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Bargain basement iPhone shoppers BEWARE! eBay exposes users to phishing vuln


Do You Mean I Can't Trust eBay Anymore!

I've been giving eBay my personal financial information for years.

How can I not trust a big faceless online auction company with my online banking needs?

eBay really cares about their customer's personal privacy and money!

eBay DROPS DEAD AGAIN - tat bazaar says sorry, scrambles to resurrect site


Big Bonus for All Incompetent eBay management and employees!

All big fat lazy incompetent eBay customer service reps should have a big fat bonus for doing such a awesome job! No question ask. .


Look Like: It's Time For Another Fee Increase for eBay.

Great Time for Another Rate Increase for All eBay Sellers! All eBay should have their listing fees increase by 25%. Big bonus for all incompetent eBay management and employees, especially big dumb lazy and useless customer serve representatives who don't know to how give good customer service.