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From Amanda Holden to petrol-filled water guns: It has been a weird week for 5G

Henry Hallan

Re: Not even 5g

What do you think the reason was for switching from analogue TV to DVB-T? It was to sell all that lovely bandwidth to the mobile phone operators.


Notice the bands at 450, 700 and 800? Not all of those are used in the UK, but 800 certainly is.

Either way, it's all UHF. Your body is unlikely to be affected by 900MHz and not by 800MHz -- unless you fold your tinfoil hat very carefully!

Henry Hallan

Re: Not even 5g

The same modulation scheme is used for 4G and 5G. The same frequencies are used (and were used by analogue colour television for decades at thousands of times the power.) Don't tell the tinfoil hat brigade, but burning down 4G is consistent -- nowadays it's all OFDM.

No ghosts but the Holy one as vicar exorcises spooky tour from UK's most haunted village

Henry Hallan
IT Angle

Re: As for ghosts (holy or otherwise) ...

Google is your friend. For example:-


Henry Hallan

Re: As for ghosts (holy or otherwise) ...

Ghosts are real - people see them all the time. I suspect what you really are asking for is proof that the phenomenon of ghosts is caused by an afterlife rather than some trick of the mind.

MPs call for 'immediate' stop to facial recog in UK as report underlines bias risks in 'pre-crime' algos used by coppers

Henry Hallan

Rotating Roof Rack

Another candidate was the magnetic deflection used for the CRT display. A powerful magnetic field needed to change rapidly in the flyback part of the scan producing a long series of harmonics of 15625Hz. The detector vans I saw in the 80s looked like they had some kind of search coil.

Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

Henry Hallan

The problem is the poor onboard chargers on most EVs. Only Renault and Tesla allow 3-phase charging. Empty to full takes me less than 2 hours on a 3-phase AC charger and for most of the charge it ticks along at about 1% per minute. After 200 miles of driving a decent break at a street charger is enough.

Electric vehicles won't help UK meet emissions targets: Time to get out and walk, warn MPs

Henry Hallan

Re: legal target

My Zoe gets about 290km (call it 180 miles) between charges if I don't drive like a granny. I bought the battery outright. But I probably paid more than you.

3-phase AC charging is about 1% per minute so about 108mph equivalent. AC chargers are cheap as chips.

The grid infrastructure to support them is a problem though.

Hack-age delivery! Wardialing, wardriving... Now warshipping: Wi-Fi-spying gizmos may lurk in future parcels

Henry Hallan

Re: Hmm...

"...consisting of a $100 single-board computer with built-in 3G..."

Presumably the 3G is to allow it to phone home without needing to access an external route via local networks.

Darkest Dungeon: Lovecraftian PTSD simulator will cause your own mask to slip

Henry Hallan

"...yet until recently madness, anxiety, stress and the mental cost of adventuring has been unexplored by the latter as a core mechanic..."

Not in computer gaming, perhaps, but Chaosium's Lovecraft-inspired tabletop RPG "Call of Cthulhu" had a SAN stat decades ago.

Good times...

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean Google isn't listening to everything you say

Henry Hallan

Re: When all you have is a smart home assistant ...

My underfloor heating sensors are remote capilliary radiator thermostats. No electricity used, so certainly no IoT!

There is a better way to do things.

Wow, talk about a Maine-wave: US state says ISPs need permission to flog netizens' personal data

Henry Hallan

Re: Market Forces

Funny you should mention that...


Germany mulls giving end-to-end chat app encryption das boot: Law requiring decrypted plain-text is in the works

Henry Hallan

Doesn't GDPR require software to be designed to be secure? So will German law both require and forbid end-to-end security?

It's a phone with a peel, but you'll have to wait a bit more for retro Nokia

Henry Hallan

Re: We already 'ave one

I carry an Android device (normally switched off) for when I want to browse my RSS feeds. That is what the hotspot is for.

