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HP's CEO spells it out: You're a 'bad investment' if you don't buy HP supplies


What a wonderful way to persuade your customers to go elsewhere to buy their printers...

Western Digital confirms digital burglary, calls the cops


Why on Earth don't they have a fallback option which doesn't rely on cloud services to access data on a NAS drive sat inches away from my PC ?

Northrop wins $55bn contract for next-gen bomber – as America says bye-bye to B-52


What do folk reckon the chances are of this project surviving long enough to reach service ? Hostory indicates that the next change of administration will probably see it cancelled, then perhaps restarted under a different name at an even greater cost and delay

Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


Re: We know all that!

There are limits though, and basing a storyline on things which are simply impossible no matter how you look at it ! Like the moon getting 6 times heavier without changing size - apart from where did all the extra mass come from to be that heavy it would need to be made from something as dense as solid plutonium. And why would something 'born' in space have wings and be seen flapping them to fly off - wings in space are totally useless.

The writing on Doctor Who seems to be increasingly based on 'we can do this, and it would look cool' without any application of critically thinking 'yes but WHY would that happen' :(