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Boolean bafflement at British Airways' Executive Club: Sneaky little Avioses - Wicked, Tricksy, False!


That brought back memories for me as well of VB6. Apparently .NET does it too:


Chrome suddenly using Bing after installing Office 365 Pro Plus... Yeah, that might have been us, mumbles Microsoft



Just applied it myself ahead of time. Bastards.

Poor old Jupiter has had a rough childhood after getting a massive hit from a mega-Earth


Re: Almost a great article


"The researchers have good reason Jupiter was once solid."

El Reg sits down to code with .NET for Linux and MySQL, hitting some bumps along the way

Thumb Down

Re: Any MS devs looked at this?

For the love of god bob, turn it in. OP was looking for genuine advice, not your constant randomly capitalised drivel. You've clearly said your piece on every single post. We get it - you are far superior to the rest of the world and only your opinion matters. Happy?

Haven't you got work to do or a brick wall to argue with?

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General


Re: bob?


don't feed him!

Apple arms web browser privacy torpedo, points it directly at Google's advertising model


Re: Apple Ad-Blocking?

Have you got a spare box (or even the same box) that you could plonk OpenVPN onto? Quite easy to set up and you could set the DNS servers for the OpenVPN connections to the Pi-Hole. Then Set OpenVPN to be "always on" on your mobile/tablet and hey-presto: No ads, no SSL inspection on dodgy WiFi.

Works quite nicely for me.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


Re: RE: onefang

Which child is running through all of these posts and downvoting? This doesn’t even have any content one could be offended by!

Chuck this on expenses: £2k iPad paints Apple as the premium fondleslab specialist – as planned


Yeah, but

It makes a damn fine platform for cutting it up on when you re-supply.

I’ve been told...

We asked 100 people to name a backdoored router. You said 'EE's 4GEE HH70'. Our survey says... Top answer!


It's not difficult

I worked at Nildram back in 2000-2001 and we were punting out Zyxel routers to customers as a replacement to the original Stingrays.

Myself and a second-line technician were tasked with writing some software to preconfigure the routers with the connection details, and to make some other tweaks, so that the provisioning ladies could plug it in, run a script, box it up and ship it out.

One of the first things we baked into the script was to change the default router password. Admittedly, to the same as their connection password but it was still not the default...

Facebook: Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code


Re: They've had so many cockups, this is not news.

I love the sole down-voter. Made me laugh.

Zuck, is that you?

Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag


Re: What now?

"Cost of a 20 a day fag habit for a year £2000"


£11.00 x 365 = £4,015

Great news, cask beer fans: UK shortage of CO2 menaces fizzy crap taking up tap space


Oh two or zero two?

“Part of the problem is the way most food-grade C02 is produced: as a by-product of ammonia production.”

Any reason why a zero was used in this paragraph? Maybe someone can’t handle their real ale...

Yes yes, I know there’s a tips and corrections link, but it just seemed a bizarre mistake. It’s got to be quite difficult to type this incorrectly and wondered if anyone else had noticed.

Microsoft sinks another data centre with Natick 2


"The capsule, named "Leona Philpott" for a character from the Halo game franchise, was a mere 10 x 7ft"

"The new iteration is considerably larger with a pressure vessel 12.2m in length and 2.8m wide."

Wow. Thanks for that...

Aut-doh!-pilot: Driver jams 65mph Tesla Model S under fire truck, walks away from crash


Re: anti-collision

"Maybe it's like W10 and was too busy loading updates to do any work."

I know it's a silly comment but by golly it made me laugh. Have an upvote! (and I now have to try and pick noodles out of my keyboard).

GIMPS crack whip on plucky processor to find largest prime number


Off topic...

...but I do giggle to myself when I can read the intelligent, thought-inspiring comments on a Reg thread, swipe straight past anything that is headed with “bombastic bob” and see just a few milliseconds glimpse of his/hers downvotes before I read then next post.

Happy New Beers :)

Attention adults working in the real world: Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use Outlook, Exchange


Re: Works here

Same here since first public beta and now the official. Maybe Apple’s testing over every device/iOS permutation isn’t 100%, but clearly neither is Reg’s gathering of evidence before scaremongering.

I know there are lots of comments on here about the Daily Mail, but i’m sure they weren’t recommendations about how to report on “stories”.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ve seen this happen once today on my own phone, but sending it again worked fine. Sheesh, chill out guys...

User jams up PC. Literally. No, we don't know which flavour


Re: You missed out

Yeah I remember those cases. The worst cut I ever got was from pushing out one of the blanks for an ISA/VESA slot (before they put a handy cross in them for a screwdriver.

Sliced my finger clean about 1cm down each side. Had to wash the motherboard...

Never did that again.

Snowden: Donald Trump could get pal Putin to kick me out of Russia

Black Helicopters

Any reason that despite trying two computers via three different browsers on each, two completely disparate VPN's and two different internet connections, that the feed to the Periscope video keeps cutting off approximately every few minutes but immediately restarts when attempted (ie, therefore no network problems causing the disconnection)?


Trick not treat: 123 Reg down on Halloween, DNS borked by DDoS


Re: Really?

And whilst I would probably agree with you based on my limited knowledge of fail2ban, instead of being AC and also a condescending twat, would you like to point out some helpful information about the subject for the rest of us not blessed with your clearly god-like wisdom?

Win XP, Flash, Java... healthcare makes easy pickings for hackers


Re: Windows everywhere

Oh reign it in for [deity]'s sake. Once your beloved Linux or MacOS (read: Linux) becomes the overwhelmingly popular OS that you want it to be, "hackers" and malware/virus writers will shift their attention to it and then it will be just as targeted and insecure as Windows. If you think all Linux code is perfect and bulletproof then you are living in a dream world.

I agree that Windows has its security issues and they are well documented, but this article is about the software requiring out of date and therefore inherently insecure versions of components. Not really anything to do with Windows per se.

Now go away and throw your toys out of someone else's pram.

Bono apologises for iTunes album dump



They had to be *prompted* to "apologise"?

They really are up their own arses....

FBI boss: Apple's iPhone, iPad encryption puts people 'ABOVE THE LAW'


Re: And all completely irrelevant to us right-pondians...

I've always wondered what would happen in the following theoretical situation:

I have an encrypted file with loads of important stuff in - important enough for me to want to secure it heavily.

To secure it, I type a fairly long passphrase. I then call my friend in another country and ask them to remote to my machine and then type their long passphrase on the end of mine. The file is encrypted.

For whatever reason, plod decides that they want the contents of that file. They arrest me, and I type in my half of the key. I then inform them that the rest of it is unknown to me and give them the details of my friend, who promptly refuses to divulge the key.

Being in another country, plod doesn't have jurisdiction to force my friend to give their portion.

Would they still (legally) be able to lock me up, as I have given them the password as far as I know?


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