Henry Hallan

We already 'ave one

I've had one since mid July, bought online from a UK supplier. It's not tied to a UK network but I live in Ireland.

There are a few silly UI bugs in the shipped software but the update is pretty good. It makes a great wifi hotspot and the audio quality is lightyears ahead of any smartphone.

Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon

Henry Hallan

This underlines the point that, if the Moon were suddenly provided with atmosphere and oceans, they would last millions of years. SF talks of terraforming places like Mars and even Venus, but misses our nearest neighbour!

A few years of cometary bombardment, some blue-green algae and another continent's worth of land.

Mine's the one with the attached wings - because on a terraformed Moon, human-powered flight would be easy!

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance

Henry Hallan

Re: "... promoting diversity."

You may have more luck by explaining it in their language. The key concept is "intersectionality," which explains that people are privileged and/or unprivileged for various reasons, which may intersect in any individual.

In other words, you might be privileged for being white while being unprivileged for having the wrong social background. Or disability, or health issues, or politics, or whatever.

It's a powerful idea, not least because it prevents the very "white is always wrong" scenario you describe.

Creaking Chromebooks getting Meltdown protection soon

Henry Hallan

Re: Creaking Chromebooks NOT

My Samsung Chromebook 2 (quad-core ARM) does typesetting (LaTEX) and cover art (Gimp) -- but I use Ubuntu with Crouton.

Alternatively it'll do development work (C/GTK application) just fine.

It also does it for 14 hours without a recharge.

Fermi famously asked: 'Where is everybody?' Probably dead, says renewed Drake equation

Henry Hallan

The Moon might not be big enough. Each pole of a 1/4 wave dipole is going to be 1500km long -- a little less than the Moon's radius. I suspect diffraction would mean the Moon wouldn't be a terribly good shield for 50Hz signals.

Henry Hallan

The frequencies with the strongest transmission from Earth are 50Hz and 60Hz. And no, they are not modulated with "I love Lucy" or any such.

When I was studying electrical engineering along with electronics, I was told that the difference was that, in electrical engineering, anything less than 10kW was noise. Now that may be a small exaggeration, but not a large one: electrical transmission losses on this planet run into megawatts or more, and much of that should be detectable at a distance.

Compared to that telecoms transmissions are insignificant.

Global race for 5G heats up with latest US Congress bill

Henry Hallan

Re: They only need smaller cells for higher frequencies

The big selling point for 5G is not bandwidth, it is latency. Low latency is how 5G is supposed to allow control of devices (e.g. cars, robots) in real time. To obtain high latency short symbols are needed.

The problem with short symbols is that they are susceptible to multipath distortion. And, for all the promise of technologies like MIMO and beam-steering, the best way to fix multipath distortion is to shorten the path length. That is, to have smaller cells.

Carrier frequency doesn't change that.

Oh honey! Oxfordshire abuzz with reports of a MEEELLION bees stolen

Henry Hallan

Re: I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often

The issue isn't glyphosates that are the problem, it's neonicotinoids. In other words, insecticides not herbicides.

Beekeepers don't want to take away your RoundUp. Calm down, eh?

Now you've calmed down, Monsanto still produce neonicotinoid insecticides, so they certainly do share the blame. But we still don't want to take away your RoundUp.

UK.gov calls on the Big Man – GOD – to boost rural broadband

Henry Hallan
Black Helicopters

Re: Good stuff but a sticking plaster fix ...

The "recent Toty think tank" appears not to have noticed that the UK has a population density 15x that of New Zealand. The pressure on prices may be upward, rather than downward -- which may turn out to be good for the rural economy (with or without broadband.)

Samsung abandons Chromebooks, laptops, PCs in Europe

Henry Hallan

Re: Where to buy?

Dabs didn't even have stock of Chromebooks. I had a Chromebook 2 on order since July -- no stock. If this was about customers they'd have made more effort to provide product to customers.


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