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Rogers chucks (small) bone to Canuck Jesus Phoners

John Cooper

It's cheaper to have an American plan and roam in Canada

As one of the protesters pointed out, it was cheaper for him to use Verizon as his cell phone provider and pay roaming charges in Canada than it was to get the same service in Canada.

Compaq returns to Germany - as brand for bottom-feeders

John Cooper

Re: Compaq PCs

Compaqs were always known for their strange way of loading patches. The techies where I used to work found out that they had to be loaded in a specific order.

Telstra sex romp woman back on the job

John Cooper

The Real Reason...

Basically she was sacked because she was drunk and failed to act classy.

Vote now for the ultimate 'nom de sex'

John Cooper

Missing Star

I was surprised that Biggus Dickus didn't make your list. Surely this is one of the most pre-emminent male names of all time.