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TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks

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Re: Why don't OFCOM handle this?

You phone number is always "owned" by the original operator and they are responsible for redirecting your call to your new provider each time you port. This is one good reasons why porting has issues, they have no vested interest in your service once you've left and will always play the “its not us, its them” fault if they don't update their network.

The Irish approach is great and means you can swap networks in sub two hours and you need never talk to the operator you are leaving so no hard sell to keep you.

Why don't OfCom handle it? Well they don't have the appetite for it unless EU says so or they'll make someone (government) money. Additionally, getting the "big" boys to agree i.e. O2, Voda and now EE will take divine intervention.

Note, I am in telecoms and in this technical area, but being a mercenary I have zero allegiance :-)