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The last post: Building your own mail server, part 1



Great to see an article about this.

Been running my own mail server for over 15 years, Postfix + Spamassassin + Dovecot + (can't remember the AV software) + fail2ban.

Fail2ban is great, I see a lot of connections from spammers trying to brute crack users passwords and Fail2ban is set to ban them after 3 attempts, and it automatically unblocks these attempts after a couple of hours. (usual config time to unblock is a few minutes IIRC)

There are a couple of things in here I either never quite got working fully, or haven't used (GreyList) so will read the next installment closely.

Les Américains order a MEEELLION doughnuts ... from French baker


Re: how the baker is going to deliver

The rural French prefer dried bread to moist, fresh bread. (At breakfast)

Put down a fresh stick, and yesterdays crunchy, dry one and they'll take the latter.

'Millions' of routers open to absurdly outdated NetUSB hijack


So the attacher has to gain physical access to the router and plug a hacked USB device in to, I assume, gain root access to the router?

After which they can find out the wifi password with a bit of memory dumping?

To a router they're standing next to, that will very likely have free network ports, that they can plug into to gain access to the network they're trying to gain access to?

I know doing it this way will give them network access remotely once they've done it, but I'm sure there are other ways of doing the same that are a lot easier (plugging your own AP in that doesn't transmit it's SSID?)

Just doesn't seem that realistic an attack to me, so the "Millions" in the article title is the usual headline grabbing drivel.

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?



I do like this.

I suspect it is a real keyboard that has capacitive sensing on each key, so the keyboard as a whole can act as a very low res, crude touchpad. Which for the purposes described should work just fine.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED


Costs too much

It's nice that people can say that iThings cost too much...


Can anyone say "unsustainable manufacturer subsidies"?


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