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Shadow state? Scotland's IT independence creeps forth


We're already more than half way to a National ID Card anyway

What is it with people and ID cards???

How many of these dissenters carry a Driving License? Ooh let's have a look at that will we:

1) Your Name

2) Your Address

3) Your Date of Birth

4) Your Photo

5) Your frickin signature!!

6) It's accepted in Euro-land

The new Chipped cards the DVLA are proposing will have even MORE data about you contained on them.

If the Government wants a National ID card scheme, just introduce a base DVLA card for everyone - it doesn't matter if they bother to learn to Drive - bingo: National ID Problem solved.

No additional billions in system development required, no think tanks, no working groups, job done.

Voyager 2 'stopped' last week, and not just for maintenance


What's the big thing about slaves?

One day we'll wake up to find our new overlords setting up mining ships that hover effortlessly in the air. Manned by 5 foot nothing mechanics called "Cruisers" of course....

We're doomed! Aye, doomed....

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


From the depths of filmdom I give you

"Hercules in New York"

A film thrown together for no other purpose than for Arnie to flex his pecks... we didn't even get to hear his own voice - they dubbed it out.

Complete drivel. IMHO of course....

Supermassive black hole dominates titchy star formation

Paris Hilton

But what about the flip side?

The artists impression looks great - but what about the other side? What exactly would a black hole look like if you were to fly round behind one and then look back at it????

Paris because the answer is probably so simple......

JINGS! Microsoft Bing called Scots indyref RIGHT!


From a "No" Voter

It'll be a definite "No" from me. I'm a Scot, I'm a Patriot, and I have to vote for what I believe is the best of a rotten lot.

Politicians can be described admirably by a paraphrased quote from "The Hunt From Red October": When they're not kissing babies, they're stealing their lollipops.

Alec and his cronies have succeeded in one thing and one thing only: driving a stake into the heart of a great Nation. No matter who "wins" with this vote, that divide will still be there and it could take decades for the damage to heal over. But then again - maybe that's exactly what he wants.....?


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