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Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes


Microsoft has no idea how to make an operating system... They are beaten for the title of worst operating system ever by Apple.

Down with Windows. Down with OSX.

Wake up, sheeple! If you ask Siri about 9/11 it will rat you out to the police!


Okay, is the rude insult in the article's title necessary?

As for the article, If you want to ask Siri or Google Now about that event, maybe you should say "September 11". Or just look the damn thing up on Wikipedia yourself.

Fanbois designing Windows 10 – where's it going to end?


Or how about... giving people a choice of how they want THEIR operating system to function?

OMG, No way! Choice! Microsoft's arch-nemesis!

What Windows could do with is the ability to use third party desktop environments, similar to how Linux works and how Windows 9x and earlier worked. Don't like Explorer/Metro but still want to use Windows? Just change out your desktop environment.

Mozilla finds a way to tunnel Firefox into iOS


Re: Options is not what iTards are after

No one really gives a stuff about "freedom" (there is no such thing by the way). I choose Firefox because i prefer it over its competitors. I would still use Firefox if it cost me money and was closed source.


Re: This "hole" has always been known

I've been using opera on iOS for quite a while. When Firefox comes out, i might use it instead.

EU says dominant Google ILLEGALLY FIDDLES search results


It's IS Google's sandbox... They can do what they want. Don't like it? Use yahoo or Bing.

Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


Security is our responsibility, not Sony's.

Apple: SO sorry for the iOS 8.0.1 UPDATE BUNGLE HORROR


Did someone fail to remind the register of Microsoft's bungled update in August of this year?


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