feel, why not move to one of the BSDs? They don't seem to have any of the bat-shittyness that goes on with modern Linux desktops.

Lenovo PC boss: 4 in 5 of our devices will be repairable by 2025

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Is this in response to the utterly shite build quality they've been churning out the last few year?

Europe wants easy default browser selection screens. Mozilla is already sounding the alarm on dirty tricks

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Re: Probably an unpopular view here

No. But there is 1Blocker and AdGuard, which aren't necessarily as good as uBlock Origin and don't do a bad job blocking ads.

Lightning struck: Apple switches to USB-C for iPhone 15 lineup

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Yes, Apple kept Lightning so they could fleece the sheep. This line of thinking is so arrogantly stupid, there is no point in countering.

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps

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Re: re: How this is not monopolist behaviour?

> "You don't need to be a monopoly to be guilty of monopolistic behaviour"

I keep seeing this utter nonsense written in every forum where big tech is mentioned. Firstly, there is no such thing as "monopolistic behaviour". It's a meme started by an ignorant party that's to often ignorantly repeated on the internet. Secondly, monopolies are not intrinsically unlawful. A monopoly happens when one company or entity is the only one offering a particular product or service. The reasons for this can vary – it might be natural, because of location, technology, government rules, or simply because everyone uses it. This is fine and dandy, but now the entity is a monopoly; it has to obey social rules to conduct its business.

> "If Tesla bought the company running Golden Gate Bridge and only allowed Teslas to use it, that would be monopolistic behaviour even though Tesla aren't the only car company."

And there would be nothing illegal about it unless Telsa prevented other entities from providing other means to cross San Fransisco Bay. Of course, local or even national governments could take action against them, but it would not be due to monopoly.

Not call: Open source gurus urge you to dump Zoom

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The AI kerfuffle shows the Fosser's true stripes.

RIP Bram Moolenaar: Coding world mourns Vim creator

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Re: Vale Bram Moolenaar

Vi != Vim.

Bram started work on it as a port to the Amiga 31 years ago...


RIP Kevin Mitnick: Former most-wanted hacker dies at 59

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Re: Takedown

Are you sure you're in the right place questioning searching ability? This isn't Hacker News.

Can noise-cancelling buds beat headphones? We spent 20 hours flying to find out

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Re: I'm curious

If your commute includes any kind of public transport, especially if you use the tube, NC headphones of any type are an absolute godsend.

Microsoft begs you not to ditch Edge on Google's own Chrome download page

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Re: Willy waving

Dictating web standards, which is what Google do. Implement a feature and declare it to be a 'standard' with the Chrome fanbois calling any browser that doesn't support the way Chrome does things as the next IE, when in fact Chrome is exactly that, the next IE...

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Re: Cease and desist

Fuck 'em both, they deserve each other.

Datacenter fire suppression system wasn't tested for years, then BOOM

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Re: Err

“No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main enemy forces” or, in simpler terms “Everybody has plans until they get hit for the first time”.

When it comes to Linux distros, one person's molehill is another's mountain

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Re: Using a Fork to Continue the Original Direction

Why not move to an OS that uses proper UNIX init scripts, one of the BSDs, instead of the kludge that is GNU/Linux?

Brexit Britain looks to French company to save crumbling borders and immigration tech

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Re: @Phones Sheridan

Are you really that stupid?

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What happened to the Tory "I believe in Britain?".

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This is obviously result of the Tories being inept, arrogant, feckless and corrupt. Might not be Brexit, and as a remainer, I promise to stop pointing towards Brexit as the problem. I will continue to point at Brexiteers along with the fucking Tories (official name) though, as they are more than likely the idiots that in 2010 voted the Tories in, and that continue to vote for them.

Sony won't budge on Microsoft-Activision merger objection

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Re: I removed COD

I’d remove Uncharted and Spider-Man from my xbone, but they’re Sony exclusives. What was that again Sony?

As Apple sales slide, Tim Cook says fanbois will tolerate higher iPhone prices

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Re: Veblen strategy

Yes. Apple are doomed. /s

Musk says spat with Apple over App Store ejection threat for Twitter was 'misunderstanding'

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Re: A bunch of cults

Ooh, hit a bit of a raw nerve with the FOSS cultists. Pathetic.

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Re: A bunch of cults

You missed off:

FSF (Stallman)

Linux (Linus)

Both lead by cult leaders too...

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Musk is basically the Boris Johnson of tech.

Linux kernel 6.1 will contain fixes, features. Useful Rust modules? Not yet

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Re: Linux remains an unmade bed

And still can't do plug and play Wifi. I reinstalled Fedora yesterday, and the wifi still isn't working. Tried all sorts. Gave up and and to resort to powerline.

USB-C iPhone, anyone? EU finalizes charging standard rule

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Re: All Apple usb chargers have USB C outputs

Thus creating a mountain of e-waste, and not just cables...

Google tells Apple to 'fix text messaging' in bid to promote RCS protocol

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Re: Boat Missed?

No. This is a cultural phenomenon specific to the US. WhatsApp, Line, Telegram and Signal, to name a few, all exist and are used by the rest of the 7.6 billion people in the world. Clearly the remaining 0.33 billion people are incapable. Yes, a unified standard would be nice. But outside of the US, it's not a problem of lock in.

Report slams UK plan to become 'science superpower' by 2030

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Re: Have to actually ditch Boris first

"Johnson has been a complete disaster for [the] UK." is all you need to say.

For those that voted for these idiots, I'd normally offer a smug "I told you so", but the disastrous outcome makes it too depressing to say.

The many derivatives of the CP/M operating system

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Re: Yeah, no

The bloke that wrote QDOS^H^H^H^H MS-DOS has more or less admitted it was a copy - even the bugs were the same to begin with.

Apple's new MacBook Air: Is the jump to M2 silicon worth another $200?

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Re: Inexplicable...

I can explain it - it's editorial. How else would El Reg trot out it's trite witicisms...

GitHub drops Atom bomb: Open-source text editor mothballed by end of year

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Re: Emacs

It's the antithesis of the UNIX philosophy, in that id doesn't do one thing or does what it does well...