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Atari 400 makes a comeback in miniature form


Re: US-centricity and the significantly different UK and European markets of the 80s and early 90s

I was just reading the article about Elite on the BBC Micro. Apparently the very English co-creator of Elite, Ian Bell, said 'math' twice, and spelt optimisation with a 'z'. I fondly recall Reg's article headlines used to say 'bloke' instead of 'guy'.

Mars helicopter went silent for six sols, imperilled Perseverance rover


Dirty solar panels? Video game knowledge could help here

Perhaps the current crop of boffins at NASA are just too young to have blown into NES cartridges to make them work.

NASA tweaks Voyager 2's power supply to avoid another sensor shutdown


I hate to be 'that' bloke, but...

"NASA extended the Voyager 1 and 2 missions to travel to Neptune and Uranus..."

No, only Voyager 2 made the trip to the ice giants; Voyager 1's observation of Titan ruled-out the possibility of further planetary encounters. From Wikipedia: "Because observations of Titan were considered vital, the trajectory chosen for Voyager 1 was designed around the optimum Titan flyby, which took it below the south pole of Saturn and out of the plane of the ecliptic, ending its planetary science mission.["


HDD Clicker gizmo makes flash sound like spinning rust


Re: A few years too late.

If this was a gadget that plugged-in in line with an external drive that the penny-pinching manufacturer left the access LED off, then I'd have four, please.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Canon MP610

Same here with my Canon; just the other day I wanted to scan something, but because one of the two black ink cartridges had run out, the printer refused.

Instead of trying to take the shirt of Canon's back, I'd be happier if they - and all manufacturers of similar devices - were made to issue updated firmware so that you that you were notified that an ink cartridge needing replacing, but you could 'OK' it and carry on scanning.

And why, if I'm printing in black only, do I have to go out and buy cyan, magenta, or yellow?

Other than those two issues, the MP610 is otherwise a decent printer and scanner, and works fine in Linux Mint.

PlayStation-processor-powered plutonium probe prepares Pluto pics


V'ger must join with the Creator.

Toshiba joins the exclusive, three-member 6TB disk drive club

Thumb Up

Phwoar! I'm going to have to download more pr0n to FILL that SUCKER.

QEMU, FFMPEG guru unleashes JPEG-slaying graphics compressor


If this means I can store more porn on my bulging hard drives, then I'm in favour. Otherwise, I'm not much bothered.

Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin


Re: Nice article

...and it reminded me of the PD pages in Amiga Shopper.

Happy days.

Splashdown! Orion lands safely in the Pacific Ocean


Two 'thens' do not a 'than' make.

Mastercard and Visa to ERADICATE password authentication


Re: Stop with the mobile requirement already

+1. I don't have a mobile phone, so I can't use online banking with one of my accounts for anything useful, like transferring to another account. All I can do is check the balance.

However, as with all things these days, it's not going to be changed by us moaning about this or that security scheme, it's just going to be forced on us no matter its shortcomings.

That's no – actually it is: DEATH STAR MOON 'could be full of life-friendly water'


Off-world drilling?

Calling Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson...

NASA on Curiosity bot: Mission accomplished (for now at least)


Re: At least we're not losing touch with serious science.

"Often new technology is quickly twisted by our obsessive minds towards some sexual outcome..."

There's another reason for new tech?


Re: At least we're not losing touch with serious science.

Drilling the butte in a heavenly body, even...

DUCKCROCZILLA 'alien' dinosaur could emerge from THE SEA


Is this news?

I thought Spinosaurus had a cameo appearance in one of the later Jurassic Park films.

Anyway, if Spielberg does get around to making a film of this, who's going to play Hammond now that dear Dickie passed away?