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HPE trots out benchmark blaster flash array as PCs become distant memory


Re: The total list price was $3.2m, discounted to $1.25m

AFAIR, according to SPC rules, discount provided by vendor in test must be granted to anyone who decided to buy the same config. BTW, EMC VMAX has the same discount.

Moreover, HPE has FC switches for $150K after 50% discount while VMAX connected directly.

I heard several anecdotal stories about buying on list price, for instance, when one vendor wanted to buy competitor's equipment for it's lab:)

Looking for a tip-top high-end storage array (and who isn't?) Gartner names its favorite


On previous overall report HP XP P9500 was on first place, HDS VSP - on second, with the equal numbers. Maybe they sort them alphabetically. 3PAR was on 3rd, as in the current list.

No biggie: EMC's XtremIO firmware upgrade 'will wipe data'


This is not the first time XtremeIO required data wipe with FW upgrade. There is the June article on one russian resource where stated that FW upgrade required data movement out/in (at least EMC/partner engineer insisted on this). Much earlier than upgrade to 3.0.

And, of course, if dear customer want to upgrade/scale - data wipe again...


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