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Line by line, how the US anti-encryption bill will kill our privacy, security


Re: You do not need to

The Californians who have repeatedly elected Feinstein to the Senate are generally unaware that she is one of the most totalitarian-minded members of Congress. She is a ringleader of the War on Drugs, and an opponent of internet privacy. When she was Mayor of San Francisco in the 1980s she vetoed legislation that would have extended to gay city employees in domestic partnerships the health insurance benefits that were available to heterosexual employees.

Hopefully this latest totalitarian move will finish Feinstein's political career.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits


The neo-Victorians win another round

Prudishness is a mental illness that actually has harmful effects on society. Long-term studies of children have shown that children brought up in prudish families have more problems with social relationships, and are more likely to engage in criminal behavior, than children brought up in families that take a more relaxed attitude toward things like nudity and sexual behavior.

It is not a good thing that puritannical or Victorian attitudes are making a come-back in the 21st Century, after a century of losing ground.

This week it rained in San Francisco and the power immediately blew out. Your tech utopia


Trouble is, little or no competent city planning has taken place in San Francisco since the 19th Century, if even then. Generations of corrupt politicians and incompetent bureaucrats have reduced city planning to a process of merely rubber-stamping the self-serving proposals of unscrupulous developers and real estate interests.

Even when an actual city planning project was carried out -- the municipal subway line built during the 1970s -- it was designed so poorly that the trains have never been able to run on any kind of schedule. Commuters and tourists enter the stations with no notion of how long they might have to wait for a train to their destination within the city.

The streets in San Francisco are constantly being dug up to access utilities and then patched, leaving them rough and pot-holed, with no thought ever being given to building utility tunnels or even to coordinating utility improvements with routine repaving schedules. Consequently, newly repaved streets are typically dug up again within a few weeks or months, leaving ridges and potholes in the pristine pavement. This is the typical behavior of San Francisco officialdom.

Is it any wonder, then, that a rain storm that many other cities would consider an ordinary occurrence would paralyze parts of San Francisco and leave office workers groping in the dark? The city squanders huge amounts of money and other resources on projects that are unnecessary or poorly thought out, while failing to plan with foresight and imagination.

Alien gimp gag or cosmic golf ball? NASA tackles question everyone's asking


What about the shark?

I'm more interested in the shark fin sticking up out of the sand near the golf ball...