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Did speaker's statement show he doesn't know what day IT is?

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RIPA everywhere.

@Andre Carneiro

Encryption wouldn't work. You're forgetting that, in the UK, refusal to hand over encryption keys is itself a criminal offense.

"The maximum penalty for failing to hand over an encryption key on demand is two years – or five years where you are being investigated under anti-terror legislation."


Broadband speed testers fail the test

IT Angle

Speed testers and flash

I remember being mystified by the result from a broadband speed test. I eventually decided that all the flash ads on the page made the result unreliable.

Merchants and punters cry foul over Verified by Visa

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Don't like it myself

Whenever I've been confronted by the VbyV screen I've declined to sign up, I'm not comfortable with inputting the personal information they ask for.

The only effect to me has been that I now pay my council tax and BT phone bill using the automated telephone CC system, rather than a website.

If Amazon UK, or my web hosting provider start requiring it, I suspect I'll opt to pay by cheque.

Lights out for Microsoft 2.0?


Pedant attack

'Rein in', not 'reign in'.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :-)

Apple MacBook

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They look better built than the old ones

I've got a 2006 MacBook, first of the Core 2 Duo models, and I've been disappointed with the build quality from day one (it's just had the optical drive, and the top case replaced under John Lewis warranty). The new 'unibody' MacBook looks like a solid, well made, piece of kit. I'd like one, but it's out of my price range.

I'm assuming Apple will be bringing out a 'netbook' when they launch Mac OS X 10.6; I'll probably end up buying one of those eighteen months down the line.

Apple iPhone 3G

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Ars on Opera

Ars Technica have also given Opera's new mobile browser a thumbs up:

"It isn't going to turn my AT&T Tilt into an iPhone killer any time soon, but it is definitely the best browsing experience available on a Windows Mobile device."



Opera competing with Safari

Safari has provoked Opera to update their mobile browser. VNUnet likes it.


Sony Ericsson sees profits tumble, turns on workers


Are these the UIQ people?

Are these 2000 people SonyEricsson is sacking all UIQ people? As Mr Orlowski mentioned when Symbian went open source.

"UIQ is today dismissing over half of its staff: more redundancies will follow, we understand, once negotiations have taken place."


Public sector faces hefty fines for data breaches


Not fines, gaol time.

I don't see that fines can have an effect on an organisation funded by tax. They can, and will, just get the money from us.

For public sector organisations to take data laws seriously I feel it needs to be a criminal offence, applied to individuals, and involve a custodial sentence.

The New Order: When reading is a crime


Deport him

If there's a case to deport him, go ahead. Deport him.

Yahoo! leaves! London!


@Elmer Phud

The 'racisit' system you deplore:

"Switzerland has Europe's toughest naturalisation laws. Foreigners must live for 12 years in a Swiss community before they can apply, and being born in Switzerland brings no right to citizenship.

Under the current system, foreigners apply through their local town or village.

They appear before a citizenship committee and answer questions about their desire to be Swiss. After that, they must often be approved by the entire voting community, in a secret ballot, or a show of hands. "

Sounds super to me.


Healthcare at your fingertips - a Choose & Book roadtest


Plus ca change

File on 4 (radio 4 doccy) did a program on the NHS IT project. They were put in touch with a GP who thought choose and book was super. Come the programme, he couldn't get it to work :-). That was almost two years ago.


(I feel El Reg should consider adding a Chocolate Teapot avatar)

Pipex announces plan to disembowel itself


Web hosting

I'm a little nervous about the sale of their webhosting business. I was a 'Host Europe' customer before they were bought by Pipex. Pipex were a huge improvement, no idea if the next owner will be better/worse.

Can anyone point me to a list of UK hosting providers by market share?

London NHS paper reveals plans to share patient data


The Big Opt Out

The Big Opt Out


supplies a template letter to give to your GP, to refuse permission for your data to be added to the NHS 'spine'. Give it a go.

NHS IT boss quits


How much?

Burning Our Money has taken a look at the ever changing numbers for the project.


I can't help feeling the real aim of the NPfIT was to generate headlines for Mr Blair with a complete absense of any actual planning.

Physics GCSE: 'insultingly easy, non scientific, and vague'


Civitas report

The Civitas report mentioned in the article, "Corruption of the Curriculum", is available from Amazon UK.


Currently ranked at 1,084 which strikes me as astonishingly good selling for something like this.


Hope for the future?

David Cameron has a short film up at Webcameron of a visit to the Cheltenham Science Festival.


He does seem to understand the importance of education, and science education in particular, for the future economic success of the UK.

Jobs chucks Leopard titbits to Apple masses



Wasn't there s'posed to be a ZFS announcement?

Telegraph floored by DDoS attack


Too early for footy fans.

The Telegraph website was offline at 2am ish so I'm not so sure about the fantasy football hypothesis.

New, New Labour gets new logo and website


Top quality web devs

The new-look webcameron has a forum.


The developers took care to protect this high profile site from possible SQL injection attacks by stripping the words 'select' and 'from' from every post. It has the unfortunate side effect of making some sentences meaningless, but hey, omettes and that.

Click fraudsters flick industry the finger


Web publishers depend on advertising revenue

Doesn't it occur to you anti-advert zealots that without advertising revenue websites like El Reg wouldn't be able to employ journalists to provide the 'free' content you come here to read?

Pipex sale 'on the brink of collapse'


They're good at webhosting.

When Pipex bought Host Europe the reliability of Host Europe's shared webhosting improved dramatically.

Devolo dLAN 200 AVdesk HomePlug AV network adaptor


Solwise, UK offering.

The September 2006 edition of IT Now (p.27) gave a positive review to homeplug turbo offerings from a UK (manufacturer? importer?) called Solwise (solwise.co.uk).


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